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42 Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles Ideas


A half up half down wedding hairstyle is a perfect option that offers something between a romantic updo and a fancy down ‘do. We collected only the best ideas for half up half down hairstyles that would look perfect whether you are going for classic, boho or vintage wedding theme. Get the look of amazing curls and be confident that your hairdo will stay in place through the last dance.


Having trouble choosing between an elegant down-do and a romantic up-do for your walk down the aisle? Get the best of both worlds with a glamorous half-up-half-down do. These trending hairstyles work with all lengths of hair, and perfectly match any theme. We have the best wedding half up half down hairstyles ideas. Click through to see them all.

Photo 1-6: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half up half down hairstyles paired with curls adds volume and so much beauty. For brides dreaming of that classic fairy tale walk down the aisle, this is the perfect look. Cascading curls frame the face and neck line in the gentlest manner, and look very natural against the lace and satin of a classic A-frame wedding gown.

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Photo 7-12: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half up half down wedding hair are an elegant choice for any gown style. Bohemian, rustic, vintage, and classic wedding gowns all look spectacular when accompanied by half up half down dos. All variations of satin, chiffon, crinoline, and taffeta look even better when matched with this killer wedding hairstyle.

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Photo 13-18: Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Adding volume and texture to half up half down wedding hair is a snap. Loop in a ponytail or weave in a few braids to make this hairstyle pop. Multiple tiny braids, one large halo braid, and any other braid in between work wonders with half up half down wedding hairstyles. Try out more than one style to find the one that fits you and the dress.

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Photo 19-24: Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Delicate jewelry like diamond pendants or hand-crafted pearls are the best accessories to pair with the half up half down style. This look simultaneously leaves your face on display while gently cascading from your shoulders. Thoughtful earrings and necklaces like this, or an ornate comb or pin will really help to pull the entire perfect-bride look together.

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Photo 25-30: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Brides with bangs will love the options that half up half down hairstyles bring to the table. This look combines the innocent and gentle look that chunky bangs bring with elegance, volume, and texture. A substantial necklace, tiaras, and ornate hair vines pair best with this wedding hair style.

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Photo 31-36: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Half up half down wedding hair and accessories are a match made in heaven. Halos, tiaras, pins, combs, necklaces, and earrings seem to work with this hairstyle like a piece of art. This brings layers of tenderness to the overall wedding look.

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Photo 37-42: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Hollywood has been rocking this look with dazzling results. It combines elegance and femininity with the chic appeal of the red carpet. Whether you’re planning for a classic fairytale walk down the aisle, or a barefoot “I do” on the sand this wedding hairstyle has it all. Half up half down hairstyles are a long-haired bride’s best friend. Where it high, work in some waves, and sport some great accessories to pull off the perfect bridal hairstyle.

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