Top Bridal Shower Ideas For The Best Party In 2023

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A bridal shower is one of the most important pre-wedding activities for every bride-to-be. It dates back to the 16th century and the tradition has lived through millennials. This event is an opportunity to shower the bride with love and gifts, which she will enjoy opening. It’s also a meeting ground to break the ice between families and friends before the wedding.

Hosting a bridal shower can be both daunting and overwhelming since it’s a preliminary for wedding planning. But equipped with the best bridal shower ideas, your task is half solved. So if you’ve been charged with hosting these events, check out these beautiful ideas for a bridal shower.

Brides Often Ask

Who Throws The Bridal Shower?

When Should You Celebrate A Bridal Shower?

Where to Have the Bridal Shower


How to Plan a Bridal Shower Party?

Every successful event requires planning, even a bridal shower. We’ve simplified the planning process into achievable timelines below.


Twelve Weeks before the party

  • Budgeting
    Just like the first step in planning a wedding, you must set a budget for the bridal shower. You need costs to cover venue, food, decor, drinks, photography, décor, etc.
  • Date
    Pick a date that suits the bride and gives the guests enough time to prepare. Also, remember that there’s the bachelorette and bachelor’s party before the wedding. So give me enough time.
  • Guestlist
    Create a guest list that includes those invited to the wedding. Work with the bride or the bride’s mom if it’s a surprise.


Eight Weeks

  • Location
    Before you start planning in detail, it’s important to know your venue. If you’re not able to use your venue as the host, seek from other co-hosts. When all fails, hire a venue that the bride loves or works with the theme.
  • Theme
    This isn’t mandatory but if the bride loves something in particular, like cooking, crafts, choose a venue that goes with the theme. Watch your budget for this movie.
  • Pick out invites
    It’s important to do this early enough especially if you’re following a theme. Pick and design them to your satisfaction, so that the guests can get them early enough.


Four Weeks

  • Plan the menu
    Hire the vendors and plan the menu to suit the time of day the party holds. Make provision for the dietary preferences of the guests. Also, make sure that the menu is something that the bride can enjoy.
  • Send out invites
    Invite the guests four weeks early so they can arrange their schedule and shop for gifts if necessary. Include RSVP and dietary specification column.


Two weeks before

  • Games
    Prepare games that suit the theme, break the ice, and get everyone mixing up. There are many bridal shower theme ideas and games to get the ball rolling. Games like bridal shower bingo are a great start. If your budget allows, you can buy beautiful games online.
  • Playlist
    Curate your playlist and make it all-inclusive. Ask the bride to send hers and merge it with something everyone else will like.

On the day before the shower

Check with the planner and vendors to ensure everything is fine. Get a book for the guests to write all bridal shower wishes, which becomes one of the bride’s souvenirs. Take a calming bath, eat well, and have a well-deserved rest.

Bridal Shower Ideas

If you’re looking to get creative with your bridal shower party, here’s your guide. The different bridal shower ideas below will catch your fancy.

Tea Bridal Party


Tea parties are traditional and great for the sophisticated bride. Its elegance is in simplicity.

Expert tips:
Choose an upscale restaurant for the venue and decorate the tables with white linen, delicate China, blue candles, and some vases of hydrangeas.

Maintain a light menu with assorted pots of tea and a consistent supply of hot water. Complement with sandwiches like cucumber and cream cheese, chicken salad with tarragon, egg salad, or smoked salmon, and dill.


Cocktail Party


A cocktail party is the perfect setting for the bride that screams industrial chic. Stick to simple white and green with florals and bows for the invite.

Expert tips:
For the venue, use florals and greenery with hints of gold for decor. Choose dining or farm tables and adorn them with white chiffon runners. Place some greenery, white and blue roses, and a collection of brass candlesticks on them. Cut out cardboard, spray paint them in gold, and adhere some florals to create a backdrop photo booth. Serve wine, beer, champagne, and some signature cocktails. Offer a sweet mix of hors d’oeuvres and charcuterie with an assortment of flavored and frosted cupcakes.

Chic Champagne Brunch


A champagne chic brunch is a cool bridal shower idea for the prim, proper, and sophisticated bride.

Expert tips:
Start your decor with a mimosa bar kit in gold, pink and black. Fill your walls with colorful huge flute and champagne bottle balloons. You can also opt for decorative flutes with flared tulip rims and long classics steps as centerpieces. Create wreath hoops with flowers and foliage, hang them overhead and finish with warm lights.

For food, serve French toast, crepes, croissant, Belgian waffles, pastel-colored donuts, and tiered cakes. Don’t forget to present chilled fruit juices that merge well with bubbly wine.


Beach Bridal Shower Party


One of the best bridal shower ideas is opting for a beach venue. You can create an upscale or relaxed vibe for the bride who loves serenity with some action. Make use of the blues and turquoise for your invites.

Expert tips:
Use wooden tables because of the breeze and decorate with crisp White Sea urchin shells. If you’ll be using place or escort cards, hold them in place with color-ordinated vessels. Merge modern details like linens to natural elements like pebbles to engage the environment. Use a tent so that the photographers can work with better lighting.

For meals, lemonade, signature drinks, and finger foods work best. Enjoy some fun by doing sand crafts and castles.


Cozy Backyard Party


A backyard setting is one of the coolest bridal shower ideas for the minimalist bride. This is an opportunity to get creative with your backyard, so opt for cute colors. Choose crisp spring-green accents, lemon-yellow, and some white for a clean, calm look. Keep the invites white and chic with gold lettering.

Expert tips:
For decor, use twinkling lights and suspend lantern holding votive over white table and chairs. Create arrangements of white hydrangeas, Phalaenopsis orchids, and lisianthus in colorful mason jars.

Serve simple food like cookies and desserts, lemon curd, sponge cakes, macaroons, sparkling white tea, and some Chardonnay wine. Complete the relaxed vibe by hiring a masseuse to offer everyone a massage session.

Glam Garden Party


A whimsical bride will adore a glam garden bridal shower because it’s elegant, intimate, and romantic.

Expert tips:
Nail this theme by keeping the invitations and venue floral focused. Create a centerpiece mix of vases with gold balls and those with roses, dahlias, and jasmine. Anchor glitter place cards behind greenery decorated bistro chairs. Explore greens, blues, pinks, whites, gold, and sapphire.

Serve up exotic bites of mini heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and raspberry mascarpone. Present cupcakes and donuts with frosted or glittery toppings. Offer the guests rosehip water, signature Bellini’s, and some cocktails and play of trivia.


Disney-Themed Bridal Shower


Every bride who wants to feel like a princess will love this cut bridal shower idea.

Expert tips:
To pull off a Disney-themed shower, create a dreamy atmosphere by hanging white, ivory, baby blue, and blush pink sheers everywhere. Make garlands in the shapes of Cinderella, tiaras, and sleeping beauty. Place pearlescent white-vase centerpieces containing deep red roses and whims of Babies Breath on the tables.

Bake tiers of glitter frosted cupcakes and create sugar cookies in the shapes of all the fun Disney animals. Make macaroons in multiple colors, and sweets in colored apothecary jars. Enjoy games of Disney charades, bingo, and pictorials.

Cooking Class


If the bride loves to cook, then this fun bridal shower idea is everything.

Expert tips:
Start with a rustic venue vibe by placing white linens on farm tables. Create centerpieces from vegetables and herbs. You can fill complete bowls with citrus fruits with ribbons around them. Tomatoes, pomegranates, and kiwi could make colorful centerpieces too. Finish the look with pretzel sticks in colorful jars.

Get a chef to teach some dishes which everyone can and take the recipes home. Complement this with caramels, cookies, dried apricots, pound cake, melted chocolate, and some champagne.


Total White Bridal Party


Total white parties are shabby-chic and elegant perfection for the stylish bride.

Expert tips:
Achieve an upscale look with white, ivory, silver, and peach accents. Layering these colors with textures like burlap, lace, and a hint of Mylar to finish the look. Tape silver Mylar “I do” to a wall of lace and tulle for a beautiful backdrop. Run burlap and lace over plastic table cover and place spray-tinted matte silver and chalk-white mason jars on them. Place fresh blooms and peach roses in them, accentuated with white and ivory dinnerware.

Float silver balloons overhead each table. Serve donuts in white powder, silver candy sticks, yogurt dipped pretzels, vanilla sugar wafers, white rock candy sticks, and white wine.

Parisian Chic


A Parisian chic bridal shower is a modern bridal shower wedding idea that’s romantic and feminine. It’s perfect for the bride who adores the city of love or will spend her honeymoon there.

Expert tips:
Send out dainty invites that have the Hermes bags, pictures of Paris, Coco Chanel posters. Etc. Use white, black, and pink colors with gold accents for the linens, place cards, and flowers. Centerpieces can be the Eiffel tower, white orchids, pink roses, and carnation. You can also throw in a combination of pastels with fine China, accented with pillared candles for a romantic ambiance.

Bridal Shower During Covid

While many are canceling and postponing their weddings due to corona, nothing stops you from having your bridal shower. A bridal shower during COVID is possible if you put safety first. From hosting it outdoors where you can socialize distance to going virtual, the options are endless. See some ideas to inspire you as you plan your bridal shower.

  1. Create short guests list
    Check out the safety guidelines in your city. In most places, the health department reduced gatherings to 50 max, so cut your guest list short. We are talking about inviting only your nearest and dearest, 20 people max. Offer the others a chance to join virtually.
  2. Prepare a virtual way for party translation
    Set up a virtual version of your bridal shower and have your other guests tune in. Live stream the whole event from the outdoors so that they participate and enjoy every bit of it.
  3. Send Gifts before the party
    We advise that instead of waiting until the party, ask guests to send their gifts in advance. You can include this information when sending an invite through email. This will help reduce contact between the bride and guests at the shower. Also, she’ll get the opportunity to sanitize and open her bridal shower gifts at the party.
  4. Organize it outdoor (display social distance)
    Backyards, parks, and restaurants with huge outdoor spaces are more ideal at this time. Choose an outdoor space where your guests can maintain ample space away from each other. The best part is that these spaces are naturally stunning without the need for many decors.
  5. Speech instead of hugs and kisses
    We all love to hug and kiss, but at this time, it’s not possible. Alternatively, have each guest say some sweet words about the bride at the end of the party. Words linger and are more sentimental.

Enjoy bread, crepes, baguette, patisserie, macarons, and sparkling wine for food. Photo props and game cards complete the fun.
Planning a bridal shower is fun when you have all the bases covered. We’ve put together everything you need to know about hosting a bridal shower. From what to do to creative bridal shower ideas and themes, look no further. Get inspired and host an unforgettable bridal shower regardless of your budget.