Wedding Side Hairstyles: 24 Stylish Ideas For 2024 [Guide & FAQs]

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Brides who love to wear their hair down with the everyday look are the best fit for wedding side hairstyles. These hairstyles are unconventional, but formal and glamorous, giving the bride a facelift. The best part of the side hairstyles for weddings is that they keep the bride in her comfort zone, especially with long and medium hair.

She can also show off the back details of her dress but is also perfect for strapless. If she wants accessories, there are no limits. There are vintage brooches, hairpins, veils, and fresh flowers pinned at the nape to choose from. So if you are the bride that loves to wear her hair down, check this post to choose your best styles.


Brides Often Ask

How to style my hair to the one side for a wedding?

Doing wedding side swept hairstyles is quite easy with a little help. First of all, determine the size of your head with more hair, then blow-dry the side with less hair up and away from your face. Create the curls of your choosing with your hair and pull back the side with less hair. Flat comb and secure it with hairspray first and pins. You can create curls with either hot rollers or large barrel curling irons. Now sweep the curls over your shoulder to one side and keep them in place with hair spray. If you want the curls a bit loose, put on some spray gel and run through the curls with your hands. Remember to accessorize with great hairpieces and earrings to draw some attention to the side sweep.

What are side-swept hairstyles for weddings?

Sideswept wedding hairstyles are hairdos swept to the side to give a relaxed and organic. It is trendy with elements that add a touch of femininity and glam, creating a balance between minimalist and dramatic wedding looks. You can infuse them with braids, curls, waves, and twists. You can also keep them plain and simple or accessorize them with hairpins, combs, clips, headpieces, and barrettes.

What bridal dress would look the best with a side-swept hairstyle?

The best bridal dress is strapless for its timeless beauty and versatile nature. Alternatively, you can wear monostraps, halter necks, spaghetti straps, or a plunging neckline. Off-the-shoulder, boat necks, open backs, and dramatic sleeves are also styles to consider for this wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyles Side Updos

Wedding hairstyles side updos are weatherproof hairdos that will highlight your facial structure, and back and neckline details. So it is a classic perfection for all seasons and themes from modern, boho, rustic, and vintage. For brides that have banged on their everyday hair, opt for a banged-up thick side-swept updo. Sweep the fringe to the side where you have the bun and accentuate with dangling pearl earrings.

If you’ve got short hair, a deep side-parted loose bun swept to the side is great. Finish this look with a big boom on the sleek side. The option of wearing a loose side-swept updo comes if you want to highlight your best features from any angle. However, a diamante-filled side-swept updo is your perfect princess-themed hairstyle.

Wedding Updos With Side Braid

Wedding side hairstyles with braids are romantic and chic with a touch of nature to them. Side braid hairstyles for weddings include weaving your long locks into a side fishtail braid for a sweet and edgy look. This is a perfect braided hairstyle for a beach wedding and lace long-sleeved dresses. If you want to channel the Parisian girl vibe, opt for French braids which are the ultra-epitome of romance.

If your locks are textured, braid your hair down to the side and let the rest flow freely. Dot the hairstyle with tiny buds for a creative and playful look. Dutch braids and multi braids with varying thicknesses are also perfect when the side-swept. Pin on statement accessories and your signature lipstick for more appeal.


Side Ponytail Hairstyles For Wedding

Side ponytail hairstyles for weddings can go from a very simple wrap to dramatic additions of accessories and blooms. However, some of our best styles include the special side ponytail with loose waves and an expert wrap to conceal the elastic. If you want to add a bit of drama to your appearance, opt for a glam side-swept ponytail with Dutch braids for some femininity.

You could also add some texture to your hair and sweep it sideways and upwards for a trendy look. Match this hairstyle with bogus earrings and hair barrettes of a floral crown. The conservative bride would love an Ashley Tisdale formal side ponytail with its soft and sexy expression. But for the Disney princess look, do voluminous curls, secure into a ponytail and sweep it over your head and onto one shoulder in a dramatic fashion.


Half Up Half Down To The Side For A Wedding

Keep your hair in place with any of our half-up side wedding hairstyles on your big day. For instance, you can show off your neckline and the back of your wedding dress with a twisted and side-swept half up half down style. Another appealing option is the vertical style where you sweep the hair up and sideways instead of back. This style is great for black girl hair with texture.

Add some edge with braided details and a sweeping floral barrette. Wear a gold halo hairpiece with your cascading half up half down waves or you can opt for sweeping spirals with highlighted dimensions. However, if you want to elongate your face, infuse volume on your crown and sweep your hair to the side.


Wedding Hairstyles Pinned To The Side

Wedding one-side pinned-up hairstyles are hot, simple, or dramatic, depending on the attraction level of your pins. Choose the timeless and classic twisted side ponytail secure it with a hair tie that coordinates with your bouquet, allow the twists to fall seamlessly, and secure one side with a crystal brooch. But if the vintage appeal is your thing, do the side-swept finger waves and secure with fancy barrettes or a vine clip on one side. You can dot the waves with buds for an A-list look.

For a little romantic affair, a messy side-swept bun with its undone look is everything. Finish with a few face-framing strands and fix hair with matching bobby pins on one side. A style can never go wrong with a side twist with options of traditional rope, fishtail braid, and French or Dutch braids. Make your side sweep voluminous by pancaking your braids for a woven look. Don’t forget to pin to one side with your rhinestone or floral accented comb.

Side Curls Hairstyles For A Wedding

Curly side wedding hairstyles are simply whimsical and suitable for beach, rustic, boho, and modern themes. Gather your hair at the nape and pin it to the side to create a traditional look. Leave out a few wispy hairs to frame the face and finish the look with a side clip. You can pour your hair down in loose waves and let it sit elegantly on your shoulders.

Top off this look with a pair of drape earrings. We love ponytails, so feeding in curls will upgrade it into an effortless look. Pack it low, sweep to the side and let it graze your neck. Or choose wedding side hairstyles that combine waterfall curls with tiny single braids all swept to the side and secured with pins.


Side Swept Wedding Hairstyles With A Veil

Choosing side swept wedding hairstyles with veils depends on a few factors. The size of your veil, the volume of your hair, the type of dress, and accessories determine the hairstyles. So let’s see. A super romantic side sweep is soft and endearing as it consists of smaller curls. Finger comb, roll into a messy side bun, and fix your veil right in the middle with bobby pins.

Whereas, the classic side-swept Hollywood look comprises waves with the veil snug at the base. Wear this style with a wedding jumpsuit for the boss lady aura. Side sweat braids are another hairstyle that looks cute in white forming a strong support base. You can wear a birdcage, fingertip, cathedral, or mantilla veils with this hairstyle.

Side Braid Wedding Hairstyles

When it comes to your wedding hairstyle, you can go classic or contemporary. But one style that always looks amazing and will never go out of fashion is the side braid.This is a fabulous choice for brides who want something a little different. Plus, it’s a style that can be easily adapted to any look, from sleek and polished, to boho-chic. Beachy waves are always a popular choice for brides. They are super flattering and are perfect for any hair length.


Wedding side hairstyles are for the simple yet hopefully romantic brides. The curls, waves, ponies, braids, and twists have their unique appeals. We have put together some of the most exquisite sides swept wedding hairstyles for you, even if you have curly, straight, or textured hair. See our side-swept hair ideas and get inspired.