15 Black And Gold Wedding Shoes: 2024 Guide + FAQs

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Black and gold are great as wedding colors on their own but combined they are even better. This is because this color combination creates a picture of style, elegance, and sophistication. Whether you’re having a formal or casual wedding, you could wear black and gold wedding shoes to add a touch of glamour to your look.


Peruse through some of our black and gold shoe wedding ideas for inspiration that might be perfect for your big day.


Black And Gold Bridal Heels

You can add a bit of sparkle to your wedding look with chic black and gold shoes for wedding with heels. This classic color combination is sophisticated and tasteful in just the right way. So, whether you’re getting black and gold wedding shoes from Louboutin or Miu Miu, it is sure to look great with almost any style of wedding dress.


Low Heels For A Wedding

Looking great at a wedding doesn’t always have to mean high heels. You can choose comfort and still make a fashion statement simultaneously. Black and gold wedding shoes low heel can make an entrance just like any other. From kitten heels at a wedding ceremony to exotic block heels for a reception, you can shine in low black and gold heels.


Black And Gold Flats

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Flats are the option when you need complete comfort. The good news is that there are lots of black and gold designer shoes that come in flirty flat designs. The sparkly gold will elevate the look of any flat pair, making them ideal for anything from beach weddings to casual backyard soirees.


Elegant Black And Gold Shoes

It is hard to go wrong with black and gold shoes if you’re aiming for elegance. This perfect color combination results in stylish shoes that look great at black-tie events and elevate one’s attire at casual events. Choose black and gold evening shoes to complete the look of absolute elegance for any wedding.


Shoe Ideas For Bridesmaids

With bridesmaids, it can be easy to upstage the bride with shoe designs that are over the top. However, even with black and gold shoes, a design with no frills would do the job, plus it would be easier to find matching pairs. The classic color combo is enough to make them stand out, and there is always beauty in simplicity.

Guest Black And Gold Shoes

Guests to a fall or winter wedding would benefit from the stylish look of black and gold wedding shoes. If you need a touch of glam or elegance, then you can lend some from the sophistication of this classic color combination. Best worn to classic or formal occasions with a single-color dress.


Brides Often Ask

Can you wear gold shoes with a wedding dress?

Gold wedding shoes are great to wear with a wedding dress if you are looking to make a statement. They can also add some sparkle to a minimalist or dark-colored gown.

How To Pairing with Bridal Gown Styles and Shoes?

A-line or Ball Gown: Shoe Style: Elegant black and gold heels work well to complement the traditional and voluminous silhouette of A-line or ball gown dresses.

Mermaid or Trumpet: Shoe Style: Opt for strappy black and gold sandals or heels to showcase the curves of the mermaid or trumpet gown, providing a glamorous touch.

Sheath or Column: Shoe Style: Delicate black and gold flats or low-heeled shoes complement the clean and slender lines of sheath or column gowns, creating a modern and sleek look.

Tea-Length or Short Gowns: Shoe Style: Playful black and gold heels or flats add a touch of fun and sophistication to shorter dresses like tea-length or short gowns.