Top 5 DO NOTs A Week Before Your Wedding

The-list-of-DO NOTs-A-Week Before-Your Wedding
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It’s just a couple of days before your big day and your to-do list has grown to gargantuan proportions. You’ve got a lot to get done, but there are some things you should avoid before your wedding, at all costs. This is not the time to start changing your appearance or experimenting with new looks. Here are some wedding planning tips to help keep you on track before your big day.


1. New Hairstyles

Even if you’ve got the very best hairstylist in the free world, do not color your hair just before your big day.  Unless you currently dye your hair, a few days before your wedding is not the time to try out that shade you’ve had your eye on. The same goes for drastic haircuts, too. Even if you’ve already got fairly short hair, cutting it in a new style is something you should avoid before your wedding. No matter what your mother says about how much better you’ll look with a new ‘do for your big day, don’t give in. Your hair is a big part of how you look and you’ll never forgive yourself if you mess it up just before the wedding.


2. Too Many Cosmopolitans

Drinking can be a huge source of unwanted calories, plus it can wreak havoc on your skin. Alcohol is one of those things you should definitely avoid before your wedding, especially if you don’t drink often anyway. Too much alcohol can cause you to bloat and feel horrible, and you might suffer from embarrassing digestion and gas problems on your wedding day. You really don’t want to be known as the tooting bride, do you?

3. New Exercises

Stick to your regular exercise routine and don’t change it up just before your wedding day. Not only could you possibly injure yourself, you really don’t want a bunch of soreness and stiff muscles interfering with your wedding night!


4. Spray Tans

If you’ve been going to the tanning bed to try to look a little less pale on your wedding day, don’t get frustrated and impatient and end up with a spray tan. Spray tans can be very good for certain situations, but they’re probably something you should avoid before your wedding day. You never know when things could go terribly wrong and you end up orange and streaky instead of smooth and glowing.

5. Excessive Dieting

You need food to keep going, especially since you’re running around and being so stressed out just a few days before your wedding. Don’t starve yourself to lose a pound or two before your big day; it could result in some very bad things happening as you’re walking down the aisle or dancing at your reception. Eat as you normally would, while avoiding foods that cause you to bloat or make you gassy. It’s also important to make sure you drink plenty of water and stay well-hydrated.