7 Old Hollywood Wedding Hair Looks [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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An old Hollywood-inspired wedding is the hallmark of glitz, glam, and fabulous. The style is timeless, from decadent makeup to art deco accessories, and more, this wedding theme keeps giving. One major focal point is the old Hollywood wedding hair with polished, voluminous curls, sleek finger waves, or a classic rolled-up style.


Pair them with vintage and retro-inspired headpieces, clips, pins, crowns, and more, and you’re sure to take the spotlight. So if the flapper girls and screen starlets from the Hollywood Boulevard appeal to you, then you’d fancy an old Hollywood hair wedding. If you are needing ideas, see our round-up of iconic hairstyles for your old Hollywood-inspired wedding.

Brides Often Ask

What are some great old Hollywood hairstyles for a wedding?

Wear the roaring 20s style in big brushed-out barrel curls or a short and chic hairstyle with a vintage aesthetic. You can infuse volume with a half up half down look and finish up with some bangs for balance and structure. If you want to appeal, opt for swoon-worthy S-waves, smooth and shiny waves, or tight curls. We also adore the vintage low bun with a birdcage veil perched on it, Bardot-inspired bangs, or cascading waves that channel the Hollywood glitz and glam.

What are some old Hollywood-style accessories for a wedding?

Wear bejeweled barrettes, a statement hairpiece in curls that screams royalty. If you’re wearing loose, big waves, dazzling headbands are the way to go. Alternatively, wear the floral hair clips, diamond wedding tiara, hair combs, vines, and chains. You can also opt for ribbons, barely-there headbands, and lace hair ties. Fascinators, Juliet cap, and veils are also great options to consider.

How do secure Hollywood waves to stay last all day?

The best way to make your old Hollywood-style wedding hair last all day involves three hacks. First, use a heat protectant spray to keep your hair from damage, then incorporate dry shampoo for volume and texture. Lastly, let the hair cool and brush out your retro curls into S-shaped cascading waves and hold them in place with pins, sparkly barrettes, and clips.


Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood waves wedding hair is perfect on short, long, and medium-length hair. This hairstyle is all shades of sophistication and easy to create. Simply do a deep side part, flatten the hair and add your hair products. Then smooth with tongs or straightening iron. Use your big curling iron to roll the hair towards the face and hold the rolled curls with clips.

Curl the rest of your hair in one direction and finish with volume spray. Enter with a comb to tease your retro curls into waves, and volumize the front to your preferred height. For more elegance, pin the flat side of the hair down with a sparkly clip and get more information from this video.


Updos In Old Hollywood Style

Old Hollywood wedding hair updo is a timelessly elegant and classic chic that will last long for any wedding. Updos would work on long and medium hair lengths as well as shoulder-length short hair. You can choose a finger wave updo with dangling encrusted earrings or a top volume chignon with a sparkling headpiece.

You may also consider the Victorian tests, curled and twisted updos, top knots, or low updos. We also love the messy waves with locks down and a shiny hairpiece to boot. You can also dig the retro-inspired curled side updo that is refreshing yet traditional. Or wear a wavy hairdo adorned with beads, fresh flowers, and greenery.


Old Hollywood Ponytail

Some of the most iconic old Hollywood hair include refreshing ponytails from simple to elevated. Some of our favorite wedding old Hollywood hair ponytails include the loose ponytail with big curls using the barrel irons. You can accessorize this look with a head chain or encrusted headband. We are also in love with the clean soft sweet high ponytail.

Incorporate some braids in between for that sass and chic look at the glam wedding. Want drama? Create the magic heights with a high ponytail and braided crown. Incorporate baby bangs and embellish them with jeweled hairpins. If you want a simple but regal look, opt for a retro flip, low sleek ponytail with a deep center part and side bangs, or a heavy wavy ponytail. Finish this look with statement clips.


Half Up Bridal Ideas

Half up half down old Hollywood glam wedding hair is the gateway to enjoying the best of both worlds. Wear a bumped hairdo in French twists and half cascades, especially if you have medium hair. Complete this look with soft curls and starfish barrette if you want to make a statement at beach weddings. For a show-stopping style, choose the half-up side sweep with twists and curls.

Finish off this look with a floral crown or headpiece for a garden wedding. But if you want the ultimate princess look, opt for the half-up ombre curls and jeweled clips, or tease the half-up with romantic waves. Pair this look with a floral headband with ribbons and buds dotted in the curls for a bohemian affair. We also love the pinned back tousled waves while the lower half cascades and the addition of jewel clips.

Wedding Ideas For Short Hair

Old Hollywood wedding hair doesn’t care for length because there is something for everyone. So if you are not in the Rapunzel league, these old Hollywood short hair for wedding styles would work for you. Pin your hair to one side and adorn it with a sparkly barrette for a soft look. You can also opt for a twisted updo, especially if you have locs.

Keep the updo asymmetrical for a refreshing twist. There is also the option of layering your hair into curls and finishing with bangs. We love the voluminous curly top with flattened sides and the retro curls with a bedazzled headband. Short hair girls can also wear loose and messy chignons or buns, half-up, blunt bobs, or side-swept waves. Braids are also part of the deal from Dutch to French, fishtail, and Grecian.


Old Hollywood Wedding Hair With Veil

You could never miss it with curly twists rolled into a low bun of old Hollywood wedding hair with a veil. Express your inner flapper with a creamy mantilla wedding veil adorned with bold flowers. Simply pin the veil over the bun and you are good to go. The stunning chignon is a trendy hairstyle that works with gorgeous twists and beaded headbands and paired with a simple bridal veil made from tulle and 3D lace flowers, this veil goes on your crown and cascades behind.

If you want to go all old charm, rock the S-shaped waves and spin the retro with a bold lace fingertip veil. A birdcage veil comes to the rescue when your hair is in big bold curls, classic messy updos, or romantic waves. But if you have an inverted updo, braids, half up and ponytail, cathedral length veils, or a dramatic or uniquely beaded wedding veil pinned at the head base are perfect.

Hair Accessories For Old Hollywood Wedding

Old Hollywood glamor wedding hair is incomplete without the accessories that make them authentic. So take us back to the roaring 20s, and fashionable 40s and 50s, and we found some of the most astonishing hair accessories. We love the tiara with crystals, gold leaves, and opals that bestows the queenly vibe on brides. This is the best finishing touch a girl can get.

Hair combs are also favorite and versatile pieces that look amazing on veils, curls, and chignons. Other beauty enhancements include chain-like headpieces, sets of vintage hairpins, barrettes, and lace headbands suitable for all looks.



The old Hollywood wedding hair has returned with a bang and we love to see it. From bogus accessories to intricate hairdos and veils, there’s always a touch of appeal. So if you are a bridesmaid or bride who wants to embrace the posh world of glam, check out this post. We have all kinds of old Hollywood wedding hairstyles for long hair, short and medium hair. Get inspired by our catalog and look like a belle.