36 Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses + FAQs

vintage inspired wedding dresses
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Almost every lady dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle. And some girls, want to take the walk-in elegant vintage wedding dresses. What do we know about them? Vintage inspired wedding dresses are timeless creations in an array of stunning options. These beauties are for brides with souls who lean towards glam, romance, elegance, depth, and free-spiritedness.


Vintage style wedding dresses help you celebrate your style and favorite decades from the Renaissance to the Regency eras. You’ll find them in iconic silhouettes, frilly frocks, shimmers, beadings, fringes, and appliques. They also come in luxury materials like silk fabrics, lace, tulle, organza, and more. If you are a nontraditional bride, you’ll appreciate the classic yet modern twist of wedding dresses vintage.

For style inspiration, we’ve put together a gallery of gorgeous vintage pieces suitable for any theme. You’ll find a combination of bohemian spirit and romance, simple elegance, something from the old days, and more. Check them out and get inspired to make a statement on your big day!


Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Romantic lace vintage wedding dresses gently flatter and emphasize the feminine curves, bestowing a classic look on the bride.  Choose lace if you love something glamorous with layered beadwork and pearls, decorative stones, embroidery, and bulges.

According to Innocentia, a bridal brand, the most popular lace vintage wedding dresses styles and fabrics are satin and silk with intricate laces like Chantilly and Alencon, creating timeless styles. Tulle adds delicate layers, while velvet and brocade bring a touch of luxury, defining the classic vintage bridal look.


Bohemian Vintage Wedding Dresses

Boho weddings are expressions of nature. They take place in forests, woodlands, mountains, barns, vineyards, and picturesque landscapes that are dreamy. To complement this environment, wear bohemian vintage western wedding dresses like romantic and sexy lace bridal gowns. The abundance of lace in its glory is forever appealing.

You can also opt for sheath dresses combined with lace to create an enchanting look. Other cute options are lightweight organza gowns with embroidered leaves and layered trims. Or a bottleneck gown with a paneled trapeze skirt for that retro vibe.

Expert Tip
What are some popular fabrics and lace styles associated with vintage bridal gowns?
French chantilly lace, Italian Brocade lace applique, Silk taffeta and Mikado over multilayered tulle skirts. 


Vintage Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses

Simple vintage wedding dresses capture the essence of bygone eras. It’s not always about flamboyance, pathos, magnificence, and bogus luxury. Many brides get tired of all these and would prefer elegant vintage wedding dresses. And why not? Many simple and minimalist dresses express sophistication, elegance, and refinement. They aren’t boring because you won’t be missing a thing.

With refined lace, gentle fabrics, and enduring designs, they offer brides a chance to embrace vintage allure understatedly on their significant day.


1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage wedding dresses 1920s are beautiful, unique, and timeless creations that are fast taking over. Brides are opting for throwback attires for their big day. It allows them to pay homage to their best eras or favorite icons.

You’ll fall in love with sweetheart neckline dresses with lace racerback detailing. Embroidery, pearls, floral appliques, and beadings are also part of the game. These unique wedding dresses vintages also feature tulle and fabric-covered buttons and vintage-inspired scalloped lace trains. The embellishments and intricate details are what make them stand out. Looking glamorous and extravagant.


Vintage Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Whether modern trumpet and clean or fit and flare creations, vintage looking wedding dresses remain timeless. They are elegant, classic, graceful, and modest, offering harmony and a sense of completeness. Not only that, but vintage wedding dresses long sleeves are winter perfect. These vintage dresses wedding flatter and show off your curves while keeping you warm.

However, the teasing see-through sleeves and beading details are flirtatious, making the dresses perfect for any season. If you feel like switching looks, later on, you can go for detachable sleeves or a jacket.

Vintage Corset Wedding Dresses

Vintage style corset wedding dresses beautifully blend the allure of the past with contemporary elegance. The corset bodice, meticulously structured, pays homage to the past while defining the waist and sculpting a timeless form.

Brides in search of a nostalgic touch and an elegantly tailored fit will discover these modern vintage wedding dresses as an exquisite choice, harmonizing tradition with contemporary allure.


Plus Size Vintage Wedding Dresses

Discover timeless elegance with vintage plus size wedding dresses, tailored to flatter every curve. From vintage flattering plus size wedding dresses to vintage style bohemian plus size wedding dresses, there’s a vintage wedding dresses plus size for every bride. Embrace intricate lace, delicate details, and flowing silhouettes, capturing the romance of a bygone era.

Vintage Bridal Looks Of The Best Dresses

It takes more than a dress to create a stunning bride. The shoes, bouquets, jewelry, and accessories are also crucial to the total ensemble.  For a gorgeous total look inspiration, we have curated a collection of bridal outfits, styles, and options. To complete these styles, you will find regal and casual bridal-worthy hairstyles and captivating matching shoes. There are also accessories for hair and befitting pieces of jewelry to suit your taste, complete with bouquets. Check them out to help you make your big-day decision!


Vintage Hair Accessories

According to Katie Yeung, designer brand Hera Couture, the brides can incorporate their dress with vintage accessories such as a fully lace-brimmed cathedral veil or an over-the-face net blusher with hand-beaded pearls or lace applique comb.

Vintage hair accessories are still popular today and can add a touch of glamour and elegance to any hairstyle. Some of the most common accessories included hair combs, headbands, scarves, and hairpins.

These accessories often featured intricate designs, such as Art Deco motifs, floral patterns, and pearls. They were often made from materials like metal, rhinestones, and velvet.

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Brides Often Ask

What is a vintage wedding dress?

Vintage beaded wedding dresses reflect styles and aesthetics from previous decades, typically before the 1990s. They often feature classic silhouettes, intricate details, and design elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Today, wedding dresses vintage are on the rise with modern touchups with inspirations from the past. Think the jazz era shimmers, art deco beadings, regency era frills, roaring twenties glam, and more.

What materials are common in vintage wedding dresses?

Vintage old fashioned modest wedding dresses often feature materials like lace, silk, satin, tulle, and chiffon. These fabrics were commonly used in the past and contribute to the dresses’ timeless charm.

Is it common to wear vintage dresses for themed weddings?

Yes, vintage bridal gowns are often chosen for themed weddings to enhance the historical ambiance. They can help create an authentic atmosphere that complements the chosen theme.