Rust Wedding Invitations: The Most Trendy Ideas From Simple To Unique

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If you are craving something different from the norm and conventionality, you might want a wedding of warm and interesting colors. Instead of standard white backgrounds and classic decor, you could consider some added creativity with options that hues from a rust palette can provide. And what sets the tone for your wedding? Your wedding invitations. Learn all you can about rust wedding invitations to give your guests an evolved and creative experience.


Read on for many ways you can design rust-colored wedding invitations and all the other wedding stationery in between.

Brides Often Ask

How much should a wedding invite cost?

Wedding invitations usually cost anything from $350 to $950 on average. The size of your guest list and the type of wedding invitations would determine the eventual cost. With digital printing, you can expect to spend about $0.35 to $2.00 per invite and $15 to $20 for engraving.


What Color Looks Best With Rust?

Rust colors are earthy and all shades of brown, burnt orange, and terracotta. Natural and organic shades combine well with rust and would look great in any design. These colors include greens, mustard, red, white, cream, copper, gold, and navy blue.

Simple Wedding Invites In Rust

Elegance and simplicity often go hand in hand, and simple rust color wedding invitations can be the most elegant ever. This is because the hues and colors can speak for themselves whether the colors contrast or they blend.

The perfect rust orange wedding invitations for fall. Clear acrylic invitations with the most delicate and transparent look to communicate your union. Arch and half-moon designs combined with velvet envelopes and sophisticated vintage wax seal. A picture of perfection.

A modern wedding invitation suite of gorgeous invites in frozen acrylic. Start the story of your fairytale with these rust-hued wedding invitations featuring deep terracotta boxed envelopes and bold white italic fonts.

A combination of luxury and simplicity, this wedding invitation suite gives off a vintage vibe. Brown handmade cotton paper with frayed edges and perfect white font. A classic yet unique look for a rustic, modern, or vintage wedding.


Elegant Rust Wedding Invitations

There are many ways to ensure that elegance is maintained in all your wedding stationery. Sometimes it can be with great color combinations that can feature in say navy and rust wedding invitations, also gold or silver detailing. Check out the options.

The coolness of watercolor combined with the hues of warm rust colors. A custom wedding invitation suite to beat the creativity of all others with floral-shaped paper and intricate boundary designs. Black and brown fonts in colors of whites, blues, brown, and terracotta.

Embrace the elegance in simplicity with this rust wedding invitation suite of crisp white with terracotta and browns, abstract designs, and pastel box envelopes.

Elegant fall wedding design with a copper color base and clear acrylic invitations with floral design. Rust envelopes with white inlay with elaborate fall bouquet designs. Finished with vintage wax seal.


Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern wedding invitations are evolving with every season. Get invites that will make an impression. Bold, abstract, and even minimal, with creative color combinations such as for unique wedding invitations in lapis and rust and such.

A simple design with stunning colors of deep terracotta and harvest with gold foil printing for the wedding invites. Then box envelopes of soft pastel peach and gold foil accents as well.

The color of yellow gold combined with rust terracotta make up this wedding invitation suite. A modest line design features a dark envelope and a pastel-colored invitation.

A warm and spicy rust wedding invitation suite featuring a stark white envelope with a dark inlay. Fun contrasting fonts on a bed of cream, white, brown, and rust hues.

Vintage Wedding Invitations In Rust

Use vintage-inspired wedding invitations in rust to get the best tones, hues, and designs for your wedding invitation suite.

A rust palette of romantic monochromatic hues. A stunning and unique custom invitation of handmade cotton paper with frayed edges. Featuring gold, whites, and a floral design. True luxurious couture wedding invitations.

Vintage wedding stationery is made out of cotton paper with frayed edges, featuring a unique design. Handwritten gold fonts align with pastel colors and gold accents in this gorgeous wedding stationery.

Vintage fall wedding suite featuring clear acrylic invitations with white font. Terracotta box envelope with white inlay with a floral background. A wax vintage seal puts the finish on this marvelous work of art.


Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Rust wedding invitations are unique without question. However, the materials used, from cotton paper to leather or acrylic can make them even more unique. Color combinations such as for rust and laois wedding invitations are a unique idea as well.

Transparent and flexible acrylic wedding invitations with white ink print are the epitome of elegance. Add deep brown svelte sueded envelopes for a combination of sleek minimalism and sophisticated luxury in a custom design.

Earthy rust hues combined with handmade letterpress printed paper and a terracotta harvest card. Frayed edges lend a unique vintage flair and gold leaf details complete the decoration of this monochrome of contrasting rust colors.

This ocean-inspired wedding suite combines blue ombre designs with leathercraft, modern art, and tie-dye details with brass accents. A truly unique choice, the wedding suite is bound in a leather booklet with all the necessary details. Features colors of white, brown, and indigo blue in this custom design.

With this much inspiration, you can get the best out of rust wedding invitations. Different types for all types of weddings, from contemporary to vintage, rustic or bohemian.