Pixie Wedding Hairstyles Ideas [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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The everyday active woman loves to keep the hairs out of her face, and some even cut it low to a pixie. But once their wedding is at hand, they panic because of their hair. They’re worried about elegant ways to style a pixie cut and contemplating getting extensions. Are you this bride? Then don’t fret because we have the most beautiful pixie wedding hairstyles curated for you. From chic wedding hairstyles for short hair pixie cuts to outfits and accessories, this is an encompassing guide. So if you are ready to style your locks, get inspired.


Brides Often Ask

Who can suit a pixie haircut?

If you can pack your hair in a ponytail and look good, then a pixie cut would suit you. Also, those with oval, round, and heart-shaped faces can pull off a pixie cut hairstyle. Simply tailor the pixie to suit your face shape and length so that you’re comfortable. This style is perfect for guests and even brides.

What wedding outfit is better to choose for a pixie haircut?

Sassy pixie-cut wedding hairstyles already impress the tomboy feel. So you should add feminine touches to your ensemble to pull off this look for weddings. A reasonable way to start is by working with Lace, embellished tops, pastels, bright colors, florals, fitted skirts, and ruffles. And if you are wearing a wedding gown, Sweetheart, strapless, and off-the-shoulder styles are perfect. These outfits make your short hair, neck, and face the focal points.


Wedding Hairstyles For Long Pixie Hair

If your hair is lengthy, the following wedding hairstyles for long pixies would give you a regal and confident appearance. Wear the half up half down hairdo if you want to express a rustic and natural concept. Infuse this look with braids, blooms, or statement pins. You can also wear a sleek pixie in chrome colors, add some braids at the crown like a headband and do a comb-over to shadow it.

For a touch of glam vintage and drama, consider somber finger waves topped off with a bedazzled coif. You can also embrace the tousled pixie, chic wavy effortless updos accessorized with crystals, or a voluminous wavy hair slicked to the back. These looks would embrace sprigs of flowers, fancy barrettes, and sparkly hairpieces.


Hairstyles For Short Pixie Shaved Hair

The best wedding hairstyles for short pixie shaved hair don’t get better than a cropped sides swept pixie. This style is refreshing for birdcage veils and tulle wedding dresses. If you have textured hair, leave the shaved pixie in free form and pin a single large peony to the back. You can also crop cut into bangs that frame your face and deep side part accessorized with floral headpieces.

However, brides with thick hair can pull off the feathered and layered pixie finished with an elegant headpiece. If you’d be rocking a jumpsuit on your big day, shave one side of the head to create a semi-Mohawk and pixie combination. We assure you that this style is both dramatic and stunning. If you are going with waves, pair this look with an aquamarine pair of earrings and a wisteria headdress for a luxe and glam look.


Curly Wedding Style For Pixie Cut

Curly-haired girls can wear stunning pixie wedding hairstyles as they wish. Our favorite curly pixie cut wedding hairstyles for very short hair include the tousled hair curls, an elegant updo with volume at the crown, and soft curls with a jeweled headband. You can also try out a highlighted romantic wave using the Balayage technique for a sun-kissed look. Finish this get-up with a floral headband.

For the bohemian bride, loose chin-length waves topped off with frontal braids are a gorgeous idea. Accentuate this look with a solo bloom of dazzling floral clips. However, if your pixie is cropped, add some waterfall natural waves along with a deep side part to complement your shoulders and neck. You can also choose beach curls and finish off with a sparkly barrette for an outdoor theme.


Accessories Ideas For Formal Hairstyle

Pixie cut hairstyles look gorgeous with accessories from simple combs and pins to statement headdresses with the right hacks. If you have fine pixie short hair, opt for statement metal combs held in place by Kirby grips or bobby pins. These bobby pins can push through the looped teeth of large combs or sit on top of smaller combs. If you want a classic, glam, and romantic bridal look, wear a sparkling comb and veil during the ceremony and flaunt just the comb at the reception.

But for the bohemian brides, delicate hair vines will give you a romantic and ethereal look. Circlets and foliage-themed hair vines are perfect for rustic and botanical brides’ weddings outdoors. Stick with the gold, pearl, rose gold, or antique crystal versions. You can also embrace floral crowns or fresh and gorgeous natural blooms to compliment your shortcuts.

Pixie With Wedding Veil

Pixie cuts channel a confident, modern, and fresh woman. But do you worry about how to attach a veil, especially if it is very short? Some of our pixie cut wedding hairstyles with veils include the wavy pixie with a cathedral-length veil. Simply attach two alligator barrette clips to each side of the veiled and hold the hair in place.

If you are working with a mid-length or birdcage veil, then silver metal combs work perfectly. First,criss-cross two bobby pins into your hair and insert the metal combs after teasing your hair with some spray.

You can also secure your veil with a headband where a seamstress stitches the veil to its bottom. Accessorize with glittering rhinestones if the headband is of lace material. But if you want to express the roaring 20s, wear a Juliet cap attached at both sides of the head with combs.

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Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

No matter what hairstyles are on parade, black girl magic is a thing and her slay game is eternal. With the beautiful texture of kinky hair, sporting a pixie haircut is beyond beautiful. And if you’re getting married, there are many ways you can wear the style for your big day. Some of our favorite short pixie wedding hairstyles for black women include the highlighted style. Get your hair in spikes and muss it up with some wax. Dangling earrings, nude makeup, and thin-strapped dresses give you an overall chic girl look.

Other options include the volumized pixie with a side part, an elephant close-cropped pixie for the bold, embellished pixie with strapped on pearls, or a full-on pixie for a timeless look. You can also opt for a slicked-down wave pixie to channel the 1920s. Or a tapered, asymmetrical, high-low, flipped, tousled, playful, shaggy, or banged-up pixie style for your big day.


Why panic because you’ve got a pixie haircut and you don’t know how to wear it for your wedding? Don’t fret because we have the most amazing pixie wedding hairstyles to inspire you. Check out our wedding hairstyles for pixie cuts, how to accessorize, and the best dresses to match them.