12 Second Wedding Dress For A 2nd Trip Down The Aisle

second wedding dress
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One of the best benefits of getting married for the second time is a second chance at the wedding dress of your dreams. Choosing a wedding dress is always an incredibly difficult decision to make, but in reality, the process isn’t much different from the first time around.


If you are planning your second marriage and not keeping track of the latest fashion trends, you have your work cut out for you. It’s highly likely that your tastes have changed over the years, and the expectations of wedding behavior have changed a lot too.

Take a look at our gallery to find second bridal gowns that cover the entire gamut of tastes and styles. You’re sure to find something that you absolutely adore or at the very least the inspiration needed to point you in the right direct



Second Wedding Dress Ideas For Over 40

Choosing second-marriage wedding dresses can be pure joy. You’ve already gone through all of the stress and complications that come with the first wedding, and you know how to avoid all that. This time, you can truly appreciate the process with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want in life. There are no rules. Feel free to indulge in any of these options.

Expert Advice
What advice would you give to brides who choose a wedding dress?
We want brides to know that when choosing their gown, their opinion is the most important! It is easy for other people to add their input while you're shopping for the perfect dress, but don't let their opinions discourage you from choosing the dress you feel your best in. Brides should pay attention to what dresses make them feel the most comfortable in their skin and make them feel as beautiful as they are!


Bridal Gowns For Older Brides

Older brides have many options for their second time wedding dress. These examples show how fun it is to show off your personal style. Some are simple with clean lines while others feature extensive beadwork and textured details. In both cases, we especially appreciate the fact that these brides aren’t trying to chase a youthful appearance, allowing their natural beauty to shine.



Pretty Dresses For 2nd Time Bride

Your second wedding dress should compliment your figure, fit in with your theme, and is appropriate for the season and venue. Honestly, the only really tough part is deciding between traditional white or taking advantage of the opportunity to wear colors.



Simple Bridal Dresses For Second Wedding

Whether you are 28 or 98, simple wedding gowns are always an attractive option. These second wedding dresses feature clean lines, simple features, and modest adornment. That’s really all a beautiful bride like you needs to bring a tear to the groom’s eye. You simply can’t go wrong with this style.


Brides Often Ask

Can I wear white for my second marriage?

Unless you are very religious and want to stick to tradition, the notion of ‘purity’ associated with white wedding dresses should not be a concern. Your 2nd wedding dress should make you happy. If you want to color, choose a color. If you want white, go for it! It’s your day.

Should a Second Time Bride Wear a Veil?

The origins of wedding veils began in Rome with brides wanting to hide from demons and were later repurposed by the Church to represent modesty. If you feel that either of these traditions should be a part of your experience then you are 100% free to do so.