Wedding Flats: 30 Comfortable Shoes Ideas + Faqs

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It seems like the majority of brides picture a pair of elegant heels when they envision their wedding, but have you considered flats? Well, you should. Wedding flats offer plenty of style with the added features of being comfortable and easy to walk and dance in. All of these are highly desirable traits for such an important day. You may be a little hesitant at a highly traditional wedding.

However, there are many themes and venues bridal flats are more appropriate than heels. Beach locations, bohemian wedding themes, vintage wedding themes, and many other wedding events prefer a more casual approach to wedding attire. Having said that, flats don’t have to mean casual. There are plenty of formal flats for wedding receptions and ceremonies that are extremely fashion-forward.

You can’t choose just any old flat shoes. They have to be perfect! That’s where we come in. Keep scrolling to find answers to your wedding flats questions and plenty of samples for various styles, venues, and themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear flat shoes to a wedding?



Top Wedding Flats For Bride

A lot of modern brides prioritizes function over form. More simply, comfort is more important than the appearance of longer legs. Comfortable shoes for brides facilitate a more confident walk down the aisle and a lot more dancing, resulting in more smiles. These particular cute wedding flats do a wonderful job at balancing beauty and comfort.



Lace Flats Shoes

Spend even a single second looking at these wedding day flats and you will agree, flats can be dainty and eloquent. This use of lace retains all the comfort that you demand along with highly feminine characteristics. We especially love the intricate details that will synchronize perfectly with artistically detailed wedding gowns.



Rhinestone Flats For Wedding

These embellished flats show how you can add a splash of color to your wedding ensemble without sacrificing the traditional white wedding dress. They also display a healthy variety of adornment that you can easily coordinate with your other accessories to complete the head-to-toe look you desire.



Gold & Silver Flats For Wedding

A lot of today’s future brides are dreaming of adding some glamor to their big day. These fancy flats for weddings provide some sparkle and will interact with your candles, rope lighting, or even the sun in a very romantic way. As gorgeous as they are, you can easily dress them down to re-wear them in the future.


Simple Wedding Shoes Flats

Many wedding occasions call for a more minimalist approach to wedding shoes. Some brides simply prefer the minimalist approach while others want to contrast against highly designed hair and gowns. Everyone has their own reasons. These wedding flats are just that. Simple designs, modest colors, and sturdy yet comfortable materials all add up to a desirable aesthetic that won’t distract from the wedding dress or beautiful bride.