51 Easy Wedding Hairstyles 2024 Tutorials & FAQs

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You have been dreaming of your wedding since you were a young girl. You probably tried on your mother’s wedding veil, imagined your wedding dress, and even pictured how you would wear your hair. There are dozens of easy wedding hairstyles that you can do on your own. From braids to updos to curly hairstyles, we have something for everyone!


Brides Often Ask

What are the easiest hairstyles for the bride?

A minimalist look is everything if you want to have a clean and crisp appearance. It starts from the hair with simple hairstyles like the elevated braided ponytail, low buns, and big barrel curls with a side part. You can also wear a bone straight sleek bob, classic updos, a sleek ponytail, or an intricate twisted updo. We also love the ideas of messy buns, defined waves in half up half down styles, sleek down bobs, natural curls, loose low ponytails, and a half up with loose curls.

What unique accessories are needed to create a simple wedding hairstyle?

If you have a natural hairdo, dot it with delicate pearl hair pins throughout. You can also frame Cresent barrettes around your bun or wear flora-inspired hairpins. We love sentimental hair pieces like brooches, and metal or pearl headbands. Ribbons are cute and romantic while hair chains introduce rich traditional vibes. Other ideas include floral headbands, crystal hair pins, clips, combs, and tiaras for modern, and sophisticated weddings. You can also opt for organic Looks with greenery and gilded halos or coordinate accessories with the entire jewelry set.

How can I style my own wedding hair by myself?

Not that creative? No worries, there are easy wedding hairstyles for every bride! All you need to do is know which look you want and find a quick tutorial. If you have ever straightened, curled or braided your hair, we are certain you will be able to pull off one of these simple bridal hairstyles!
We have compiled a gallery of some easy wedding hairstyles to inspire you! Take a look and find the one that works for you!

Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Similar to medium-length hair, there are endless options for easy wedding hairstyles for long hair. If you wish to wear it down you can opt for loose curls, braided hairstyles, ponytails, half up half down hairdos. Those who want an updo can choose from chignons, buns, and even trendy faux hawks!

All you need is the right tools…. a curling or flat iron, mousse or gel, and of course a good setting spray! And depending on the look, you may want to dress it up with hair accessories. Bows, ribbons, hair clips, barrettes, hairpins, and even a veil or tiara!

DIY Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Need ideas for diy wedding hairstyles for medium hair? Crown braids, half up-half down styles, waterfall braids with cascading curls….the possibilities are endless! All you need is styling tools and a good setting spray, and you’re good to go!

Simple Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair? No worries, here are some simple wedding hairstyles short hair! From curly locks to spiral waves to short braided updos, you’ll definitely find a look that works for you. Short hair is ideal for gorgeous hair accessories such as pins, headbands, veils, and tiaras!

Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

There is so much we can do with thin hair that they turn out gorgeous without manipulating them. Some of the easy wedding hairstyles for thin hair include the braided curled updo. If your hair is long, opt for a wavy half updo because it gives a fuller appearance to thin hair.

Simple Low Bun Bridal Ideas

Low buns and chignons with messy rope braids are creative and fun simple wedding hairstyles. This looks works well for a boho chic or beached themed wedding. As well, this style works with long flowy wedding dresses.

Straight Easy Wedding Hairstyles

If you have straight hair or prefer such hairstyles, you can never go wrong because you will be dealing with minimal fuss. Moreover, they look very elegant regardless of the wedding theme. For easy wedding hairstyles for straight hair inspiration, think of a relaxed updo twisted into a bun that shows off your neck and jewelry.

Twisted Wedding Hair Ideas

How about simple elegant wedding hairstyles?  Twisted buns, twisted chignons, twisted side braids and french roll twists are just some examples of this chic and elegant style. Twisted wedding hairstyles are ideal for every theme and every bride!

Half Up Half Down Bridal Hair

A half up/half down hairstyle offers a variety of options for quick and easy wedding hairstyles. Half up half down hairdos are great for outdoor weddings, fall weddings and even winter weddings. Dress it up with flowers, ribbons, or gems. Cascading curls make this look even more chic!

Quick Ponytail Bridal Hairstyles

You might not think a ponytail is right for weddings, but there are plenty of looks for ponytails that will work for a wedding.  Better yet, ponytails are simple and quick wedding hairstyles! A chic side ponytail or dutch braid/ponytail style are simple yet elegant, perfect for any bride!

Loose Curls Hairstyles For Bride

If you are looking for simple hairstyles for wedding, you can’t go wrong with loose curls. You can use soft rollers or large-barreled curling iron to add soft, loose curls. This look is both elegant and romantic, ideal for any bride!

Easy Hairstyle Ideas With Headpieces

We love the gilded, sparkly, encrusted headband with loose curls for boho weddings. But for romantic weddings, opt for a velvet headband if you have a pixie cut. For beach weddings, opt for shell and oyster headpieces on siren waves for that ethereal goddess look.

Bridal Hairstyles With Veil

If you are looking for easy wedding hairstyles with veils and tiara, try tousled curls and big waves. They go all the way from minimalist and understated to elaborate and glam. Alternatively, you can wear side-swept hairstyles held on one side with statement hair pins to frame your face.

Relaxed DIY Bridal Braids

If you are looking for simple DIY wedding hairstyles, try one of these relaxed braids. Fishtail braids, french braids, waterfall braids, milkmaid braids, and feather braids are just some of the ideas for simple braided hairstyles for weddings.

Easy Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Easy wedding guest hairstyles include a fussy fishtail crown for its utterly romantic look. If you are a single wedding guest ready to mingle, do a half-up, or half-down with flipped-out ends. You can also wear polished beach waves to ramp up your casual-glam balance or wear your curly hair loose for a high-fashion style.

Hairstyle Ideas For Bridesmaids

Easy wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids do not get better than the legendary half-up, half-down hairdo. You can also wear a low-sweat loose bun with some wispy hair out for a romantic look. If you are looking for something simple and flirty, loose waves and hair down is the absolute gorgeousness.

Wedding Hairstyles For The Flower Girl

Opt for a twisted half-up variant with little buds peppered in between for a princess look. If your flower girl has long hair, go for a braided crown and finish with a touch of sparkling hair clips. Alternatively, let her wear her big curls lined with a wreath of baby’s breath for a rustic look.

A few tips on how to style curls and strands according to the shape of the face

To make the hairstyle pleasing, you need to take into account an important point – the shape of the face.

  • If you have a high forehead, you need to cover it with bangs. Oblique bangs will make the face narrow.
  • Round face owners, it is worth giving up smooth hairstyles, as they will emphasize the shape of the circle. The strands released from the face will also help to correct the shape. Don’t make them too long. Let them not reach the shoulder, but they will be just below the chin.
  • For  rectangular face shape, the corners need to be smoothed with strands. Hide the cheekbone line and the corners of the jaw and your face will become visually narrower, and your eyes will be bigger.
  • If the face is oval – congratulations! Any hairstyle will suit you!

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We hope that we have put your mind at ease with these tips for easy wedding hairstyles. Not every bride wants to run to the salon or hire a stylist on her big day! And now you don’t have to! You can easily achieve one of these fast and simple bridal hairstyles!