30+ Flower Girl Hairstyles For Wedding [Guide 2023]

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We all know that the bride is the most gorgeous woman in the room on her wedding day. But, there’s a close second… the flower girl. Obviously, she’s no threat. In fact, the two make an excellent duo. To help her look her best on the big day, you’re going to want to review a few flower girl hairstyles to make sure she matches the bride and wedding theme.

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What are some easy hairstyles to do for a little flower girl?

What accessorize can a flower girl wear in her hair?

Who pays for the flower girl hairstyle?

Flower Girl Hairstyle (Tutorial)


Comfortable Textured Updos

This option should be reserved for older flower girls. It takes a long time to accomplish and requires complete concentration to keep looking tight.

The hours spent in the styling chair is well worth it, but you’ll have to spend an almost equal amount of time choosing the style you want. There are many. The end result is a work of art that may just give the bride a run for her money.

However, you should warn the flower girl’s parents to prevent potential shock. She’s going to look all grown up.


Long Braids Hairstyles

Flower girls with long hair are probably already familiar with braided styles. But, your wedding day calls for something a little more sophisticated.

These wedding hairstyles for long hair pair standard pigtails with a big dose of maturity. Fishtail braids for flower girls are the perfect choice for classic and traditional weddings. You can also throw in a few floral weaves for a classy boho look.

This option requires the flower girl to still fairly still for a long period of time and can easily become undone with a little tugging and fussing. It’s best to reserve this option for flower girls 8 or older.


High Ballet Bun

Ballerina buns are wedding updos that are perfect for a variety of scenarios. They work well as wedding hairstyles for long hair or medium hair. They’re simple enough to use with younger flower girls yet sophisticated enough to make young ladies feel special. You can style them tight or slightly loose, and high or low on the hairline, making it pair well with almost the entire range of wedding themes.

As a bonus, this wedding hairstyle is the OG flower girl look. It originated in the upper-class Victorian period when flower girls began wearing white and touting the basket full of flowers. The bun itself is a circle that’s meant to resemble a circle – the era’s symbol for love.


Elegant Updos

This is another great option for medium to long hair.

Elegant updos are the ultimate formal look for classic weddings. Add any accessory to the neatly braided and bunned look to bring the flower girl to full princess status. Or, use the loose approach to pull off the quintessential bohemian style.

Either way, these are particularly appealing wedding hairstyles for black women and pairs really well with floral tiaras.

Half Up Half Down

Half-up wedding hairstyles are ideal for older flower girls who adore the idea of being pampered just like an adult.

The beauty of this choice is that it ties back the hair away from the flower girl’s face which is sometimes hard to achieve with kids. It also allows the locks to flow which is generally what younger girls prefer.

This is a sophisticated look and best used for traditional wedding themes, but it can also be dressed down to suit boho and barn weddings or even period themes – Gatsby – with the right accessories such as floral pins or rhinestone combs.


Trendy Ponytail Ideas

A lot of brides love going all out to achieve the perfect flower girl hairstyle, and ponytails could just be that chance.

Consider transforming that every-day ponytail into a work of art.

When dealing with wedding hairstyles for flower girls with extra long hair, it can be a bit difficult to land on an option that works with your theme and choice of gown style, but not with a trendy ponytail. Choose the combination of intricate design and natural flow that matches your wedding goals.

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Flower Girl Hairstyles: Loose Curls

A lot of brides love going all out to achieve the perfect flower girl hairstyle, and ponytails could just be that chance.

Consider transforming that every-day ponytail into a work of art.


Braided Crown

Braided crowns are a newer invention, and they’re gorgeous! A simple braid is wrapped around the flower girl’s head to push the rest of the hair back and create a lovely frame for the face. Or the crown is braided further back, resulting in a hairstyle that looks like an angel’s halo.

As mentioned above, hair flowers are essential. Braided crowns provide the perfect canvas for strategically placed petals or delicate tiaras. The hairstyle stands on its own, so there’s no need to go overboard with accessories.

Just like some of the other options, the braided crown pairs well with a wide variety of wedding themes.

Flower Girl Hairstyles: Hair Flowers

Hair flowers are pretty much essential for flower girls. But, you can’t just choose any old flowers. They have to be youthful, match her gown, match the bridal party’s gowns, match the theme, the flowers in her basket and match your other florals.

The best approach is to consider the flower girl’s headpiece along with the rest of your decor and ensembles as opposed to an afterthought.  Too often flower girls are dressed and styled independently of everything else and wind up feeling a little out of place.

While planning your wedding theme and color schemes, make sure to double-check that complimentary flower girl hairpieces available before you make final decisions.


Simple Rustic Hairstyles

Rustic hairstyles fall somewhere between traditionally formal and free-spirited bohemian, and these examples nail it!

You can choose any flower you like to add to the appeal, but clearly the baby’s breath is the winning choice.

Barn weddings are soaring in popularity, and chances are you’re searching for a way to make it your own. Pair your country-chic wedding theme with this flower girl hairstyle for a classy rustic affair.

Flower Girls Hair Accessories

The flower crown is one of those wedding hairstyles for short hair and long hair alike, and suitable for all ages, but is usually more adorable on younger flower girls… This can be worn over a bun, braids, flowing locks, or any other style you can imagine.

It’s also easy to match with any wedding theme due to the ability to choose whatever flower combination you want. This crown can match her bouquet, the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaids’ gowns, or the reception florals to tie everything together.

Although this hairstyle fits many themes, it’s ideal for outdoor weddings between late spring and early fall.

There are many flower girl hairstyles to choose from. To make the decision easier, work the choice into your wedding planning schedule so that her hair matches the rest of your bridal design choices.