30 Lace Wedding Shoes: Best Ideas + FAQs

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Wedding shoes might not be the most popular choice for a casual day out with your friends. But there is no doubt that they have the perfect look for that wedding day style. So, if you haven’t yet considered lace wedding shoes, you might be missing out. If you’re torn on what to choose for wedding day footwear, then try on some white lace wedding shoes. The type of shoes that will add glamour and a dose of femininity to your bridal look. Have a look at our lineup and find the dream pair that is especially for you.



Lace Heels For A Wedding

If you want that classic look for your big day, then perhaps consider lace shoes for the bride. A most elegant and feminine option, you can get these heels in any color that you choose. Perhaps embroidered ivory lace for a pristine white dress for a pair of shoes so versatile, they can be worn several times after the wedding. If nude won’t do, you could go with white for that traditional bridal look or deep blue for an edgy style.


Lace Kitten Heel Shoes

Comfort is key during a wedding, so if you are debating high heels and how your feet would feel, you could choose lace shoes with low heels instead. Kitten heels in particular are stylish. You would still get the added height and feel of heels, but with extra comfort. Whether for pumps or two straps, these heels will look great with almost any style of wedding dress, and in lace, they just look divine.


Lace Bridal Flats

Flat shoes are the ultimate choice to go with when thinking primarily about comfort. While many flats might be plain, flat lace shoes are anything but. Get that gorgeous look complete with the comfiness of flats. The shoes can be pure lace or mixed fabric of ivory silk and lace. With some embellishment, you can get a pair of bridal flats that make the statement befitting of any bride.


Shoes With Pearls

Step into your wedding with style and sophistication with lace shoes that have such tasteful embellishments, they are the thing of dreams. Lace pearl wedding shoes are modern and chic, but they also have that traditional look that many brides need. In flats, stilettos, or even slingbacks, they would look great with most wedding dress styles.


Satin Lace Shoes

Satin and lace are fabrics that are well adjusted for weddings for dresses, accessories, and even shoes. Truly elegant lace wedding shoes have all the right textures, and satin can give that extra sleek feminine look a bride might want in her shoes. Satin lace wedding shoes can feature lace embroidery and satin ribbons where the ribbons tie in a bow at the back of the shoes whether they are slingbacks or pumps. The ultimate bridal footwear.

Lace Shoes With Crystals

Gemstones are great accessories for lace shoes, and if you’d like accent stones to complement lace wedding shoes, then crystals are a good bet. Get that sparkling pair of lace crystal wedding shoes with shimmery crystals embedded throughout the lace.


White Lace Shoe Ideas

White is a versatile color. While lace shoes might seem like the most bridal pair of shoes ever, they can still be worn after the wedding. White shoes match almost any other color and can be dressed down with casual clothes anytime.

Ivory Lace Shoes For A Bride

Right next to white for bridals is ivory, and if you want a color close to white that isn’t as bright, then this would be a good option. Ivory wedding shoes are just as versatile as their white counterparts, if not more.


Black Lace Shoes

There is no rule on the color of shoes to wear to a wedding, and if black is your choice, then go for it. They would complement a white dress beautifully and create a lovely monochrome for any dark-colored dress. Black lace especially looks divine on the feet and even better with embellishments.

Blue Shoe Ideas

If you need the traditional something blue, you can just make it your shoes. Blue wedding shoes are just as divine as any other color. Up the ante with this romantic color, whether it’s on lace booties, stilettos, or flats.

Every aspect of your wedding look contributes to creating the wedding of your dreams. And, lace wedding shoes can give you the fairytale, happy ever after feeling you’ve always wanted.


Brides Often Ask

Can I wear lace wedding shoes with a lace wedding dress?

Yes, you can pair lace shoes with a lace dress. However, pay attention to the style and color of the dress so that the shoes perfectly go with it.