24 Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

48 Best Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas In 2020/21


Your husband-to-be fell in love with you, every detail. He loves your body, he loves your mind, he loves your soul. Getting married doesn’t mean you have to change a single thing, and that includes your hair. We have a stellar list of wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair that can’t be missed, no extensions required.


What can you say about short hairstyles? Which options can you recommend?
To my brides with shorter hair to recommend keeping the hair styling as simple as possible. Here you should put a higher value on the other aspects of the complete look, such as a special type dress and a beautiful and eye-catching hair accessories. Depending on the length and style of the wedding, beach waves or other types of waves could be suitable. Something that definitely puts motion in the hair.
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Pretty Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

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Halo updo

It’s almost as if halos were made for short hair. Try these gorgeous accessories in an updo to get most glamorous short bridal hairstyles.

Elegant updo

Simple and elegant, these bridal updos for short hair will take everyone’s breath away. Updos are always among best wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair – all you need is the right accessories.

Delicate curls

Add some volume to short hair wedding styles with a few curls. It lets you show off every piece you put so much thought into while still looking stunning.

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Vintage Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

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Lace Hairband

This is definitely one of the most simple short hair wedding hairstyle ideas, that you can think of. Just add a lace headband – and voila! You are stunning!

Roll-up Bob

A lot of short hair wedding styles are super simple to put together. This sophisticated roll-up bob is surely one of them! Chic and classy!

Easy bun

These cute wedding hairstyles for short hair will look amazing on a boho bride. Just add a few flowers mixed in with your short hair bun.

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Old School

Vintage is extremely popular among wedding hairstyles for short length hair. Try these old school Hollywood wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair for that ultimate diva feeling!


Sometimes the right accessories are everything. One of the wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil would be not to try a complicated hairdo, but rather choose this elegant birdcage veil.


Retro short bridal hairstyles are always in fashion. From the ’20s through the ’90s, short hair has made a statement. This vintage look is perfect for any theme from traditional to ultra-modern.

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Elegant Short Hairstyles Ideas

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One of the most stunning wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair. You are sure to steal the show. A timelessly stylish look with several stray curls to frame the face.

Sweet boho chic

This effortless updo for short hair combines several wedding hairstyle ideas: braids and delicate flowers. It is just right for a beach or a boho wedding.


Short hairstyles for wedding are simply stunning in updos. Pair this hairstyle with the classic princess wedding gown and a tiara to pull of the perfect fairy tale look.


Romantic Wedding Ideas For Short Hair

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This amazing wedding style for short hair will win your heart if you are a creative type. Side-swept bangs look fresh and original among other wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair.

Hair vine

Hair vines have been a huge hit for wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair. Add this elegant work of art to a messy bun to get an ultra-modern look!

Natural curls

This wedding hairstyle for short curly hair looks especially nice on naturally curly types. One of the most simple wedding hairstyles for short hair – just add a festive hairpiece.


Light And Airy Short Hairstyles For Brides

It’s almost as if halos were made for short hair. Try these gorgeous accessories in an updo, or add some volume with a few curls. Traditional wedding gowns look picture perfect with elegant up-dos and a few delicate accessories. Short hair is just perfect in in this scenario. It let’s you show off every piece you put so much thought into while still looking stunning.
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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas That Full Of Charm

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Slightly Messy Short Bridal Hairstyles

Many themes, like Rustic and Bohemian, are just perfect for side-sweeps and braids. You can add a lot of texture, volume, and interest to short hair with a few artistic flips, curls, or twists. Pair this with your favorite accessories, especially florals! Your photo album will love this look.
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Trendy Bridal Looks With Short Hair

Brides are loving the throwback short hair styles, and are having tons of gorgeous fun adding modern updates. If you want to be experimental, try a few high-volume high-updos. They aren’t for everyone, but when it works it’s stunning!
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Stunning Hairstyles For Short Length

Short hair has so many bridal options. Shoulders and necks are exposed, letting necklaces and earrings shine, and the length is perfect for all the best up, side, straight, and braided styles. Set the look off with your best halo, comb, or pin, and you’ll look picture perfect.
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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair (video tutorial)

Take a look at this amazing video tutorial by @salirasa. Here you will find two wedding hairstyles ideas for very short hair!

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