35 Best Places To Elope For Your Perfect Wedding

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In general, most youngsters are ditching culture and all the expensive requirements of a traditional wedding. Particularly, they are interested in celebrating being together and not being weighed down with a classic wedding. Thus, if you add to this all of the costs of this traditional wedding, it begins to make more sense to find inexpensive best places to elope to.

Elopement is chic, it is a way to be defiant and still get what you want. It is also a way to save and not spend as much, e.g. a British wedding can cost up to 27,000 GBP and an American up to 35,000 USD. So, considering all of the uses this money can be put to in a young marriage, it is no wonder that some couples opt for cheap elopement.


Jaw-Dropping Places To Elope In The USA

There’s quite a lot of great places in the US for a once in a lifetime occasion like a wedding. So, here we have listed for you some of the best places to elope in the US.



Nantucket, Massachusetts

For some of the most scenic locations in the summer months, Nantucket, Massachusetts is a place to consider.


Fort Bragg, California

Beautiful cliff-top ocean fronts, redwood forests, beaches (if you have a beach wedding in mind), and spectacular hiking trails for miles. These and more are what await the couples who choose elopements in California.


Lake Tahoe

No doubt, it’s a great location with lovely beaches and ski resorts. Add to that the backdrop of this dead gorgeous freshwater lake. In addition, a lake tahoe wedding is tempting enough for any couple looking for a cheap elopement.




This warm state with its tempting arts scene, fun vibe and breathtaking beaches is a great idea for an elopement. In addition, the vibrant nightlife and abundant theme parks will have you searching for elopement packages in Florida immediately.


Atlantic City

You cannot be at a loss for elopement ideas if you choose to go eloping in Atlantic City. That is why this resort with its scenic boardwalk, fun casinos, and wide beaches is a popular choice for couples.


Super Romantic Elopement Spots In Europe

Quite a number of spots in Europe are known for romance, tourism, and sensuous accents. And no wonder these same locations are great picks for an all-inclusive, romantic, yet cheap elopement. Thus, stick with us while we give you some destination guides for your special day.


Paris, France

Known the world over for its romantic scenery and views, Paris is a great choice for an elopement. The city of love and light is on lots of bucket lists, and if it is on yours, why not have a wedding there? The city’s monuments, golden lights, and romantic scenery mean you cannot run out of elopement ideas for your special day.



Tuscany, Italy

For those who love the country, fresh air and scenic views, the hillside of Tuscany, Italy can make a great location. Also a nu mountain elopement packages.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Amazing Dutch-style canals, serene sculpture garden, and leafy boulevards. These romantic views make for amazing pictures and videos. Who wouldn’t want to elope to Gothenburg, Sweden?



Mykonos, Greece

Another romantic location is this ever glowing island with beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise. You can’t go wrong eloping to Mykonos. For lots of fun and lovely views such as the iconic 16th-century windmills and hills, choose Greece.


Barcelona, Spain

Now we all know how much fun Spain is. What some don’t know though is how many fun locations this location has for a romantic, yet cheap elopement.



Devon, England

Fossil cliffs, medieval towns and beaches for miles, make Devon another romantic location to elope to.

Exotic Elopement Destinations

Generally speaking, lots of people expect exotic when they hear a destination wedding. So, why disappoint your loved one or significant other? Live up to their expectation and while choosing to rebel and elope, choose also an exotic destination. Have the most fun you can, browse the many available elopement packages. Here might be some mountain elopement packages for adventure or something else even more surreal.



Chiang Mai, Thailand

This historical city has a sprawling mountainside and picturesque Buddhist temples, city walls, and moats. All the makings for an exotic and flavorful elopement.


Tulum, Mexico

Of course, one of the best Caribbean wedding destinations; Tulum is a gem in Mexico. White sandy beaches and the popular El Castillo, all reasons to elope in Mexico. Tulum Mexico has this and much more to offer the couple with an exotic elopement in mind.




One destination that comes up quite often in the same sentence as exotic. This Indonesian island boasts extensive volcanic forests, beaches and coral reefs. The culture and bright colors is also an attraction for scenic pictures from your elopement.



Bordering the Arabian Sea, this Indian city is known for its beautiful coastline and lovely fishing villages. If India is on your list of elopement ideas, then Goa should be worth exploring.



South Africa

Africa is another location that comes to mind when we think exotic, and South Africa has a particular pull. With its rich heritage, choice of beaches, winelands, and mountain tops, this is another great choice.

Crazy Cool Places To Elope

Of course, every couple is different, and some want an out-of-this-world experience for their elopement. And if this description matches you, then take a look at our list below.



Burning man Festival

This annual event in Black Rock City hosts a temporary city for at least a month. It also brings together a number of like-minds for the duration of the festival. What a way to discover more about yourselves and get hitched at the same time.


Serengeti Tanzania

The Serengeti in Tanzania is known for its amazing wildlife park. This location of diverse habitats and the popular Maasai is definitely a crazy yet cool choice for an elopement.



Easter Island, Chile

This remote Chilean island in Polynesia is a very scenic location with its popular archaeological sites. These sites boast the Moai which are monumental statues created in the 13th–16th centuries. These oversized heads make these locations one of the crazy cool best places to elope to ever.


Hobbiton, New Zealand

For middle-earth and Lord of The Rings movie lovers, Hobbiton, New Zealand is a must visit. And what better way to have a fun, crazy cool elopement than to do it on the original set for the popular adventure movie.



Machu Picchu, Peru

This citadel of beautiful mountains and valleys is definitely an unusual choice for a wedding. This is why it makes it to our list for crazy cool elopement ideas. Abandoned for a while after it was built in the 15th century, this location houses intriguing walls and buildings.


Dracula’s Castle

From fun to intrigue. Everyone has their idea for their once in a lifetime event. The Bran Castle which can be found between Transylvania and Wallachia in Romania is quite an interesting location. Commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, so named after Bram Stoker’s character, this museum is one crazy cool location for an elopement wedding.


Lovely And Simple Elopement Ideas

Some people prefer easy and simple, and we cannot fault them. And one of the reasons for an elopement is the choice for less stress in a wedding. Here we give you elopement ideas for that lovely and simple wedding you might be looking for.


Secret Garden

A secret botanical garden can be a lovely spot for an elopement. Just choose the location and have your witness and officiant meet you there.



Barefoot at the Beach

There’s no limit to elopement ideas if you think outside the box. Barefoot and on the beach is a fun idea for the start of such an adventure.


A Walk in the Park

A simple walk in the park can produce such serene and lovely pictures. Something you both love to do regularly is a lovely choice for an elopement ‘cos no one would guess.



Say “I Do” at Home

Getting married in the comfort of your home is on the top of the list if avoiding stress is your goal. Afterward, you can choose to invite your loved ones for an after-party or go out for dinner, your choice.

Best Places To Elope In Vintage Style

A vintage-style elopement wedding is so deviant and so posh all at the same time. Choosing the style of clothing and location can add a lot of fun to your preparations.




On this topic, we can almost argue that Scotland is the most acute spelling of vintage and style. With its highlands and mountain wildernesses. I’d say it’s time to find mountain elopement packages to this bespoke location.


New York Cityhall

This popular location for the elopement weddings of the highs and the lows of New York is a great choice. If you’re looking for style and vintage, this covers it all because you’d be following in the footsteps of some very popular and noteworthy celebrities.



The French Countryside

This favorite destination for tourists with a love for lush countrysides and wineries spells vintage and style. The French countryside is absolutely beautiful with rolling greens and cobblestone streets. Dare I say even romantic?


Napa Valley

A Napa Valley elopement sounds like a dream and is an absolutely beautiful choice. This wine country is known for its astonishing views, wineries, and exceptional resorts.


Where To Elope On Budget

Looking for cheap elopement packages, search no more. And there’s quite a number of these since the price is usually a factor when choosing an elopement. Thus, we invite you to browse our list below for New Orleans elopement packages and more.



This large Hawaiian island is one of the places you can go to for a cheap elopement. However, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean void of style or taste. It just means that you can get the best on a budget. So, Aloha, and let the fun begin.



Naiagara falls

This collection of three breathtaking waterfalls between the Canada Province and Ontario is an awesome location. It is also a great choice for an elopement on a budget.


Puerto Rico

Another one on our list of best Caribbean wedding destinations. Puerto Rico with its mountains and waterfalls is a great choice that wouldn’t burn your pocket. So if you are thinking of a Puerto Rico elopement, you are on the right path.



Las vegas

This popular location for an elopement is popular for a reason. Furthermore, in a place like Las Vegas, you can find cheap Vegas elopement packages of your choice.


New Orleans

Not a destination that immediately comes to mind, but one to consider if you want to elope on a budget. It boasts the popular Mississippi River in Louisiana, as well as French, African and American cultures. If you’re choosing one of the best places to elope on a budget, consider eloping New Orleans.