Tips For When To Color Hair Before The Wedding

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Every bride wants vibrant hair for their wedding day, and you’re not left out. While some want to make their hair shades lighter, you may want fiery colors, highlights, or root touch-ups. Of course, you’ll make a stunning bride but the catch is perfection. When should u color your hair before your wedding?


What are the steps to changing your hair color for your wedding? What if you don’t like it, what should you do? Whether you’re a pro at dyeing hair or a first-timer with beautiful tresses, get in here. Read this post for guidance on when to color your hair before your wedding and other tips.

Brides Often Ask

Should I color my hair before my wedding?

Of course, you should, if that’s what you desire. However, start months in advance if you’re a first-timer or opting for a dramatic look.

When to wash hair before the wedding?

All things being equal, wash your hair the night before the wedding. This will give your hair the time to settle and restore volume.


When To Color Hair Before The Wedding?

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One of the most frequent questions brides ask is when is the best time to color hair before the wedding? Well, it depends on your routine and the extent you want to go revamping your hair game.

For regular routines

When to get hair color before the wedding for an established routine is two weeks. By this, we mean that if you already dyed your hair a specific color and want to maintain it, then two weeks before the wedding is enough. In two weeks, your touch-up will have enough time to settle into your lock and take on a natural look.


For first-timers or big switches

If you never dyed your hair or you’re moving from one color to something more vibrant, start six months in advance. For instance, if you’re changing your hair color from ginger to brunette, brunette to red/blonde, or visible highlights, you need all the time. Start early and schedule regular salon visits until when to get your final hair color before the wedding.

Dos and Don’ts of Pre-Wedding Hair Colors

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  • Do present your hair colorist with pictures and inspiration and ensure they get you.
  • Don’t opt for extreme color changes too close to your wedding.
  • Do consult an expert for an opinion on your hair health, your chosen colors, and the length of time to settle in.
  • Don’t choose a vibrant change of hair color from the roots if you’re not a natural.
  • Do start with hair colors closer to your natural hair shade to aid the seamless transition.
  • Don’t subject your hair to chemical experiments because it could break down. Be sure of what you want.

Changing Your Hair Color For Your Wedding

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When should I color my hair before the wedding? What tips do I need for choosing my colors and colorist? Find all your answers here.


The most popular hair color requests

The most popular hair color requests according to experts are brighter variants. Brides want to go from brunette to blonde and honey blonde. Others want root maintenance or locks highlights that pop. This is because brides want to look more feminine, vibrant, and brighter on their wedding day. A smart tip is to consult with your colorist, start right in time, and schedule at least four salon visits.

Considering a new colorist?

It is okay to hire a new colorist if you have a least, nine months before your wedding. If you don’t have up to six months left, we strongly advise against this. Instead, retain your colorist and work with them to meet your satisfaction. They have a better understanding of your hair health, texture, and reaction to coloring. You don’t want damaged hair for the wedding.


If you want a drastic color change

When to get your hair color before the wedding for a drastic color change is about six months in. It is important to take such long periods because the coloring goes through many stages to get to its final state. You want enough time for the color to settle and look as natural as your given locks. Discuss with your colorist and create a schedule that works for both of you. Also, embark on this process only when you’re informed.

What to avoid before your wedding?

The wedding is only a memory, but pictures are forever. So, avoid any extreme hair changes or solid color alterations before the wedding. You want people to recognize you, yes? Ditch the neon hair, ginger, or redhead if they’re not your natural locks. You have all the time to wear them in extensions and wigs after the wedding.


If you’ve never colored your hair

Start months before your wedding to allow your hair to adjust. Also, begin with shades that are close to your natural color, get comfortable, and then launch into the big colors. When you start with similar hair color shades, you might choose not to go further and that’s fine. We also advise that you engage your colorist before you start any color change. Know all the pros, cons, and stages of your hair coloring.

If you’re unsatisfied with your color

Seek advice from your colorist and they will tell you what to do. Not liking your color is normal, and as professionals, your satisfaction is their priority. Your stylist will book you for a corrective color change. This is why we advise you to start months ahead of your wedding.


How To Care For Your Color

For red hair

To care for dyed red hair, it begins with the quality of the dye. Opt for salon-grade hair dye and wait for 48 hours before you wash so it doesn’t strip. If your hair feels greasy within the waiting period, use dry shampoo. Avoid heat styling and chlorine, use color-treated shampoo and conditioner and get regular highlights on the advice of your colorist.


For blonde hair

If you got blonde hair coloring, avoid washing it with hot water so it doesn’t become dry and brittle. Vinger or cold water rinse is better. Don’t use sulfate containing hair products, and choose coconut oil as hair SPF. Use suitable hair masks and allow it to air dry.

For all highlights

Whether you’ve dyed your hair a platinum blonde, black, blue, brunette, red, or even orange, this is for you. Wash your hair only two to three times per week unless you are very active. It is also best to use dry shampoo on off days. Use more leave-in treatments (infused with dye) to lock in color. Protect your hair before entering the sun, chlorine, or saltwater.

We’ve curated a comprehensive guide on when to color hair before the wedding. So for every bride who intends to look smashing, this is for you. Whether you have long, short, fine, or thick hair or you’re a first-timer with coloring, there’s something for you. Follow these tips and revamp your hair without sacrificing its health.