green bridesmaid dresses forest and emerald knee length long featured

15 Graceful And Fresh Green Bridesmaid Dresses


Green is a beautiful colour and it can easily be added to your wedding palette. One of the most noticeable ways to incorporate green is to choose bridesmaid’s dresses of this color. You may want to add light green – mint or something a little more daring – emerald green. Also, it is able to be white dress with an elegant green trim. The possible options of green bridesmaid dresses are endless. For those interested in – check out these stunning models!


Photo 1-3: Elegant Long And Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Source:  Joanna August,  Juliet ElizabethWarmphoto


Photo 4-6: Tender Sade Green Dresses

Source: Jenny Yoo Collection, Michelle Lange PhotographyJoanna August Collection


Photo 7-9: Fresh Mint Bridesmaid Gowns

Source:  Jennifer Blair PhotographyTwo Birds Bridesmaid, Bella Bridesmaids


Photo 10-12: Graceful Emerald Dresses For Bridesmaid

Source: Virgil Bunao PhotographyDoll House Bridesmaids, Jenny Yoo


Photo 13-15: Natural Forest Green Gowns

Source: Love My Dress via InstagramTwo Birds Bridesmaid, Connie Whitlock Photography