Fall Wedding Hairstyles For Brides And Guests [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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Attires are the star of a wedding, but what puts an alluring touch on the overall look is the bride’s hairstyle. If you are getting married in the autumn, there are several stunning fall wedding hairstyles that you can wear. It doesn’t matter if you are the bride, guest, mother of the bride, groom, or flower girl, we’ve got you covered. So if you are looking for timeless ideas, check our collection below.


Brides Often Ask

What are the best hair accessories for an autumn wedding?

Think pearl, crystal, and silver hair vines for hairstyles like updos, twists, and braids. They are very versatile and adaptable to the entire bridal accessory. You may also consider chignon wraps, something blue, or floral-inspired hairpins. We also love the encrusted wedding hair bands and faux flower crown an effortless bohemian affair. If you want to channel a dramatic yet romantic look, opt for wedding hair barrettes, chic pins, tiaras, encrusted combs, and exotic floral embellishment.

What are the most popular hairstyles for fall weddings?

Fall wedding hairstyles are either cool, romantic; or give off the rocker chic vibe heralding the season. Celebrate your wedding in the fall with soft retro waves and classic tousled styles like half-up, braids, and classic curls. Alternatively, you can wear side-swept style, partially perfect finger waves, Mermaid length ponytails, and organic textures like low full-sized side buns. You can also volumize and slick it back, wear chignons, romantic curls or infuse some sparkles. Accessories also go a long way to add some style to the hair.

What should be the hairstyle for a fall wedding?

Hairstyles for fall wedding guests and brides would border on romantic, loose, and soft. Styles like low-textured buns and braids are timeless and popular. Updos will also never go out of style. Tuck in some fresh blooms or accessorize with vines, barrettes, clips, headbands, or headpieces for some refinement and statement-making look.


Fall Wedding Hairstyles For Different Hair Lengths

Fall wedding hairstyles would work for any hair length as long as you get the texture right. Here are some of the best styles suitable for different hair lengths at fall weddings.

Long Hair Fall Wedding Hairstyles

Fall wedding hairstyles for long hair include tiny braids fed into hair down beach waves for an effortless look. This style suits every face frame and dress.

If you would wear a strapless neckline on a beaded veil, choose a taut bun that has a strong support base. But if you are going backless, a bubble pony with straight ends and metallic silver hair ties would give the modern and polished vibe.

If you want a chic and contemporary look, pair a bridal crop top and pant set with side-swept curls for an easygoing look. Whereas a twisted classic chignon works perfectly with embellished lace dresses.

Feeling a little dramatic? Go with loose fishtail braids with messy curls, statement headpiece, and dramatic dangling earrings.


Fall Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Fall wedding hairstyles for medium hair don’t get better than a deep side part that channels old-school glamor. Wear this hairstyle with a minimalist gown for a classic look.

Feeling like a model? Opt for a quirky and stylish look with a wavy ponytail topped off with a bow. You would also love a windswept activity in front and a serious one behind. This leaves the guests to focus on your dress.

If you have curls, let them do their things as they cascade. Just add a few pearl hairpins to keep them out of your eyes. You would never go wrong with braids as they are fun and playful. Lastly, a top knot is one of the most beautiful understated hairstyles for medium-length hair.


Fall Wedding Short Hairstyles

For fall wedding short hairstyles, you can leave them undone or opt for a clean-cut look.  Consider a low-maintenance but ultra-romantic look by braiding the front parts of your hair and pinning them back. But if you prioritize comfort, go for a big hair day by letting your hair stay natural and unfettered.

Soft loose waves with full bangs and volume at the end is a down-to-earth look perfect for a rustic fall wedding. You can also roll up your shoulder-length hair into a loose bun or mini chignon. For pixie and bob girls, feed in some braids and curl the tips to earn a sophisticated look.

Some of the most popular fall wedding hairstyles include ponytails, messy updos, buns, and more. See ideas to choose from.


Messy Bridal Updos

Fall hairstyles at weddings are trendy, especially the messy variety. That is because they look chic and fit almost any bridal theme. Plus even when the wind blows, no one would know if it is messy or not.

You can wear toy messy updos in waves, curls, braids, twists, or a combination of all. You can also move them to the side or bring them as low as your nape, and that is okay. However, your accessories, dress, and hair length could determine the extent of your messy updo.

Add floral crowns, fresh and trendy flowers, or hairpieces, especially autumnal blooms that match your bouquet.

Sleek Wedding Updos

Fall hairstyle’s wedding sleek updos are a more polished variation of the messy updo. If you want a more formal, elegant, and poised look, consider this style. Go for a low bun that is either braided or twisted because it is trendy, popular, and timeless.

If you want a chic look, opt for curly updos or a braided low bun with a rhinestone clip to give it presence. For a non-traditional and bohemian look, choose a braided low updo with foliage and fall flowers.

However, for that effortlessly relaxed vibe, wear a curly bridal updo with a rhinestone and gold hair vine as a trendy accessory.


Half Updos For Fall

Half up fall wedding hairstyles are chic and romantic. Create a flirty vibe with a braided half updo with waves and a caramel balayage look. Or you can wear a braided wavy half updo with a bold floral hairpiece to embrace the season.

If you want a beach glam, consider a half up half down hairstyle with waves and messy touches, or choose a twisted and wavy half updo with a large messy braid. However, brides that want to tango with the season can wear a twisted half updo with waves and a fall flower headpiece. These hairstyles will showcase your stunning facial features and neckline.

Elegant Ponytails

Elegant ponytails are perfect fall hairstyles for wedding guests and brides. Express your romantic side by wearing a braided pony. This creates a balance between a low ponytail and textured plaits. Match this hairstyle with a ball gown or silhouette for a ravishing look.

Slick back your hair and leave the ponytail voluminous to create a playful contrast. You can also embrace loose locks tied back in a ponytail. Ponytails are simple styles and all it takes is an accessory to spice it up like a metallic band, if you feel like going bohemian, opt for an eclectic French braided ponytail.


Fall Wedding Braids

Fall wedding hairstyles with braids are so versatile the options are endless. Some of our favorite fall country wedding hairstyles include the updo with a braided center and sleek side. You may also consider the braided top knot for a retro-glam vibe.

If you loved Bridgeton, this inspired updo of a low bun braided ponytail is inspiring. Top it off with a comb or tiara for a regal look. However, brides that want to stay natural can wear cornrows and finish up with a fun headband.

Box braids will always be a winner as you can style them anyway and still look fabulous. Other braided hairstyles include French, Dutch, and Grecian crown braids.

Textured Hairstyles And Curls

Fall wedding hairstyles for black women are all about texture, dimension, and curls. If you don’t have so many curls, go for a classic chignon with a deep center part. This will make you all glamorous and formal. The stunning combination of half cornrows and curls could never go wrong.

The style is also versatile, perfect for bridesmaids, and could rock post-wedding. Simply sit a bedazzled headband on your crown to pull off this look. For more flexibility, consider an afro puff where you move your puff to the side and accessorize with a silk floral clip at the base.

Add some texture to the classic chignon by infusing finger waves for some vintage glamor. Or you can combine an elaborate pompadour and double chignon if you want to turn heads and make a statement.


Fall Wedding Guest Hairstyles

You don’t know what to do with your bridesmaids, flower girls, or mothers’ hair? See some of the most spectacular fall wedding guest hairstyles ideas.

Bridesmaids’ Hairstyles For Fall Wedding

Autumn wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids include the cute loose barrel curls adaptable for different hair textures. They can also display an elegant look with a sleek chignon, sweeping bangs, and no embellishments.

If they lean towards the beachy or tropical vibes, undone braids or messy updos are just the things. However, they can still be classic and cool by wearing a French twist updo paired with body-skimming column dresses.

Want a truly stunning look? Opt for half down waves, deep center parts, and voluminous hair crowns. Combine this with creamy cold-shoulder dresses. You can also consider bombshell curls with backless dresses as you grace a forest-themed or coastal wedding.

Mother Of The Bride Or Groom Hairstyles For Fall

The mother of bride and groom wedding hairstyles for fall doesn’t get better than an elegant long bob with a deep side part. This is a stunning hairstyle for her, especially if she is over fifty years old.

If you want to give mama the classic look, go all out for an intricate chignon while adding some height at the nape. This softens and gives the face a youthful look. Add some sparkling clips to express elegance and style.

For the woman who stays fashion-forward, a large low bun accessorized with a statement clip would work. However, if she has thin or fine straight hair, put it in a French twist. The soft, swooping patterns will channel sophistication and youthfulness.

Fall Wedding Hairstyles For Little Girls

Whether you have them as flower girls, little brides, or just guests attending the wedding, the little girls deserve a touch-up. Little girls’ hairstyles for fall weddings could be an intricate fishtail braid. This is a popular hairstyle that is both magnificent and functions to tame the hair.

Add some bobby pins and nice flowers to perfect the look. Another breathtaking hairstyle is the braided updo with two braids pinned at the center.

Girls can also wear a classic little sock bun for a fuller appearance. Accessorize with a flower crown or ribbon. But if you want something extremely easy, opt for a flip ponytail hairstyle.


The beauty of weddings in the autumn is unmatched, from wedding seasonal blooms to venues, menus, and even fall wedding hairstyles. So if you are looking for easy wedding hairstyles for fall weddings, we’ve got you covered. Check out our catalog of hairstyles from brides to bridesmaids, mothers of the couple, and even children, you will find some inspiration.