25+ DIY Wedding Hairstyles Ideas [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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Your wedding day is at hand and you’ve vowed to be hands-on for the most part. Also, you don’t feel like exerting too much effort on your hair or hiring a professional, yet you want to slay down the aisle. It is possible to achieve this goal with our DIY wedding hairstyles. We have curated a ton of simple DIY hairstyles for weddings from braids to half-up, updos, and more for brides and guests.


You can also find gorgeous hairstyles suitable for your various hair length and texture, wedding themes, and tips for creating them. So if you are ready for the bombshell look, check out our extensive catalog.

Brides Often Ask

What do I need to make my own wedding hairstyle?

To make the perfect DIY wedding hairstyles for a bride, you need tools and inspiration. Some of the tools you need to pull off your look include Hair Curling Irons, dryers and brushes, Scissors, Hair clips, and Bobby Pins. You also need Combs, Rollers, Ribbon, Headbands, and Hair clippers. Don’t forget your styling mousse, oils, volume spray, and spray get. For inspiration, blogs like Wedding Forward, Pinterest, magazines, and social media like Instagram are your go-to.

What are some great DIY wedding hairstyle ideas?

Your Wedding hair can go off seamlessly without spending a dime on hair stylists. All you need is a proper guide and the right hair products to DIY your wedding hair. You don’t have to go overboard with complex styles because there are easy styles to make at home. The easy styles include a classy low bun, curly updo, two side twists and tucks, and a romantic French braid hairstyle. Other ideas include twisted French braids with floral details, a half-up hairstyle, simple knots, buns, and retro textured curls.


Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair may be a bit difficult to handle but we’ve got a solution. Pamper your hair at home by treating it to a clarifying shampoo and strengthening conditioner. Massage and hydrate your scalp to retain length and keep frizzing at bay, especially for brides with long hair.

If you want DIY wedding hairstyles for long hair that would last the whole day, opt for a simple minimalist knot twisted into a bun at the nape and secured with clips.

You can also wear a Parisian-inspired coif featuring a deep center part, waves, and pulled-back bangs. We adore the natural textured ponytail hairstyle, long loose curls, mermaid braids, and even the old Hollywood waves for s retro vibe.


Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Before you choose any of our gorgeous DIY wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair, you must first work on your hair. For brides that need a trim, do this a week before your wedding day. But if you want to get a substantial haircut (say from long to medium hair), go in three to four weeks before the wedding.

This will give your hair time to adjust to the new hair length. Don’t forget to get a good conditioning treatment a week before your wedding. Then opt for stunning hairstyles like the loose wave for a stylish and sophisticated yet casual look. You can also rock oversized curls to look glam, half-up bun, voluminous curls, or twisted half up for an edgy, fun look.

We love the combination of waves and braids either secure or cascading. The messy chignon is also a classic and timeless option for formal weddings.


Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Whether there is a dress code or wedding theme, you want to look your best as a guest. You should choose styles that are not only appropriate for the ceremony but make you a rock star at the reception. Now, if your hair is short and you don’t want to make a hair appointment, we have easy DIY hairstyles for wedding guests.

Some of our short hair DIY wedding hairstyles include an easy half-up hairstyle with twisted locks on both sides, bring these locks together at your crown and secure them with a bow that matches your dress. You can also go with the simple chignon dotted with pearls for a classy look. But if you’ve got the time, pull through with a braided updo or braided bob.

We also love the top knot, curly side braids, wrapped mid pony, short bouffant half-up, and finger waves. Pepper these styles with colorful pins, statement ribbons, blooms, and headbands.


Half Up Wedding Hairstyles

Like we always say, DIY half up half down wedding hairstyles are the best of both worlds in hairstyle. When you don’t know whether to let your hair down or up, DIY wedding hairstyles half up half down solve the puzzle. The best part is that you can create this style in minutes and it is suitable for all hair lengths. This style combines freedom and comfort.

If you want a playful look, opt for beach waves. Pull your waves up and back, fix in some hair-colored bobby pins, and disguise with a sparkly clip for a soft and ethereal look. We also love the asymmetric crown braids, and infinity bow half up.

You can also have the half up in tight curls and the lower half spiraling down. If you have fine hair, opt for a volumized crown adorned with fresh blooms or vines for that country look.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Braids are the most versatile natural DIY wedding hairstyles. They help you create breathtaking styles with texture, dimension, and adornments. Some of our favorite DIY braid hairstyles for weddings include the box braid, a protective hairstyle featuring three-strand plaits.

You can also opt for side-swept inverted cornrows or Dutch braids. If you want something more flirty and romantic, opt for French braids that are tight or loose in a half up half down style. We also love the fishtail braids, braided updo, braided top knot, and Bridgeton-inspired updo with a sparkly tiara or comb.

You can step out of the box by combining braids and twists, or braids and curls/waves with flower vine accents.


Easy Low Bun Hairstyles

DIY wedding low bun hairstyles are popular for various wedding types because they are chic and comfy. You can also make them as bold or demure as you please. There are many styles to choose from like the boho messy bun with twisted side braids and some locks down.

We also love a double braid halo bun and some wispy tendrils for a boho bride. You can also go with a messy textured low bun with a bump or bouffant for formal weddings. However, for the minimalist bride, a sleek twisted low bun with large pearl pins is perfect.

Wavy and super messy low buns or a sleek and tight low bun nails the effortless and modern look. Whereas an oversized low bun or loose braids top with rhinestones channels a timeless and refined vibe.

Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

When choosing DIY wedding hairstyles for thin hair, the first step is volumizing your locs. Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. But don’t apply the conditioner to your scalp. Use some hair plumping mousse for hydration and a moisture root lift spray. Blow-dry to activate, set hair with Velcro rollers to add extra lift, and finish with a texturizing or wave spray.

After these steps, you can wear any of our favorite DIY easy wedding hairstyles like the romantic waves, twisted wavy half-ups, and light puff with a side bun or a curly loose bun. You can also opt for messy textured or braided buns, jumbo braided updo, fishtail braids with curls, or the curly braided ponytail.

We also love the ideas of soft waves and front crowned braids, teased buns, or open hair with twists to fill in the gaps on your thin hair.


Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

There is no better way to rock classic and romantic hairstyles than DIY wedding hairstyles for curly hair. You would need styling mousse, oil, spray gels to hold, roller, curling irons, or rods. If you are having a bohemian wedding, pair bouncy tendrils with some scattered flowers plus a lace and chiffon dress.

You can also wear a gorgeous curly half updo with a twisted base. Simply get a texturizing mist and diffuser to create messy and natural waves from top to bottom. Finish with thick French braids and dotted buds. You can also do a large poufy pony adorned with a crystal hairpiece if you want to channel a flirty vibe.

Other curly styles include the Grecian goddess updo with crown, princess volumized updo, and braided curly updos with flowers.

Hairstyles Down For Wedding

If you want a fresh face appeal, DIY hairstyles down for weddings are just perfect. Brides who love the laid-back look can go with a deep side part and brushed-out curls. This gives off a softer and more lived-in vibe that is effortless.

You can also diffuse the shape of your locks with unfussy romantic waves that infuse chic and timelessness. Accessories with a floor-length floral embroidered cathedral wave for the classic look. Opt for cascading curls tamed in a dressed-up low ponytail and flowers. Leave out some face-framing tendrils cut to an ideal length so they don’t disrupt the entire look.

You can also wear defined and perfectly coiffed waves highlighted with balayage. Opt for a deep side part paired with a traditional bridal veil and your bodice of choice.



Why succumb to the pressure of hiring a hairstylist when you can get hands-on and rock any of our easy DIY wedding hairstyles? These DIY wedding hairstyles are perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and even guests. We have everything covered from curls to waves, low buns to braids, and more. You will also learn how to make these styles and get the appropriate tools from this post. So read through and get inspired by these breathtaking hairstyles.