Wona Concept Limited Atelier Collection – Dresses To Look Like A Diva

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WONÁ Concept is one of those inspirational brand stories. From humble Ukrainian beginnings, the designer behind the brand launched an atelia from her family home. Although fame has grown over the years, the brand continues to treat its clients just like family.


Customer service goes a long way to impress, but the real story is the Wona concept wedding dresses themselves. The literal translation of the word “Wona” means “she”. The brand is built around the beauty and happiness of women. Every effort has been put into designing gowns around what women truly desire, and no meticulous detail was spared to make it happen. Every single gown is the result of hours of artisanal care, using only the finest fabrics and materials.

All of this effort and passion has culminated in one of this year’s most exciting WONÁ Concept bridal dress collections.

Atelier by WONÁ is a brand new wedding line that already has brides buzzing. Paris became the source of inspiration for the Atelier Collection. The City of Love and epicenter to haute couture — the perfect place for a photoshoot.

The Atelier Collection includes 20 amazing garments. Designers adapted already classic designs with various bridal capes and boleros for the gowns, embellished with stones and appliques. Brides may enjoy their attire changeover during the wedding day with detachable skirts, capes, and trains.

With all of the excitement, you’ll have to hurry if you want access to Wona Concept wedding dresses. Atelier is a LIMITED edition! Although the brand retails out of 150 locations around the world (including a flagship on 5th Ave. NY) only 20 of them will be carrying the new collection.

Princess Wedding Dresses

Ari. Instead of reinventing the wheel, WONÁ invests all of its efforts into perfecting design styles that brides already know and love. Eighty hours of love go into crafting this Ari princess ball gown. An in-person experience is required to truly appreciate all of the delicate details.

Delice. This dress combines the quintessential bridal A-frame with a sensual high-slit and long train. Uniting these elements is unexpected, producing a fragile yet naturally confident result.

Honey. This classic A-line silhouette is aptly named Honey. It’s just so sweet. The standout feature among the many details is the visual depth. Floral lace and sparkling sequins are combined to create an intricate texture.



Mermaid Bridal Gowns

Appolonia. Mermaid silhouettes are in high demand for brides. Appolonia combines illusion off-the-shoulder sleeves and seams that hug the bride’s figure to create a lot of sex appeal. The addition of a cathedral train provides glamor and charm, creating a very complete look.

Charm. The organic nature of the lines and texture of the Charm dress is truly well, charming! ‘Luxury’ is the defining characteristic of this mermaid gown with a one-of-a-kind semi-illusion back offering a stunningly romantic look.

Steff. This dress completely transforms the simple mermaid silhouette with the application of 95 hours’ worth of silk layers. Every inch is adorned with texture and translucence for a phenomenal visual appeal. The cathedral train, silk tulle, regal sleeves, and sweetheart result in peak femininity.


Off The Shoulder Bridal Dresses

Ohara. What do you get when you combine a chic mini-skirt and a long, flowing skirt? The gorgeous Ohara! This gown also features an irresistible strapless corset with hand-crafted embroidery throughout. The romantic twist to a traditional frame is absolutely stunning.

Karter. Form-fitting off-the-shoulder gowns often feel rather rigid. Karter, however, applies organic textures that evoke fluidity and movement. Sheer sleeves with exposed shoulders are creatively chic and luxurious.

Ocean. The most unique features of Ocean are the detachable sleeves, but we bet you’ll leave them on! The flowing nature of the applied texture and lightweight fabric creates harmony, forming a fun visual movement


Lace Wedding Gowns

Frida. The dress features a delicate, heart-shaped neckline, a boat low back, and a mermaid frame, all culminating in the ultimate feminine silhouette. Wide straps cover the shoulders more than other designs, but the fabric and handworked beaded lace do not take away from the sensuality in the least.

Kiana. The transitions from flat to translucent fabrics make Kiana a staggering gown. Combining this feature with plunging back and necklines makes for an extremely magnificent first impression for the walk down the aisle.

Braga. The dress is described as being “inspired by Paris gardens’ and it shows. The handworked petals and lines mimic nature’s blossoms and petals, making for a delicately feminine result. The tattoo effect of the backline is a subtle yet beautiful detail that blends perfectly with the oversized cathedral train.


Wona Concept Wedding Dresses With Train

Kiana. The mermaid sheath and plunged corset are enough for Kiana to stand on their own. However, the extra wide and long cathedral train enhances the entire gown with extra softness. The lines that 160 hours of care create a dress that feels as if it was grown to fit the bride’s curves.

Miram. This dress embodies every single feature that we’ve come to expect from a traditional bridal gown. The floral pattern, tender v-line, sheer sleeves, tender bodice, and long flowing train are all iconic. This is sure to be an instant classic.

Arwen. With the transparent characteristics of 3D floral lace, Arwen strikes the perfect balance between sex appeal and femininity. The fit and flare skirt perfectly transitions into the cathedral train which is also adorned in embroidered lace.