Spring Wedding Hairstyles: Seasonal Looks 2024 [Guide & FAQs]

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Spring weddings are all about fresh flowers, fresh air, and hair that you can feel great in as you enjoy the weather. This is why you need a good deal of quality spring wedding hairstyles to choose from if you’re going to look as great as you feel on your big day. Even though your hair could be one of the most difficult decisions you make when it comes to your wedding look, breaking it all down can make it easy.


Whether you’re thinking of wearing your hair up or down or contemplating wavy locks or sleek straight hair. There are lots of gorgeous and versatile hairstyles to make this decision simple. Accessories are also an important part of your wedding hairstyle, and flowers are the best hair accents for spring wedding hairstyles.

So, stay with us as we take you through a list of some of our favorite choices whether you need spring wedding hairstyles for long hair, short, or even medium length hair.

Brides Often Ask

Which hairstyle is best for a spring wedding?

Spring is a time of changing seasons, and the best hairstyle for this period is one that is easy to make and easy to maintain. This can be anything from simple bobs to waves, buns, and other similarly easy updos.

What are the best hair accessories for a spring wedding?

Match a Birdcage Veil with Crystal and Pearl Headband, a lace headpiece, or a crystal floral headpiece. You can also wear a gold leaf floral hair crown or Feather Headpiece for vintage weddings. We love natural accents like dried pampas, wreaths, eucalyptus, and baby’s breath hair crowns for rustic and bohemian weddings. There are also options if encrusted bows, hair ties, clips, combs, and barrettes rust are suitable got spring weddings.

What are the most popular hairstyles for spring weddings?

Wear high buns, half up half down, loose waves with braids, or twisted low buns for beach weddings. Other options include curly low buns, braided buns with bangs, curly bobs, and ponytails. You can also wear a top knot, classic updos, or an asymmetrical braided hairstyle. Classic chignons, organic waves, side-swept curls, and behind-the-ear tucks are also great options.


Spring Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair is abundant and so there is an abundance of hairstyles that you can use it for. You could choose to have spring wedding hairstyles up or down depending on your outfit.

Updos are often a great way to keep long hair in place for such a long day, and they look elegant this way. Consider a messy and yet classy chignon. A hairstyle that will suit almost every dress that you choose. It also looks great in any color and is a good use of thick, long tresses. It’s also versatile as it can be styled in several ways and worn with a hair adornment or without one. Keeping your hair off your neck will also keep you cool when it’s warm.


Medium Length Hair Ideas For Spring Wedding

Soft, glam waves are a great idea for wedding hairstyles spring for medium-length hair. A timeless style that seems to be forever on-trend, it features bouncy curls, voluminous blowouts, and, just an overall soft and glamourous look.

These gorgeous waves have tended to evolve with the times and are a good choice for a bride or wedding guest that wants a more natural look. A deep side part is a good idea for this hairstyle, and it can be worn plain and simple for a minimalist appearance or glammed up with a hair accessory.


Spring Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair

Whether you’re a bride or wedding guest, contrary to popular belief, short hair can be fun to style. So, if you need spring wedding guest edgy hairstyles consider a straight, sleek hairstyle with a side sweep of your bangs or cute curls.

Adorn this with a flower crown in honor of the spring. Even better if it matches your bouquet or the color of your dress. You could choose a dainty flower crown or a medium-sized one depending on the statement you’d like to make.


Spring Wedding Updos Ideas

There are many various types of updos you can style for a wedding whether you want spring wedding guest chic hairstyles or something for the bride. Consider the high bun, an elegant updo that would be great for long or medium lengthmedium-length hair.

This hairstyle can be worn smooth and sleek or curly and messy, either way, it maintains its gorgeous elegance. If you don’t fancy a high bun, you could consider a low bun or a chignon to the side. Add a tiara, hair comb, flower crown, or sparkly hairpins to complete the stylish look.

Spring Wedding Hairstyles Half Up

Half updos are a genius idea if you need spring wedding guest glamour hairstyles or bridal hair. With a variety of ways that you can style this, sometimes the most important thing about the half updo might be the accessories. Whether you choose a straight and braided half updo or slightly messy one with curls and a bun, or even waves with a half ponytail, it can be accessorized beautifully.

Tuck a vibrant peony into the tied-back hair for a pop of color or introduce a delicate hair vine for that natural spring vibe or glammed-up pearl pins for the most sophisticated look.


Wedding Hairstyle Ideas With Braids

Whether you require a bridal hairstyle or hairstyles for spring wedding guests, braids will always be a good idea. Even though braids are often associated with bohemian or rustic type weddings, they can work for all wedding types depending on how they are styled.

From side braids with a feature piece for long, thick locks, to French braids that would suit various hair lengths, to braided buns and updos. This is a style that can not only keep your hair away from your face on a warm day, it can last all day and into the night, not once losing its shape. Adorn with a stylish statement clip of white rhinestones or dainty flower crown for the spring.

Hairstyle Ideas With Veil For Spring Brides

While veils are great for updo spring wedding hairstyles there are many ways to incorporate a veil with your hairstyle. It’s a good idea to keep things simple if you’re adding a veil to your overall look. So, your hair can be pulled back in a bun or a braid down low or in an updo. It would also look good with a half updo, or hairstyle with a fringe.

In considering your hairstyle, you should also keep in mind your choice of veil. While many brides would love the classic veil, some would go with a birdcage veil. This retro option covers half of your face and will look great with a glamorous hair clip to the side.


Spring Wedding Hairstyles Ideas With Hairband

Spring wedding hairstyles with hairbands can be almost any hairstyle, you just need to work out the hairband that will fit with your hairstyle. Whether you are choosing to wear your hair up or down, there are a variety of hairbands you can choose for spring. From a dainty flower headband to a wide lace one, to a glammed-up jeweled one.

Headbands are versatile and can be incorporated to fit your style.

Hairstyle Ideas With Spring Flowers

Spring brings freshness with it, one that is filled with sweet-smelling flowers. This is why most bridal and spring wedding guest hairstyles incorporate florals as hair adornments.

You could have a chignon or messy bun or even a half updo, but the blooms would make all the difference. In choosing the right flowers, you might want a crown of dainty flowers or a single large bloom tucked into your hair. Foliage and greenery can also be a good idea, with cute bits tucked into different parts of your curls for a subtle textured appearance.


Hairstyles For Guests On Spring Wedding

Hairstyles for spring wedding guests can range from braids to natural textured curls, to delectable updos that are either low or high. Considering that the idea is not to outshine the bride, an effortless and relaxed look would be great.

Accessorize with a simple hairpin or barrette and enjoy the beauty that lies in simplicity.

Honor the freshness of spring with spring wedding hairstyles to go with your wedding dress or wedding guest attire this season. With so many hairstyles to choose from you can’t go wrong. Adorn with stylish hairpins or spring flowers to look and feel great all night long.