50 Wedding Updos Hairstyle Ideas [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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There’s a lot to consider when discussing ultimate wedding updos. The bride, bridesmaids, and wedding guests all have to look gorgeous. Luckily, we’re here with plenty of information and tons of advice to help you land on the right answer in this post.


Brides Often Ask

How much does a wedding updo hairstyle cost?

Wedding updos would usually cost more than most hairstyles, especially blowouts. Expect to spend between $95 and $300. The service may include trials, products, appointments, and necessary touch up before the wedding.

How long should be my hair for a wedding updo?

The length of your hair for a wedding updo must be shoulder length after a blowout. This will help the hair gain volume and pin easily to stay secure. If your hair isn’t at shoulder length, then an extension may be the best option.

How do I prepare my hair for an updo?

Apply volumizer to dry hair and blow-dry while moving the hair with fingers or a vent brush. Follow with texture spray to finalize the volume. The next step is using a shine spray, then going in with a curling iron. Curl and stretch the hair while you minimize stray with a smoothing comb. Perfect your look by blasting the hair with wax. But if you want the strays, don’t bother.

Wedding Updos For Long Hair

For Whom: The beautiful and classic choice for brides. From braided updos to low buns, there are many options to choose from.

Ideas: A high chignon or voluminous top knot can create a statement and add a glamorous touch to your bridal look. For a bohemian vibe, try incorporating flowers or braids into your updo.

Tip: Whatever style you choose, it’s essential to work with a professional hairstylist to ensure your hair stays in place all day and looks perfect for the special occasion.


Wedding Updos For Medium Hair

For Whom: Wedding updos for medium hair are a chic and sophisticated option for brides who want a versatile look.

Ideas: A twisted or braided updo is a popular choice that can add texture and dimension to medium length hair. A low bun or chignon is another classic option that can be dressed up or down depending on the style of the wedding. Half-up, half-down updos are perfect for those who want a romantic look while keeping their hair off their face.

Add Accessories: Adding hair accessories such as headbands, combs, or flowers can give any updo a unique and personalized touch, making it the perfect choice for any bride.


Low Bun With Elegant Headpiece by Ulyana Aster

The Jade comes as a set of 5 pins and is a versatile light floral hairpiece that will add the special touch to any hairstyle. It is made of fine silver or gold tone wire, complimented with soft pink chiffon flowers and small crystal beads


Wedding Updos For Short Hair

Wedding hairstyles for short hair updos can be just as stunning as those for longer locks.

Tip: A great tip for upstyling short hair is to add texture through curls or waves. This will give the hair more volume and create a beautiful base for an updo. Another option is to use hair extensions to add length and volume.

Ideas: A popular updo style for short hair is a messy bun or chignon, which can be achieved by teasing the hair and securing it at the nape of the neck. Accessorizing with a hairpiece or fresh flowers can add an extra touch of elegance to the look.

Wedding Updos Black Hair

For Whom: When it comes to wedding updos for black woman, there are many gorgeous and unique styles to choose from.

Ideas: One popular option is a braided updo, which can feature intricate cornrows, twists, or a combination of both. Another beautiful style is a twisted bun or chignon, which can be adorned with hair accessories like flowers or hair pins.

Tip: For a more natural look, wearing the hair in a textured updo or a voluminous afro can be stunning. Whatever style you choose, it’s important to work with a stylist who has experience with black hair to ensure that your hair is treated with the care it deserves.

Curly Updos For Wedding

For Whom: Brides with naturally wavy or textured hair, such as coily or afro-textured hair, can create breathtaking updos that showcase their unique hair pattern. Natural curly hair updos for wedding can be styled with intricate braids, twists, or pinned styles to create a regal and distinctive bridal look.

Tip: Check out these curly hair wedding options for the entire bridal party. The bride can choose her own glamorous style with plenty of volumes. Add a crystal hairpiece that allows her to stand out.

Wedding Style: The curly upstyle is most at home in non-traditional wedding themes such as rustic and boho.


Fine Hair Wedding Updos For Thin Hair

These insightful tips and ideas can help brides-to-be with fine or thin hair achieve their dream wedding look.

Use the Right Products: When it comes to products, the choice of products one uses becomes very important in the case of fine hair. Lightweight volumizing mousses or sprays will be able to lift the roots without making hair heavy. Texturizing sprays can also offer grip, making it easier to style and hold the updo in place.

Low and Loose Updos: With the low and loose updo, volume is put where it’s most flattering to make it look like you have more hair. The hair should not be pulled back super tight, as this can actually show off the thinning even more. Better yet are softly pulled-back sections that allow some natural movement rather than strain your strands.

Strategic Layering: Ask your stylist to provide you with layers in your updo as well, so that there is an illusion of thickness. The layering can make the hair look thick and dynamic if styled along with curls or waves.

Sleek Updos for Chic Brides

For Whom: The updo is classic and suitable for almost every wedding occasion. Achieve a higher level of sophistication by adding some sleekness to the look.

Good Match: A low bun elongates the neck, exposes the shoulders, and makes an open back gown even more beautiful. Pair this with an A-Line gown for the most classically chic look. Or, dress it up with florals or a pin for a rustic of boho theme.

Classic Wedding Updos

Achieve timeless elegance with our collection of classic wedding updos. From sophisticated chignons to sleek and polished buns, these updos exude a refined and timeless beauty, perfect for the traditional bride looking for a touch of sophistication.

Timeless Wedding Chignon

For Whom: The timeless wedding chignon is the best option for the bride who desires classic beauty.

Good Match: Wear a chignon with an open back gown. Pair this with a delicate necklace and earrings, and an ornate floral hairpiece.

Add Accessories: This is an ideal medium hairstyle for wedding of a traditional theme. This classic look can change with a few strategic accessories to fit in at a rustic or outdoor wedding.


Hairstyle Tutorial: Easy Wedding Chignon

Want to learn how to make a wedding hairstyle? Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to create an exquisite chignon. Created by stylist @polishedstylejustine, this video will help you achieve a timeless look for your special day. Give it a try!

Ballerina Bun Ideas

Ideas: Ballerina buns are easy wedding updos that have a lot of options. Wear it high and tight for formal and traditional themes. Wrap a halo braid under the topknot to achieve a majestic boho or rustic style. Apply plenty of loose twists into the bun for whimsical, beach, and barn wedding theme appeal.

Good Match: These classic wedding hairstyles buns pair well with timeless hair accessories. They also pander to that “when I was a girl I dreamed of being a ballerina” fantasy that we all inexplicably had. This matches that Happily Ever After fantasy we’ve carried with us since we were 8.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Updos

For Whom: Half updos wedding hairstyles are a versatile and elegant choice for brides who want the best of both worlds. This style works well with all hair types and lengths and can be customized to suit your personal style.

Tip: For a romantic look, try soft waves or curls with a loosely braided or twisted half-up section. For a more polished look, consider a sleek and straight half-up section with a low bun or ponytail.

Add Accessories: You can also add accessories like a floral crown or jeweled hair clips to elevate the style. Whatever you choose, make sure to have a trial with your stylist to ensure that the final look is exactly what you envision.


Updos For Romantic Bride

Create a dreamy and enchanting bridal look with our selection of romantic updos. From soft, loose curls adorned with delicate flowers to elegantly twisted and braided styles, these updos will make any bride feel like a fairytale princess on her special day.

Extremely High Volume Updos

For Whom: This is a powerful choice for brides that want to drop jaws when ‘Here Comes The Bride” starts. The high volume wedding updos are too fancy for a casual wedding theme. But, it feels right at home for brides who want to exude a queen-like aura at their traditional wedding.

Tip: Medium and long hair can be extremely fun to pile up into layers and layers of curls and twists. High volume updos have a swanky appeal that no other wedding hairstyle can match.

Elegant High Updo: Quick And Easy Tutorial

Video by @polishedstylejustine

Soft Face Framing Updos

For Whom: Every bride has a fairy tale princess vision in her mind. Face framing layers play a major role in making this happen. Consult your hairstylist about your face shape and the best wedding updos options. Your cheekbones, face length, roundness, and jawline can change.

Tip: A good rule of thumb is to choose the opposite frame from your facial features. For example, if you were born with soft features, choose a hairstyle that features an angled frame. Square or angular facial features call for a rounded hair frame. This contrast allows your best features to pop.

Braided Wedding Updos

For Whom: Your search for the ultimate wedding hairstyle begins with the braided updo. This bridal hairstyle can pull off formal, casual, and everything in between. It can be simple and take no time at all to perfect. Or, it can be intricate and allow your hairstyle to fuss over your look for hours.

Good Match: It can be a work of art all on its own, or it can match with any floral or decorative hair accessory you can think of. The braided wedding updos do it all.

Bohemian And Rustic Wedding Updos

Embrace a bohemian and rustic vibe on your special day with our selection of enchanting wedding updos.

Loose Updos For Wedding

For Whom: Loose updos are a beautiful and relaxed option for brides who want a more effortless look on their big day.

Ideas: A loose updo can feature soft waves or curls with a few loose strands left out to frame the face. Alternatively, a low, loose bun or chignon can create a romantic and elegant look. For a boho-inspired style, try incorporating braids into the updo.

Add Accessories: Accessorizing with fresh flowers or a delicate hairpiece can add a touch of whimsy to the look. It’s important to work with your stylist to achieve the perfect balance of “messy” and polished for your desired look.

For Whom: For brides seeking a non-classic look that’s all their own, look to a messy bridal updo. The key ingredients are volume, texture, twirls, and curls. Beyond that, own the look by employing your choice of buns and loose strands.

Add Accessories: Choose a simple version of this wedding updos and add a veil. Or, style it with a delicate crown or floral pins to shine like boho royalty.

Wedding Hairstyles Low Updos

Tip: Incorporate a myriad of braids into your bridal style for the perfect wedding bun hairdo. The end result looks super simple and easy to achieve. But it requires skilled fingers to pull off at princess-level.

Ideas: Choose this option if you’re looking for a wedding updo that your bridesmaids can emulate in their own fun way. Choose your particularly glamorous wedding bun look. Give them the option of a side bun, updo bun, or messy bun to somewhat match yours.

Updos For Modern Brides

Make a contemporary statement on your wedding day with our collection of updos for modern brides. From sleek and minimalist updos with clean lines to innovative twists on classic styles.

Wedding Hair Side Updos

Wedding hair style updos to the side are a chic and sophisticated option for brides.

Ideas: This style can be achieved by sweeping the hair to one side and securing it with pins or clips. The remaining hair can be styled into loose waves or curls, or kept straight for a sleek look. Side updos can also feature braids or twists for added texture and interest.

Add Accessories: Accessorizing with a hairpiece or decorative pins can add an extra touch of elegance to the style. Side updos work well with all hair types and lengths, and can be customized to suit your personal style and wedding theme.

French Twist Wedding Updos

Ideas: Choose an asymmetrical twisted updo to add some flare to your wedding day hairdo. When it comes to weddings, “too perfect” is a thing. Twisted wedding hair lets brides shirk uncomfortable formal hairstyle options. They walk the aisle with confidence and comfort instead.

Tip: Our favorite bridal hair styles are fishtail braids or french twisted braids. These are perfect for sweeping up flowing locks into artistic shapes.

Casual Bridal Hair Ideas

For Whom: A lot of brides aren’t completely into the 200+ guest list wedding ceremony and reception. They much prefer something a little more intimate. These brides tend to opt for a more casual wedding hairstyle as opposed to a do that eats up an entire month’s salary.

Good Match: This makes the statement that for them much most important love than a premium gourmet menu. This wedding updo is best served at backyard, pegan or non-traditional wedding venues.

Very Simple Updos

For Whom: Many brides want to own their wedding. They’re fully in charge of their DIY centerpieces, reception menu, and anything else they can craft with their hands.

Tip: If you include the wedding hairstyle on this list, consider a simple updo. You can do this yourself with professional results at glamorous wedding themes. All you need are – depending on your hair length – 3 or 4 clear hair elastics and a handful of bobby pins.

Wedding Updos Accessories

From sparkling hairpins and delicate tiaras to ethereal veils and romantic floral accents, these accessories will enhance your updo and make you feel like a true bridal beauty.

Wedding Updos With Vail

Idea: For best results, everything should be considered as one complete work of art. That includes the bridal veil. Designing wedding hairstyles with the veil as a priority starts with how you want to hang it. Veils that hang forward call for a hairstyle with points of interest towards the back.

For Whom: These are ideal wedding hairstyles for long hair since there’s so much to work with.

Tip: Pin the veil at the back of short or medium hair to lengthen the appearance of hair. This allows intricate details to shine at the front.

Wedding Updos With Headbands

Good Match: A wedding headband is the quintessential Gatsby wedding theme accessory. Complete the classic 50’s look with a satin headband embellished with lots of rhinestones. Paired this with layers of pearl necklaces.

Tip: Use a dainty version of the wedding headband to pull chic hair away from the face. This offers a more natural look for traditional themes.

Bridal Hairstyles With Flowers

Idea: Choosing wedding hairstyles with flowers is the easiest way to achieve continuity. You can match wedding hair inserts or crowns with the bridesmaids’ hairstyles, wedding bouquet, and another floral decor.

Tip: Beach wedding hairstyles can kick this up a notch by scouting the venue in advance. Ensure that naturally growing flowers are incorporated into the hair design.

Good Match: Ensure there’s no visual disconnect by choosing flowers that compliment your wedding hairstyle. It’s also important to consider the veil, gown, jewelry, and another theme decor.

Updos For Wedding Guests

Ideas: When it comes to updos for wedding guests, the options are endless. A classic and elegant option is a low chignon or bun, which can be customized with braids or twists for added interest. For a more relaxed look, a messy bun or textured updo can be a great choice. Half-up half-down styles, such as a braided crown or twisted half-up section, can also be a beautiful and versatile option.

Add Accessories: Accessorizing with a hairpiece or decorative pins can add an extra touch of glam to the look. Ultimately, the hairstyle should complement the guest’s outfit and personal style while still being comfortable enough to wear throughout the event.

Wedding Updos For Bridesmaids

Ideas: When it comes to wedding updos for bridesmaids, there are many gorgeous and coordinated options to choose from. A classic choice is a low bun or chignon, which can be customized with braids or twists for added interest. Half-up half-down styles, such as a braided crown or twisted half-up section, can be a beautiful and cohesive option for a group of bridesmaids.

Add Accessories: For a more relaxed look, a messy bun or textured updo can be a great choice. Accessorizing with matching hairpieces or decorative pins can add an extra touch of cohesion to the look. Ultimately, the hairstyle should complement the bridesmaids’ dresses and personal style while still being comfortable enough to wear throughout the event.


The ultimate wedding updo is simple to choose from. Consider your wedding theme, bridal gown, bridesmaids, and accessories. Balance these with a wedding hairstyle that clearly takes more time, attention, and expertise than your day-to-day look. You’ll find something perfectly beautiful.