30+ Rustic Wedding Hairstyles Ideas [2024 Guide & Expert Tips]

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Rustic wedding hairstyles are all about bringing earth and nature to the bride’s hair. The space for creativity is endless, from framing curls to updos, loose braids, feminine accessories, and floral blooms. The different hair lengths are another factor to consider. However, the versatility of rustic hairstyles leaves no one behind. So if you are having a wedding at whimsical woodsy venues, lakeside spots, dancing under starlight, or at a farm, you need the perfect hairstyle. We have curated a list that appeals to you. Just check out this post and let the hairstyles inspire you.


Brides Often Ask

What hairstyle is best suited for a rustic bride?

The best hairstyles for a rustic bride should be natural, simple, and gentle. It should also be airy, light, and slightly messy or tousled. Use natural accents like flowers, foliage, and succulents to create a feminine, bridal look. However, you can also add statement-making pieces to perfect the look.

What accessories to choose for a rustic wedding hairstyle?

Think hair garlands, crowns and tiaras, hair vines, and combs. You can also make crowns out of foliage or fresh blooms. We also love the idea of waxed flower crowns that can become keepsakes long after the wedding. Headpieces made out of twigs, pearls, or chains are also beautiful.

What are some simple hairstyles for a rustic wedding?

Braids are the most favorite rustic wedding hairstyles. Think French, Dutch, milkmaid, and fishtail braids. There’s also the classic chignon, braided half-up, messy ponytails, and loose buns. Waterfall waves dotted by blooms, soft waves, simple waves, and voluminous curls are also favorites for rustic weddings


Rustic Wedding Hairstyles For Different Lengths

Hairstyles for rustic weddings are largely dependent on the hair length of the bride. What may work for medium hair could be challenging for short hair and vice versa. So, see ideas for different hair lengths.

For Long Hair

For brides blessed with full and lengthy locks, see these rustic wedding hairstyles for long hair ideas. Go with a loose chignon but pull out two pieces to frame the face, avoiding a stiff look. But if you prefer crisp, cut, and clean, a slicked-back updo with a center part is chic and elegant. For some southern charm, consider a low ponytail with a braided crown.

However, if you lean towards glam, do a braided half-up with a sparkly headband. Finding a balance between rustic and chic? Opt for a straight and sleek hairstyle with a center part or loose updos with colorful barrettes.


For Medium Hair

For medium-length hair rustic wedding hairstyles, keep hair away from the face while maintaining elegance with a half-up hairstyle. Hold in place with a pretty vine to attract attention to your cheekbones. If you want a classic look, opt for soft or romantic waves and sweep them into a low bun. Finish this look with a subtle floral accessory.

The rustic girl next door would love an intricately plaited hairdo with braids of varying thickness. But for the regal vibe, tousled waves and twists with delicate pearl accessories are everything. Medium-haired brides can also embrace the heavy face-framing fringe with top knots. Baby’s breath flower garlands would elevate this look.


For Short Hair

There are rustic wedding hairstyles for crops, bobs, pixies, and even shoulder hair lengths. Ideas for rustic wedding hairstyles for short hair include the sock bun. Wrap your short locks around a sock bun and secure it with pins. Let the free runners fly and accessorize with statement clips.

You can also do a French braid crown if you have good shoulder-length hair. For mini crops, a side-swept twist, Mohawk, or bangs mullet hairstyles are perfect. Accessorize with your veil and clips. Other hairstyle options include floral crowns on close shaves, two ways relaxed braided updos, classic halo braid updo, and ribboned plaits. You can also let your hair down for an unfussy yet tousled look.

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Rustic Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Adorn your updorustic wedding hairstyles with peonies to bring vibrance to the simple hairstyle. But if you want a clean, unique look, pair a scarlet floral headband with your ponytail and color coordinate with the bouquet. For a romantic tone, weave a bouquet of floral pieces into your updo. Consider tiny buds for more attractiveness.

For brides who love the undone and tousled look, bring some wisps to frame your face. Twist the style into an updo and wrap sprigs of greenery around it. For a cool-chic look, enhance your femininity by elevating your Frida Kahlo braids with fresh orchids.


Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Rustic wedding hairstyles half up half down are too numerous, from Dutch braids to top knots, loose wavy locks, and messy varieties. For destination, beach, or summer activities, consider an undone half up half down braid. We are in love with the lush volume of this hairstyle and the romantic wispy strands. An intricate chignon with half-up braids is all the whimsical vibe you need for a coastal affair.

You can also try out the fishtail plait for a captivating look. But for a modern twist to half up half down, opt for a loose knot or loose waves with an intricate headband above. If you have thick and lengthy hair, minimize accessories for your wavy half up, but accentuate with a pair of statement earrings.

Rustic Wedding Hairstyles Down

Rustic wedding hairstyles down choices are simple hairdos that have a sophisticated effect. Beach waves, soft curls, and straight hair down have become popular options for a wedding day. For an easy and relaxed hair down, embrace the natural texture of windswept waves or straight hair. These styles add a candid whimsical feeling to your photos.

You can also consider a simple twist to the back and pin it for a mermaid look. The option of a deep side part is also appealing for a rustic celebration. But if you want flirty and romantic, throw in soft loose waves that never fail. Accessories go a long way for hair-down hairstyles. Think combs, clips, barrettes, headbands, headpieces, and blooms, and your hairdo will shine.


Braided Hairstyles For Rustic Wedding

Simple rustic wedding hairstyles with braids are eternal choices that remain gorgeous. You can wear a floral fishtail pony with a few tendrils framing the face. Paste blooms to one side of the hair for some floral swag and complement this look with a lace dress. Combine soft waves and cascading braids to create a dramatic waterfall effect. This style is so beautiful that you need not accessorize. But we won’t turn down an opportunity to wear those pearl stud earrings.

However, if you want a trendy minimalist look; weave your hair into two-strand braids and roll them into a bun. Secure with pins and use little or no embellishments. This style is perfect for outdoor weddings where you can wear exaggerated sleeves or show off your back and neck. Getting married in the countryside, milkmaid braids with jeweled headpieces create a demure look.

Rustic Bridal Hair Bun Ideas

Rustic vintage wedding hairstyles like buns are becoming more modern. The best part is that they are versatile, moving from formal to striking looks in a heartbeat. Wear a classic low bun with metallic accessories like a gold prong. This statement piece would add some modern vibe to the style. If you want a relaxed look, wear a loose bun and pull out wisps of hair to frame the face.

In cases where you don’t want to wrap the bun, leave them in cascading curls, especially outdoors, and for a sleek understated look, the ballerina bun is the best option. This style focuses attention on the intricate details of your dress. Besides, you can coordinate your hair floral accessories with the wedding bouquet. There is also the option of a textured braided bun, elongated waves, or a casual sweepback with hair accessories.


Rustic Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

Rustic wedding hairstyles are breathtaking, but the addition of veils confers an angelic look. Some of the most beautiful rustic wedding hairstyles with veils include the loose chignon where you can add a pearl headband to the mix. Finish this look by pinning your veil to the base of your chignon for a classic romantic look.

You can also opt for a formal low chignon or bouffant with the birdcage veil for an iconic, no-fuss look. If you are wearing a half up half down style, attach the veil should sit on the underside of the style. You can include a sparkly hair comb, beaded hairpins, and fresh flowers for a wow factor.

Flowers for Rustic Wedding Hairstyles

Rustic wedding hairstyles with sunflowers, roses, foliage, succulents, and blooms are beautiful sights to see. Flowers would work for basically any rustic hairstyle because they mirror nature. Wear a curly hairdo and tuck in a few tiny blooms. Make them attractive bug fixing in varying bud sizes and colors to create a full hair bundle.

Foliage is another great addition to your hairstyle, especially waves. They create the perfect balance between flirty and traditional. For a short retro hairstyle, choose sunflowers to show cheer or red blossoms for a dramatic, sensual look. If you are wearing a messy bun, the addition of roses and ranunculus gives it a whimsical twist.



Rustic wedding hairstyles lend a hand in emphasizing the earth’s beauty. They feature fussy, undone hairstyles, stunning accessories, and natural accents. The hairdos are also perfect for everyone regardless of your style. So to help you slay, we have created a comprehensive catalog of rustic wedding bride hairstyles in different categories. Check them out and get inspired.