Best Pin Up Wedding Hairstyles Looks [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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Pin-up wedding hairstyles take us back to the roaring 20s, exotic 50s, retro, and vintage themes. They are timeless, dramatic, or simplistic, depending on who’s wearing the style. Brides have also found a modern twist to pin-up simply fascinating wedding hair. So if the pin-up hairdo catches your fancy and you’re looking for inspiration, check this post.


We have curated a comprehensive list of trendy pin-up hairstyles for weddings and tips to pull them off.

Brides Often Ask

What’s the best accessory to pin up your wedding hairstyle?

There are so many accessories to pin up your wedding hairstyles. But the following options best suit the wedding pin-up hairstyles like Embellished Bobby Pins, Hair Vines, Hair Pins, Tiaras, and crowns. Others include Hair Clips, Barrettes, Hair Chains, Brooches, Fascinators, Wedding Veil, and hats. These accessories are great for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests.

How can I pin my hair for a wedding?

Achieve this hairstyle with a curling iron. But if you have fine hair, heated rollers are preferable to create volume and long-lasting curls. Once the curls are created and cool, back comb and tease. Use hair spray to keep strays in place and avoid frizz. Then go in with your Bobby pins to secure your curls at your crown or nape. Spray your gel for longevity, tease with a comb and you’re good to go.


Brilliant Ideas for Short Hair

French braided hairdos are one of the most elegant wedding pin-up hairstyles for short hair. Just hold them in place with bobby pins and adorn them with greenery for rustic weddings. If you want a clean-cut look, opt for a timeless and classic slick back style. However, the dramatic bride would prefer the big curls matched with headbands or statement tiara.

Another hairstyle that cuts a balance between retro and modern is the short side sweep, giving that Audrey Hepburn vibe. This style gives everything with or without veils and embellishment. A back comb with pin-up curls delivers all the glitz and sass you’ll need for a glam wedding. Hold with a few bobby pins, wear a pink or red lipstick and blush, then make a grand entrance into your wedding.


Elegant Looks with Pin-up Long Hair

There is no limit to your pin-up wedding hairstyles if you have long tresses. An interesting wedding pin-up hairstyle for long hair begins at the victory rolls with the rockabilly vibe. This hairstyle is one for vintage wedding themes. If you want to channel the 1950s. Go with the chic micro bangs and a statement headpiece.

The old Hollywood waves are another attractive hairstyle as the soft romantic waves are super sexy. But we also love a girl that can rock retro high ponytails especially as they give off the polished, sophisticated finish. However, the retro pin-up with tucked-infringe, low bun with pinned gallops, and voluminous curls are for the playful flirty bride.

Aspen with bandanas, headpieces, clips, and barrettes on a mermaid, A-line, and tea-length silhouettes.


Half Pin Up Hair for Wedding

Wedding hairstyles half pin-up are versatile and suit every face or wedding theme. If you are wearing a cross-back dress, show it off by flipping the traditional half pin-up. Opt for the vertical variation and add some plait for an edgy look. If you have textured hair, accessorize this hairstyle with stunning sweeping barrettes. There is also the option of the top knot half pin-up with a fold halo headpiece.

This style is given when you wear a tulle ball gown with a plunging neckline. Going bohemian in your V-back dress? Fill your half-pin-up hair with romantic curls. Finish this look with nestled fresh blossoms. A Grecian-inspired half-up with a combination of braids curls and gilded hairpieces works for us any day. Infuse some bouncy volume to the curls and rock this style in your silk wedding dress.


Pin Up Hairstyles With Veil

Pin-up wedding hairstyles reach their peak of creativity with veils. Looking for ideas? Our pin-up wedding hairstyles with veil is all the inspiration you need. For instance, the Gatsby-inspired wedding hairstyle works with a side braid pinned backside and the veil secured with clutches. You can also wear a lace band wedding veil with your short waves, bouffant, and lace dress.

But if you are big on glam, tease your locks into an updo with mass and place your veil at the base, secured with bobby pins. You can also match the mantilla veil with your dangling earrings and pulled-back messy hair. An alternative veil style is the crown veil attached to the middle of the head. You can top this off with a tiara placed on the bouffant. However, birdcage veils are best for pinned-up curls, loose ponies, and tousled buns.

Romantic Look with Pin-Up Loose Hair

Away from the tightly slicked-back styles, we have many romantic wedding hairstyles pin-ups like loose flowy braids, side ponies, and perfect updos. Some inspiring styles include the messy bun and fishtail style so intricate it needs no further embellishments. We also love the sophisticated and very calm-looking loose hair, especially for bridesmaids.

The messy updo with a fanned Dutch braid gives an effortless and fun look if you want a bohemian look. But if you want to look elegant for a semi-formal event, leave your pinned-up hair loose and undone with wispy curls fanning your nape and face.


Slightly Messy Pin-up Hairstyles

Slightly messy pin-up wedding hairstyles are perfect for romantic, beach, garden, woodland, and bohemian-themed weddings among others. Some of our pin-up hairstyles for a wedding include the fun and sassy textured two side updos that scream elegance. You can also wear an effortlessly messy pin-up bun with curls and stud earrings.

But if you want to portray some culture, a braided-up messy bun does the trick for you and even the bridesmaids. Moreover, opting for a whimsical and tousled updo is the essence of romance and the soft face-framing wispy strands enforce your femininity. A low loose and structured bun would look effortless at a formal wedding, but if you want something crisp, opt for a polished yet unrefined super twisted bun.

Best Accessories to Pin-Up Your Wedding Hairstyle

Accessories give upgrades and put finishing touches to your pin-up style wedding hair. They make all the difference, whether you want to channel rustic, retro, modern, bohemian, or vintage. Make your look more interesting by scattering delicate pins throughout your hair. You can also consider placing a bedazzled crystal barrette around your bun.

This will give the perfect base for clipping your veil beneath. If you want a whimsical look, add some floral barrettes to your curly wedding hair whereas a show-stopping hair brooch will bring on the vintage vibe. A metal headband will give your overall appearance an ethereal and modern twist, but a pearl headband, tiara, or ribbon bestows the perfect classic twist.



Taking it back to the roaring 20s, elite 50s, or infusing a modern twist for your big day? Consider pin-up wedding hairstyles. They are gorgeous, easy to wear, and very stable throughout the day. If you want ideas, check out our curated list of pin-up hairstyles for wedding guests and brides. Get inspired and pill off the look of a lifetime.