Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles: 70+ Looks [2023 Guide]

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If you find yourself torn between an updo and letting your hair down, choose the perfect wedding hairstyle. Then perhaps consider a choice of half up half down wedding hairstyles. From simple relaxed wedding hairstyles to classic, there are kinds of half up half down do. Here you will find inspiration and tips to look stylish as well with short or long hair.


So, to help you make the choice a little bit easier. We have compiled a number of our favorite half up half down wedding hairstyles. To give you many choices of this bridal hairstyle that is the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear my hair up or down for the wedding? How to make the right decision?

Choose what suits the neckline of your wedding dress. But the most important factor in deciding is your comfort. Focus on the bridal beauty look you feel best in.

How do I make sure my half up half down hairstyle stays in place all wedding day?

Section off the top half of your hair and hold it with one hand at the crown. Twist the hair loosely into a bun and twist an elastic around the bun to hold it in place. Shape and style the topknot in the front and back using bobby pins. Fix the look with a light misting of hairspray.

How to wear a veil with a half up half down hairstyle?

The veil should be attached right above where your hair intersects in the back or to the bottom half of the style. The hairstyle and veil should rest at the crown of your head (not too high and not too low). Add some fresh flowers or sparkly accessories to the top of the veil to complete the wedding look.


Classic Bridal Look

Bumped Hairdo, for the bride in need of wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair. This bumped hairdo is top on our list for consideration. A formal look of a half-French twist and half cascades.

If you want something simple that also makes a statement. Then this might be the hairstyle for you. With an additional bump on the updo part. The hairstyle is transformed into a classic and chic look that is suitable for most face types. And will also fit numerous wedding dress styles.


Simple Twists Ideas

There is a lot you can do with twists, which would be good for short and long wedding hairstyles. With a little bit of simple creativity, perhaps interesting color solutions, or hair jewelry. You can turn your twisted hair into a masterpiece. Twists would work best for the bohemian or rustic bride.

Or the bride opting for an outdoor wedding. It reflects a measure of laidback, casualness that adds to the vibe of the overall theme of the wedding. This hairstyle will work with many different bridal gowns. Pulled back from the front, sectioned, or in a center part. Ensure to consider the style of your dress when styling the twist.


Braided Half Up Half Down

Another method for achieving wedding hairstyles half up is by incorporating a wedding hair braid. This type of hairstyle gives the half up half down style a completely different look. And is great for a bohemian, beach, or even a rustic-themed wedding.

You could choose to incorporate bangs or not, for some added classiness, or even a bouffant for added height to the hair. With a simple dress, you could accessorize. But, with a more stylish dress, you might consider pins as opposed to maybe a flower crown or barrette.


Slightly Messy Wedding Styles

The bride looking to achieve an effortless look should consider trying a slightly messy semi-updo for her wedding. An easily achieved and quick do. This will be great for an outdoor wedding, rustic-themed wedding, or even a country wedding. A playful hairstyle.

It can be paired with an off-the-shoulder wedding gown, sleeveless dress, or any other informal bridal outfit. The slightly messy style looks its best in undone waves or curls. Those are carefree as the spirit and personality of the free-spirited bride that wears them.

Half Down Side Swept

Curly Bridal Half Updo. There are a good amount of wedding hairstyles for long hair that weddingwedding hairstyles for long hair half up a bride can choose. They can be sleek or with curls and will look beautiful either way. If you will like to incorporate a special hairpiece in your semi-updo. Then this will be achievable with most hair lengths, long, medium, or short.

Jeweled clips look great on any type of hair but look even more stylish on curly hair. So, you might consider incorporating curls into your half updo. Be it for a chignon with low cut curls at the back. A mass of curls with the clip bringing them together on top, or a slightly messy low bouffant.

This look will be great for a wedding dress with a low cut back or a plunging neckline.


Voluminous Wedding Half Ponytail

A voluminous, curly, half-up ponytail, is a beautiful way to style your hair for a wedding. This type of hairstyle would be great for a classic or traditional wedding. One with maybe a ballroom theme, complete with the ball gown. A hairstyle best achieved with long hair, brides with shorter locks can easily achieve this with added extensions.

Cascading Hairstyles for Modern Look

From captivating, pinned back tousled waves, to bouncing, loose curls. Cascading hairstyles are a beautiful way to celebrate your big day with hair that is as happy and carefree as you. You could add extensions or a good hairspray for more bounce and volume for some head-turning results.


Face Framing Curls Ideas

If a bride would prefer face-framing hairstyles for a wedding, this is also achievable with the half updo. One tip is to part the hair down the middle or the side. Depending on which best fits the shape of your face, and this will make it easier.

You could part it all the way down halfway, or just an inch or two. And pull the hair loosely from the sides to the back. Ensuring that it frames the face.

You can also let loose a few wispy tendrils for a cute effect. You could hold the top half in a low or high ponytail or a braid. And allow the rest of the hair to fall naturally. A great choice of wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Casual Half Up Half Down

For a simple, laid back, and casual look, perhaps consider a choice of easy wedding hairstyles and semi updos. Usually, it’s a great choice for an outdoor or backyard wedding. A beach wedding or even a destination wedding.

Achieving a casual look is easy because you won’t have to stress about it much. The best option is to curl. They could be tight or loose curls. And this look will work with either long, short, or medium length hair. Tousled curls are usually the look brides go for when they want something casual. And you could clip them loosely at the top or center to complete your semi updo.


Vintage Bumped Half Up Hairstyles

Any bride looking for a choice of vintage wedding hairstyles will have fun with the semi updo. This is because there are so many ways to wear this look and they are all pretty stylish.

With a half do bump or bouffant, long or short curly tendrils to frame the face. And also well-tended, soft bangs, you can achieve the vintage look you desire.

This hairstyle would be great for a vintage themed wedding, a classic wedding, or a traditional wedding. The added volume to the top part of the hair is sufficient to give it that old-school look you are trying to achieve. And everything else, a delightful plus.

Hairstyles for Bohemian Brides

There are quite a several half up half down hairstyles weddings. That would suit the look the bohemian bride might be looking to achieve. Hairstyles that encourage the use of flower crowns for adornment. Pins, loose curls, and that relaxed, effortless look that would be great for a bohemian wedding.

This type of bride could add a nature-themed headband to the hair for that boho touch. She could incorporate braids or even a messy top bun. For a more ethereal look, loose curls are encouraged and the right accessories are. That just adds to the fairy tale, romantic vibe.


Half Up Ideas for Bob Cut

Sometimes brides find it hard to decide on wedding hairstyles for shoulder-length hair or short hair. If you have your locks in a bob style, you might not want them styled the usual way for your special day. Well, there are options of the semi updo for a bob cut that you might like.

This will include curling your locks in slender, loose curls, and either incorporating a center part or not. And then loosely pulling the front part of the hair into a braid. Or holding it with a hair clip. This goes to prove that even shoulder length or short hair can be used to make a beautiful half up half down hairstyle.

Expert Answer
How to make the best half up half down hairstyle on short curly hair?
Half up half down short hair options are to curl the entire head either leaving the curls tight or running your fingers through to loosen them up. Here is where product choice is important. For tighter curls, I would apply a smoothing serum to smooth any frizz but keep the structure of the curl. Another option is to cover the hair roughly with dry shampoo or texturizing spray to give that lived-in roughed-up curl.

Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Working with thin hair isn’t always a hard task. A good round brush blows dry before hairstyling is recommended. This creates volume at the roots and puts the hair in its best condition for styling.

If a fuller look is desired, hair extensions are a must-have, as they provide both length and thickness. Extensions enhance every look. Another volume option the thin hair is hair padding. I place and pin padding usually to a bun. It will assist in filling out the bun.

I also use techniques such as curl pinch and push. It helps to expand each curl in which I can add padding then. This technique creates a very full and voluminous bun/hairstyle.


Half Up Half Down For Black Hair

Black hair is known for its sleekness and shine, you need to work with that. Smooth Hollywood waves with one side slicked back with a bridal comb is a sort of choice for my brides with dark hair.

The majority of the inspiration photos on Pinterest are with blonde hair, my advice would be to search for a style in the same hair color as their own and add a good home haircare.

Expert Answer
How to make the best half up half down hairstyle for dark hair?
Sleek half up half down for black hair would look gorgeous. A smooth high fringe accompanied by height on the crown with structured curls, that you will need. Creating texture in black hair can appear as frizz. So refer to high-quality smoothing products and tools to defuse any frizz that may be present.

Half Up With Wedding Veil

The bride looking to keep things classic might want to wear a veil. This, with or without a tiara for her wedding. Just keep this in mind when creating your final look. Your choice of wedding hairstyles is half up half down. Should be made to accommodate the veil that you have chosen to wear.

A hairstyle of curls swept to the side, with the top part held together and bumped slightly. The base of the bump will make a great juncture to nestle the veil. On the plus side. Choosing to wear bridal hair with a veil, will completely change your look.


Bridal Ideas With Halo or Hair Vine

It is a grand accessorize for a grand hairstyle. When I think about hair halo I think about princesses and ball gowns. A very voluminous luxurious Half up half down would be the ideal choice.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Hairpiece

Curly Bridal Half Updo. There is a good amount of wedding hairstyles for long hair half up a bride can choose. They can be sleek or with curls and will look beautiful either way. If you will like to incorporate a special hairpiece in your semi-updo. Then this will be achievable with most hair lengths, long, medium, or short.

Jeweled clips look great on any type of hair but look even more stylish on curly hair. So, you might consider incorporating curls into your half updo. Be it for a chignon with low-cut curls at the back. A mass of curls with the clip bringing them together on top, or a slightly messy low bouffant. This look will be great for a wedding dress with a low-cut back or a plunging neckline.


Wedding Hair With Fresh Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to the hair is another way of adorning any of the many half up wedding hairstyles available to brides. This will completely change the look of the hairstyle. And also transform the overall look of the bride.

This can be a flower crown, or single flower stems tucked in the hair or behind the ears. These can even be picked from the bouquet of the bride before or after the wedding ceremony. To add a different feel to the wedding reception. A perfect look for a tropical destination wedding, beach wedding, or a wedding with a summer or spring theme.

Complete the look with blush lipstick and soft face makeup, and you are sure to like what you see.

Half Up Half Down Ideas For Bridesmaids

The effortlessly undone look is trending and the soft whimsical styles are in demand. With a full head of curls and careful bobby pin placement, I can create a half up half down style without it being a typically ‘tied off half up half down.

By creating seamless joins with the curls, they effortlessly sit on the crown and back of the head. This gives the illusion of structure and details without any harsh lines. Bridal hair vines and accessories could be draped down easily. This look works perfectly with our bohemian brides.

Another popular half-up half-down look is the braided one. My style is pulled-out soft braids. I’m using it mainly to add texture and detail to the style. This is a style a bridesmaid may not be able to complete by themselves, so this adds a fun aspect to the style.

The Half up half-down hairstyles are a timeless and effortless choice that suits any bride having her hair up. It is a widely versatile style that can easily be adjusted to suit all facial shapes and hair types.