Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Looks [2023 Guide & FAQs]

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Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is never an easy task. There are so many styles to choose from, hundreds of trends to keep track of, and traditional values to consider. Things get even more complicated when dealing with wedding hairstyles for short hair. Or so it would seem.

You may feel as though your options are limited, but you’d be wrong.


Scroll down to find tons of gorgeous examples of short wedding hairstyles to inspire your walk down the aisle.

Brides Often Ask


What hairstyles can I do with short hair?

How to make the best half up half down hairstyle on short curly hair?

How long does short hair have to be for extensions?

Wedding hairstyles for short hair (tutorial)


Elegant Bun Ideas On Short Length


Elegant buns should be your first consideration for a short hair wedding hairstyle. Buns are always a classic choice for brides and will find a comfortable home in traditional venues, boho, rustic, and several other common bridal themes.

You can adjust the formality of the look by adjusting where the bun lies. A higher loose bun is ideal for outdoor, natural wedding themes. Pulling it tightly back paired with a classic bridal gown is more at home in a traditional banquet hall. You can adjust things even further with strategically placed and sized accessories.


Textured Bridal Updos On Short Hair


If you are lacking length for your short hairstyle for your wedding day, rely on your other features! The elements you have to play with are volume, color, accessories, and texture. Textured wedding hair can add depth, patterns, and a lot of visual excitement, especially when accessories are in play.

The texture of your wedding day hairstyle can also drastically change the emotion of your theme. A clean, manicured texture is great for traditional weddings. The texture that is loose and organic is perfect for barn weddings and boho themes. Hard lines are ideal for a rebellious alternative wedding.


What can you say about short hairstyles? Which options can you recommend?

Expert Tip

To my brides with shorter hair to recommend keeping the hair styling as simple as possible. Here you should put a higher value on the other aspects of the complete look, such as a special type of yourdress and beautiful and eye-catching hair accessories. Depending on the length and style of the wedding, beach waves or other types of waves could be suitable. Something that puts motion in the hair.

Julia Fratichell – bridal hairstylist and coach. Winner of GHDA Cutting Edge 2019 and finalist BTC 2x HotShot 2019


Slightly Messy Short Bridal Updos


If you are into trends or have always been a little more down-to-earth than the other girls, a messy wedding hairstyle for short hair may be the perfect solution for your big day. Although a lot of attention and detail goes into these slightly messy looks, the results are very organic and natural-looking.

Wear this look at fairytale princess wedding themes, boho, rustic, barn, and any other manner of an outdoor wedding. There’s a little bit of strength built into this short wedding hairstyle, but the main features are delicate and feminine.

Simple Twisted Bridal Updos


If classic updos are a bit too tame for you, there are variations you may be into. By combing hair neatly on the sides and sweeping it into a twisted updo your wedding hairstyle for short hair, with a veil especially, is a great contrasting look. The contrast is the clean, classic look that traditional brides are after.

The twisted updo portion is bold, adding a layer of excitement. Try it as a rebellious version of a traditional wedding look. Or, add a bit of sophistication to a boho or rustic wedding. Either way, you are fitting the mold and breaking the rules at the same time.


Braided Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair


Boho themes and any wedding occurring during spring or summer are begging for braid hairstyles for wedding short hair. Braids come with a huge variety of options. Choose between a large statement braid, an accent braid, fishtail, halo, and compliment a half-down do.

Whatever your choice, pair your braids with seasonal/local flowers. A single-focus flower or a ring of delicate flowers is the icing on the cake. The color and size of your florals will play a major role in your overall look. Try a variety of combinations until you find the correct balance.

Simple Short Bob Wedding Hairstyle


Jeweled headbands. Simple and straight. Waves. Wild colors. Layered curls. Whatever your taste, wedding hairstyles for short bobs have a lot of options built-in. This is a fun, energetic, confident look.

Our recommended accessory is a statement side pin. This helps sculpt your bob with the appearance of additional volume, and contrast and pulls your hairstyle in the direction of your theme. With the right accessory, the bob/statement combo is also an easy way to visually relate your gown to your hair and jewelry.


Layered Loose Waves On Short Hair


Layered loose waves are the ideal short hairstyle for weddings at the beach. Whether you work on it or if you were born with it, this style results in the appearance that you wake up beautiful. No effort is required. This technique is also convenient for brides who rock the edgy side shave daily.

Layered loose waves are fairly feminine, which adds a nice balance for brides who want to dress up their badass look on their big day. Visually, layered waves at the look of motion. Be aware of this when you choose your dress and accessories so that your bridal look isn’t too busy.

Hair Piece For Short Wedding Hair Length


When it comes to accessories for wedding hairstyles for short hair, you’ll have to be cautious. Choosing straight, curly, textured, braided, loose, or any other short wedding hairstyle will somewhat dictate what style of accessory is an option.

The main goal is to avoid competing with your wedding hair and gown. The easiest approach is to choose opposites. Rich, textured, elaborate hair? Choose a larger simple accessory. Simple locks with a few loose braids or curls? Feel free to experiment with dynamic accessories.


Short Wedding Hairstyles For Rustic Bride


Short hairstyles for weddings were seemingly custom-made for rustic theme brides. Rustic themes evoke almost every aspect of natural characteristics and beauty. Short hair fits right in. With the right accessories, any of the above short wedding hair samples will blend right in.

If you’re looking for our advice, we have to recommend the slightly messy updo option. This will keep your ears and neck exposed and will create the perfect platform for some darling baby’s breath. That being said, there is no wrong choice.

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair


The bohemian wedding theme heavily incorporates vintage values and eclectic style. What this means for your hairstyle for short hair for a wedding is that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

The obvious first choices are buns and updos. Elongating the neck, and overall silhouette, as a result, creates a humble, down-to-earth appeal. Of course, you could always pair a side-swept hairstyle with an oversized or arsenal of flowers to create something unexpected. There are no rules!

If you’ve scrolled down to this point, it’s become obvious that there is no lack of options for wedding hairstyles for short hair. No need for extensions. No need to feel like brides are required to wear long hair.

Hopefully at least one of these samples gives you the inspiration to find theyour perfect wedding hairstyle that will make you feel like the beautiful, unique, confident bride that you are.