27 Most Wanted Wedding Shoes 2023 Guide + Faqs

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To look beautiful from head to toe, it’s wise to first choose your theme, choose your gown, and to select your hair, makeup, and accessories. This way, your shoes will fit in with your overall vision and complement all of the other decisions you made. You will also want to pre-determine a budget, brush up on the latest trends, and consider style and comfort.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes that you can confidently walk down the aisle and dance for hours in. Of course, you’re going to need some inspiration before you hit the shops or online stores.

We’ve curated a collection of stylish, timeless, unique, and comfortable wedding shoes to get your imagination going. Each example is fit for your particular wedding theme, style, and destination. Here we go!

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Comfortable Wedding Shoes

A lot of modern brides are prioritizing comfort and trending style over traditional expectations. This means that you can expect a lot more block heels, flats, and even sneakers to make an appearance at wedding ceremonies and receptions. These pretty wedding shoes demonstrate how you can avoid blisters and speed wobbles, but still look like a red carpet work of art.



Wedge Shoes For Bride

Wedges certainly do make perfect wedding shoes. They over an ideal balance between stretching the appearance of your torso and the ability to walk and dance with confidence. Depending on the color, material, and texture of your wedge wedding shoe, these are perfect for all manner of wedding themes from rustic to traditional.



Vintage Bridal Shoes

Vintage wedding shoes are overflowing with charm and romantic appeal. With these vintage beauties, you get unexpected detail where you would least expect it and the application of style that just isn’t done anymore. Caution: You will fall in love with these extremely quickly, browse with caution.

Hottest 2021 Wedding Shoes Trends: Sparkling crystals and ankle straps look both stylish and feminine. Handbeaded embellishments are ruling the bridal fashion world.



Flats Bridal Shoes

Some brides find it difficult to justify buying a pair of shoes that they will only wear a single time. Others simply want a more comfortable alternative to high heels. The solution? Flats of course! Flat wedding shoes come in every color and design you can imagine, which is perfect for repurposing them for future events. They are also extra practical for outdoor wedding events like on the beach, at the farm, or in the backyard.


Wedding Shoes Low Heel

Block heel wedding shoes are low enough to maintain all of the comfort you need to get through the wedding day, but high enough to be stylish, sexy, romantic, or whichever feeling you are trying to portray. As shown here, block heels are available in very simple designs, elaborately detailed, and everything in between. You’re sure to find something perfect for you.



Exclusive Lace Wedding Shoes

Sometimes your lace wedding dress is simply too gorgeous to interrupt. Finish off your head-to-toe look with classic lace wedding shoes like these! The attention to detail and delicate nature of these shoes possess a very romantic appeal which is just perfect for many brides.


White Simple Shoes

Sometimes, less is more. These simple white wedding shoes offer a splash of interest such as modest bows or patterns but otherwise allow the wedding dress to get all of the attention. The simple shoe approach is ideal for brides who don’t want to ‘overdo’ the wedding dress or has minimalism built into her wedding theme.



Peep Toe Wedding Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of your attire. Not only should they make you feel special, but when your guests catch sight of your shoes, you will want them to look exquisite. Peep-toe wedding shoes look sensual and feminine. These gorgeous shoes show just a hint of your toes and ensure your feet look and feel their best all day and night.


Wide Feet Bridal Shoes

These wide feet wedding shoes are not only comfortable and made for brides who have wide feet, but they are stunning in detail. So whether you’re a classic bride who loves lace or a modern bride who’s a lover of pearls, you always find luxe wedding shoes for wide feet that you can get excited for.

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