21 Wedding Wedges Shoes [2023 Guide + Faqs]

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You love the extra height and the appearance of lengthened legs that high heels deliver. But, you also realize that you have a very important walk down the aisle and an entire night of dancing ahead of you. Perhaps you should prioritize comfort over style. Do you go with stylish high heels, or do you go with practical, comfortable flats? Neither. My friend, are looking for the best of both worlds, looking for bridal wedges.

You may be thinking the wedges are a little plain. They certainly can be simple in terms of design, but they can also be beautifully elegant. It all depends on the choices you make.

Wedding wedges are ideal for all sorts of bridal situations. Regardless of your chosen wedding theme, location, season, and personal style, there is definitely a pair of bridal wedges that were created with you in mind. Keep reading to find some stunning examples of  wedges that are as unique as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wedges suitable for a wedding?



Best Wedding Wedges For Bride

The best bridal shoes are comfortable to wear, easy to walk and dance in, and compliment your wedding dress and accessories. With so many gorgeous designs, fabrics, textures, and adornments available, it’s become quite easy to find a pair of wedges that feel like they were specifically designed for your gown.



Simple Wedding Shoes Wedges

Simple bridal wedges are highly attractive in many scenarios. Perhaps you have an elaborate gown that you don’t want to visually complicate with distractingly busy shoe details. Or maybe the venue, such as a beach or boho wedding, calls for a more minimalist approach. Whatever your reason is, these simple wedges are sure to inspire



Low Wedding Platform Wedges

Wedding shoes with a slight wedge offer all of the comfort and functionality of flats, but with a modest lift and a little extra style. You can wear these at any wedding event that falls short of ultra-traditional, but they’ll feel most at home in outdoor settings like beach or garden venues.



Sparkle Wedding Shoes Wedges

Opting for the sparkly variety of bridal wedges is always a fun choice. A modest amount of shimmer can add the splash of interest needed to make your entire outfit pop. Alternatively, covering the entire shoe with sparkles creates an air of glamour, romance, and a little bit of whimsy when they interact with your wedding environment’s light.