24 Stunning Trend: Tattoo Effect Wedding Dresses

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This modern wedding dress with tattoo effect style is defined by gorgeous backs where the tattoo look is a result of layering delicate lace and tulle to decorate your skin with most incredible patterns. Tattoo effect wedding dresses have been added to collections of top designers like Berta, Galia Lahav, Milla Nova and other famous designers

Tattoo Effect


The Most Incredible Tattoo Effect Wedding Dresses


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Beautiful Illusion Bridal Dresses


The illusion back will add a sheer layer to the open back dress design. It will give you and your guests the look of an open back. The illusion detailed back wedding dresses are perfect for fall or winter weddings where the air is a little cooler.


Brides Often Ask

What is an illusion back?


Wonderful Tattoo Effect Bridal Gowns


The tattoo effect is ideal to emphasize your beauty, so over time it has become the main decorative element of the dress.

Illusion Lace Back Wedding Dresses


A lace back wedding dress is one of the most traditional styles out there, and for many, the delicate and feminine fabric is synonymous with bridal gowns. … Lace is versatile!