30+ Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers Looks & Expert Tips

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To emphasize the tenderness of the bridal look, pay attention to wedding hairstyles with flowers. Firstly, all year round there is such a big variety of different flowers. Therefore, you can create a masterpiece on your head even in winter. Secondly, flowers look great with different hairstyles variety.


For example, woven into the braided wedding hair or pinned on half up half down hairstyle. Accordingly, we have collected stunning hairstyle ideas for you. That is to say, we hope that you will find the most appropriate hairstyle for your big day party.

Brides Often Ask

How do I wear fresh flowers in my wedding hairstyle?

You can wear fresh flowers in your wedding hairstyle as you deem fit. Pin them in, wear them as crowns, Weave them into braids, and anything else you can imagine. For wedding flower hairstyles, give off petal panache with a crown of dainty flowers on your down dos. If you’re wearing an updo, go for big bold flowers or go green for an ethereal look. Braids are another style that you can incorporate flowers, as well as cascading curls. If you want to rock something tousled or messy, a fix on a lone flower-like orchid.

Which wedding style is best for flowers in hair?

Every wedding would light up with a few flowers in your hair. However, the best themes to wear hairstyles for weddings with flowers are bohemian and rustic. You can also rock them to beach weddings, garden weddings, or an affair in the woodland. All these venues are nature-inspired, which forms the basis of their appeal. Hence, flowers are welcome.

Which flower is used for bridal hair?

The most popular flower used for bridal hair is roses. They are timeless, elegant, and give a princess look. The fragrance is also everything and they come in varieties of colors that we just can’t ignore. Another flower is a baby’s breath that stands alone or accents other flowers. We also love pansies, hydrangeas, jasmine, chrysanthemums, orchids, dahlias, carnations, daisies, purple flowers, or a mix of floral and greenery.


Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers For Long Hair

Strike a balance between formal and traditional looks by whipping your long locks in an updo. Adorn this hairstyle with greenery and foliage, a swift twist from blooms. Another option is to let your textured hair down and fit with a flower crown.

You can also rock the low bun chignon with a half-crown of daisies. But if you’re feeling like an angel, the fairy long wedding hairstyles with flowers in the hair are perfect. Do cascading waves or beach waves sprinkle tiny floral buds in the hair.


Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers Medium Length Hair

The best outdoor wedding hairstyles for shoulder-length hair with flowers are here. You can create a stunning contrast between sleek and messy when you make an updo with loose braids. Feed your flowers into the braids or wear them around the updo.

If you’re thinking of something sumptuous, twist your hair in sections and roll them into a chignon. Top off the look with fresh flowers and you’re ready. But for a boho-chic hairstyle, the appeal is in the details. Feed strands of pearls into your flower crown and wear them on your chosen hairstyle.


Wedding Hair Flowers For Short Hairstyles

Short hair wedding hairstyles with flowers are a hit because they attract more attention to your face. These hairstyles also express your best Features over longer ones. Short Hairstyles have various ways of expression, from modern to rock or vintage twists.

They could also make you look chic, romantic, fun, whimsical, or Glamorous. Glamorous you style in layers, crops, fringes, and bangs. Floral addition to these styles includes wreaths, crowns, floral headbands, and large clipped blooms, among others.

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Wedding Hairstyles With Real Flowers

Floral Wedding hairstyles are suitable for indoors, but mostlyfor outdoor weddings. You can wear them all year round, especially seasonal flowers. Wear a striking solo bloom on your chignon to confer the perfect summer wedding hairstyles with flowers.

You can also wear an elegant braid woven through with baby’s breath or tiny rosebuds for a flirty look. A whimsical rose crown messy updo is the dream of boho brides. But this can also pass as one of the most beautiful beach wedding hairstyles with flowers.

Wedding Hairstyles Flower Crown

Flower crowns are whimsical, bohemian, romantic, angelic, and arguably the ultimate wedding hairstyle accessory. So you can go ahead and rock cute wedding hairstyles with flower crowns. There are many style options from full-bodied statement crowns to bang-friendly hairstyles for wedding flowers. Choose a vast color palette of greenery and lush blooms for your floral crown.

Merge the crown with waterfall curls or a classic bun. Incorporate floral accents on a gilded tiara for a Wonderland princess look. Or give the beach wedding vibe by wearing a flower crown of lilac, daisies, berries, petals, and dusty rose. No vibe is more tropical than the burst of colors. If you’re leaning towards a playful summer and fall vibe, wear a sunflower and daisy wreath. However, succulents, budding roses, and ivory blossoms would nail the winter look.


Wedding updo hairstyles with flowers are favorites because they’re classic, timeless, and unique. And when you add some pink flowers, the overall aesthetic hits different. Braid your hair upwards from your nape, roll it into a top knot, and adorn it with sprigs of baby’s breath. You can also leave the top in a mass of curls, as either of these looks are bohemian perfect!

But for a Glamorous look, take updos to the next level with oversized colorful flowers and glittery accents. If you want something simple, pull your natural hair into a low bun and adorn it with a eucalyptus headpiece. Better still, sweeten up an edgy braided updo with pinned cascading ranunculus.

Braided Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

No matter the wedding hairstyle, an addition of braids spices up the overall look. You can have all of your hair in fishtail, milkmaid, French braids, and the likes. They could also form accouterments to the main style. Whatever the case, see some wedding braid hairstyles with flowersfor rustic, bohemian, destination, and tropical weddings.

Nothing screams fairy tale more than the half up half down wedding hairstyles with tucked flowers. But if you’re looking for something showstopping, try the Rapunzel-inspired topsy-turvy braided floral style. An epitome of a romance-themed wedding is the waterfall floral braids. It gives the illusion of a flower crown wrapped around a braided bun. However, the floral updo or braided low ponytails always delivers, especially for low-back dresses.


Wedding Bun Hairstyles With Flowers

Buns are versatile wedding flower hairstyles that can transition from formal to playful to romantic in a heartbeat. They could be high, low, messy, sleek, side-swept, or even curled. You can never go wrong with them. So choose your best styles from our gallery. Make brightly-colored jasmine flowers into a wreath and pinned them around your braided bun.

This hairstyle is perfect for traditional, woodland, and coastal weddings. If you want to keep a neat look while channeling class; wear pink roses and a baby’s breath crown on a sleek bun. If your dress is any color other than white, pin contrasting white roses to the side of your bun. You can also add a clip full of pink roses to messy buns.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles With Flowers

Wedding hairstyles half up with flowers are the ultimate hairdos because they create space for firm floral holders. The style involves a horizontal division of your hair into top and bottom to create magic. Some of our favorite hairstyles are half-up braids with tucked flowers along the split line to create a boho look.

You can also rock this style even if you have short locks. Twist and let the half up fall accompanied by cascading flowers for the beach and rustic vibe. But if you want a modern look, pin orchid flowers in the braided upper part. Besides, you can also pin an edgy dark flower comb or Weave in ivory-colored wildflowers for a classic feel.


Wedding Styles With Flowers In Hair Down

Who says flowers aren’t suitable for hair-down hairstyles? Hair down floral hairstyles are stunning as they range from simple to dramatic, playful, and romantic. See some of our favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair down with flowers. If you have thick natural textured hair, let it pour down with or without curls. Sit a delicate flower crown on top for a beach or bohemian look.

However, a garden or industrial chic-themed wedding would lean towards side-swept hair with small blooms. We’ll also see romantic curls with colorful flowers or floral headbands on short hair. The more versatile styles for a laid-back approach include half-up hair with a greenery crown and floral-infused ponytails. To make a statement, go for sweet floral colors like burgundy, white, and blush.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

The thought that less is more remains true. So if you want to maintain class without trying too hard, choose simple wedding hairstyles with flowers in your hair. For instance, a simple low bun with carnations or baby breath tucked in would create apicture-perfect look. This approach would suit a laid-back bride and beach weddings.

If you’re having a summer or spring wedding in a strapless dress, wear the big barrel curls with side twists. Complement this style with an assorted floral wreath. Another appealing style is the classic top knot with a Grecian-inspired floral crown. You can’t go wrong with buns, whether they’re slicked back or messy.


We can’t get over wedding hairstyles with flowers because there’s something so carefree and wild about them. You can’t go wrong with a bun, loose braids, half-up or ponytails, and some blooms! However, floral crowns have special places in our hearts, even though there are assorted ways to wear flowers. We want you to stand out on your big day, so check out these styles and get inspired.