18 Gold Shoes For Wedding: 2024 Guide + FAQs

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Gold is a hue that we immediately associate with glamor and prosperity. Sparkling is a characteristic we link with energy, youthfulness, and joy. Together, they are an unbeatable combo. Choose gold shoes for wedding ceremonies and receptions for an unexpected yet elegant style.


Metallic hues are very much on trend these days and gold of every shade is leading the pack. This is especially convenient for brides and bridesmaids that prefer traditional gold accessories. From metallic-themed rustic weddings to fabulous Gatsby themes, gold can be found pretty much everywhere,

It may surprise you to learn how versatile gold wedding shoes are, but we’re going to show you how to wear them in any season and every wedding theme. You’ll have to agree, gold wedding shoes are definitely an option that can’t be ignored.

Brides Often Ask

Can I wear gold wedding shoes with my white wedding dress?

You can absolutely wear gold wedding shoes with a white gown. Depending on the specific color, fabric, and finish, you can create a very soft, feminine look or a daring, chic appearance.

Can I re-wear gold dress shoes for wedding?

Gold wedding shoes are easy to wear again at future events. Alone, they are very luxurious. However, you can easily dress them down to suit a wide variety of occasions with the right outfit and accessories.


Rose Gold Shoes For Wedding

Rose gold shoes for weddings are pretty much an institution at this point. The classic hue adds a mild touch of color without stealing attention away from the gown. Gold possesses a unique power to captivate the viewer, so much sure not to overdo it with the embellishments. Keep it simple to pull your entire ensemble together.


Gold Flat Wedding Shoes

Gold bridal shoes are inherently luxe. Bring them back down to earth with a flat silhouette shoe. Not only will gold flat shoes for weddings be perfect for spring and summer outdoor events, they’ll quickly become a staple to your closet. Although there’s a bit of yellow involved, gold shoes have similar characteristics to neutral tones. You’ll have no trouble matching your shoes with any number of outfits and accessories.


Gold Wedding Shoes For Bridesmaids

Gold bridal shoes for bridesmaids are a blessing to your besties. Every woman prefers a different style of shoe. Some prioritize comfort while others prioritize style. Using gold as the unifying element allows them to choose the style that works best for them individually while still looking like part of your team.


Gold Bridal Shoes Low Heel

Low heel shoes for weddings are ideal for the bride that wants the best of both worlds. The heel will add a little elegance and poise to the bride’s look. The height of a low heel keeps things comfortable, making it easy to walk and dance all day. You can’t really ask for much more.

Metallic Gold Wedding Shoes

Metallic gold wedding shoes are so much fun! Choose this sparkling option to play into a glamorous Gastby wedding theme. Or, pair them with earth tones and natural textures for a down to earth rustic or bohemian wedding theme. If you think metallic shoes will be difficult to wear after the wedding, go ahead and try them on with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket and see how fast you change your mind.


Gold Bridal Shoes Block Heel

Block heels are for brides that want to make a statement. This display of confidence is enhanced even further when you throw gold into the mix. Block heel gold bridal shoes are elegant, but stable and comfortable. Choose this style for outdoor weddings where you want to look your best, but you also want to stay upright.