Bridal Makeup Contract Free Template

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During the wedding preparation, a lot of vendor contracts are signed from catering to the venue, rentals, and more. However, a contract that is often overlooked is the bridal makeup contract. The bridal contract for a makeup artist is very important because it puts things in perspective and succinctly outlines the duties expected of everyone.


The contract also stands as legal evidence in the event of a breach between both parties. So if you have never heard of a makeup artist bridal contract, check this post for a free bridal makeup contract template.

What to include in the bridal makeup contract?

The information to include in the bridal makeup contract are the specific names of all parties involved and a description of services. You will also find the duties of both parties explained, the agreed package, time, payment, additional fees, and cancellation policies. All of these parameters are known as the terms and conditions of service.

Service description

This part notes that the bridal makeup artist has agreed to render service to a specific client. It highlights the name of the client, specific wedding date, venue, time period of service required, additional makeup recipients, and other necessary information.


Client’s duties

Here, the client will affirm that they will provide the correct information about a medical condition, skin sensitivity, and allergies. This will help the makeup artist do their job to the client’s satisfaction which the client may testify.

Makeup artist’s duty

It is the makeup artist’s sole duty to service the client. The artist agrees to bring all the essential materials necessary to give their best job. The makeup artist must also carry out their duties according to the specification, expectations, and satisfaction of the client.


The makeup package

It will outline all the services the artist must render to the specific client with the total cost. The package may include bridal makeup trial, different makeup styles, hairdo, or other details.


This part documents all the bookings, appointments, and payments made by the client. It also notes in detail all services rendered or to be rendered by the artist and the time period. This section must also note the recipients of the artist’s services whom they are bound by law to work for.


The makeup artist puts down a late fee that shall be charged per hour or minute that the client is late. This can also apply if the makeup exceeds the agreed time between both parties.


Additional fees

The makeup artist may charge consultation fees for the bride and her party and state the amount. The client shall also agree to pay the travel fee calculated by distance and the parking fee incurred on the wedding day.


This section notes the total amount agreed upon by both parties and a percentage deposit. The client will also agree to pay the balance within a specified number of days. Failure to meet this demand puts the client in breach of contract and authorizes the makeup artist to claim a late fee. Makeup must also state that the agreed total amount encompasses travel, food, and accommodation accumulated by the artist over the course of the job. There must also be a payment method agreed on by both parties.



It must state that the makeup artist or client reserves the right to cancel the contract with prior notice with the date mentioned. All deposits will be duly returned to the client if the artist cancels. But if the client cancels, all deposits must be made to the artist until the day of cancellation.

Right of use

The makeup artists own the copyrights of the makeup done. However, they will seek the permission of clients to make copies of their images for professional use. Sales, distribution, or publication of the artist’s work is prohibited without the consent of the makeup artist.

  • Other information necessary for a bridal makeup contract includes terms, termination, and liability. You will also find indemnification, arbitration, and miscellaneous in a standard makeup contract. For visual purposes, our template shows what should go in a bridal makeup contract. Read it with a fine toothcomb before putting down your signature and stay protected.