12 Rust Dresses For Wedding 2024 + FAQs

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Rust dresses for wedding ceremonies and receptions are the hottest thing right now. There’s a shade for all seasons, it fits into virtually every wedding theme, and it compliments all skin tones. Rust is simply amazing.


This tone goes by a few other names such as burnt orange and titian. Whatever you call it, you are going to love the way you look and feel in this trending color. With all of this versatility, it’s best to check out a few samples before deciding on your particular hue and style. Yes, we have them!

Keep scrolling to discover which colors compliment rust and advice on how to wear them in various situations.



Rust Colored Dresses For Wedding

Rust colored dresses for weddings are getting very popular, but the trend is still on the upswing. This means that choosing a rust-colored dress will be an unexpected visual treat for other wedding guests. It’s a happy color. It projects a sense of creativity, energy, warmth, and confidence.

Neutral accessories can significantly adjust the character of the color, making it very easy to conform to every theme and season. You really can’t go wrong.

Expert Tip
How can brides choose a dress that looks stunning in wedding photos?
It all comes down to the vibe you're looking for on your wedding day. We see brides choose intricate lace gowns for their ceremony for that ‘wow’ aisle moment, then we also see brides opt for our silky slip gowns that shine both with the sun during the day and the disco ball on the dancefloor. It’s important to remember that your wedding photographer works with brides all year round, so have the confidence that they know how to photograph your gown at all points of the day. If you’re a bride who can’t seem to choose which fabric to go for, choose both! It’s more popular than ever to wear more than one look to your wedding. Have fun with it and wear two different looks so you can cover all bases.


Rust Color Mother Of The Bride Dresses

A mother’s choice is always a tricky business. She’s part of the bridal party, but she deserves to stand out. Rust color mother of the bride dresses strikes the perfect balance, especially effective at early fall weddings.

Mothers can easily choose a different length, cut, tone, and/or fabric and still perfectly fit in. Try to wear your mother’s in this trend color and you’ll see how it will be a perfect choice wedding!


Rust Bridesmaid Gowns

Bridesmaids love rust-colored dresses. Not only is this hue extremely popular, but it’s also impossible not to match. Mix and match terra cotta, copper, and burnt orange on a single silhouette that makes them all unified. Or, recommend a fabric and have them choose the cut they prefer.

Any combination of color, fabric, and silhouette will have your girls looking like a proper team. We’d like to share some amazing ideas on rust-colored bridesmaid gowns, take a look and get inspired!


Rust Dresses For Wedding Guests

Wedding guests are advised to check if the bridal party is planning to wear rust-colored wedding dresses. If the coast is clear, this is an exciting choice! You always want to look your best while attending a wedding.

Rust dresses are especially energizing at rustic and barn weddings. The color feeds off of the vibes of the surrounding nature in a very humble, yet beautiful way. This beautiful versatile color is a suitable choice for weddings all year round. Picture yourself in one of these gorgeous rust dresses for wedding guest at the wedding!


Frequently Asked Questions

What color goes with rust for weddings?

To maximize the visual impact of rust-colored dresses for weddings, compliment them with blues. Light baby blue will make rust pop in a way that no other color can. This is perfect for daytime summer weddings. Dark navy blues will enhance the romance and add a layer of sophistication to your look, ideal for more formal wedding themes.

Can you wear rust in the summer?

Rust-colored wedding dresses are a very natural choice. Usually, hues like rust, or burnt orange, are associated with the fall-time harvest color palette. However, rust possesses both very floral and metallic qualities as well as an unexplained ability to reflect the sun’s rays in a very energetic way. All of this makes it an easy fit for summer and spring weddings.

How to choose jewelry for rust color?

Gold, Bronze, or Earth-Toned Pieces: Rust’s warm undertones beautifully complement gold and bronze jewelry. Consider delicate gold necklaces, earrings, or bracelets to add a touch of luxury. Bronze accents can provide a slightly vintage feel, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Gemstones that Harmonize with Rust Hues: Opt for gemstones that align with the color palette. Deep orange carnelian, warm-hued citrine, or earthy-toned garnets can enhance the richness of the rust color. These gemstones can be incorporated into rings, earrings, or pendants for a unique touch.