42 Floral Wedding Dresses: Guide For 2024 + Faqs

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Step into a world of floral wedding dresses, where the romantic allure of bridal fashion meets the beauty of blooming florals. Choosing a floral wedding dress offers a delightful and unique way to express your style on your special day. These romantic floral wedding dresses demonstrate various patterns, ranging from bold and vibrant prints to subtle floral applique, allowing you to choose a design that perfectly complements your taste and wedding style.

Beautiful floral wedding dresses come in a variety of expressions, from bohemian and modern to classic and romantic. Join us below as we navigate the captivating realm of floral gowns, where each dress tells a unique story of love and botanical inspiration.

Q & A
What Floral Patterns Are in Trend?
A notable trend that has garnered attention is the incorporation of appliqués to craft distinctive 3D floral experiences. Designers are creating intricate floral details that allow brides to express their unique personalities through a myriad of floral interpretations. In the latest wedding collections, Claire Pettibone showcases intricate floral embroidery, while Alexandra Grecco re-created the fabric flower brooch.

Watercolor Wedding Floral Dresses

Soft, feminine, and watercolor, long floral dresses for weddings are pretty much the most romantic thing a bride can walk down the aisle in. There is something so magical about the painterly look of watercolor and they are suitable for absolutely all brides.

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Lace Floral Dresses For Wedding

Lace floral wedding dresses are a classic and timeless choice for brides. The intricate lace detailing combined with delicate floral patterns creates a romantic and feminine look.

The versatility of floral lace wedding dresses allows for various styles, from bohemian to traditional, and can be paired with various accessories to match the bride’s personality

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Floral Applique Wedding Dresses

Perfect for warm-weather weddings, floral embroidered wedding dresses mimic the blooms of the season, and they look beautiful against the backdrop of outdoor venues, like gardens, vineyards, or parks. Wedding dresses with floral embroidery are a stunning choice for your romantic look. Also, you can consider bohemian floral wedding dresses and you will see how wonderful they are for outdoor weddings!


White Wedding Dresses Floral

Fanciful and petite floral dresses for wedding come in a wide range of gorgeous styles. For the bride-to-be craving a traditional color palette, white floral wedding dresses with flowery detail are eye-catching and romantic.

What is special about the Birdie Collection?
For this collection, we chose fabrications and details that felt nostalgic yet fresh, and we balanced structure with romantic draping and ethereal textures. We constructed pieces with our signature buttery silks in luminous sheer organza, delicate chantilly lace, and wispy tulle. We re-created the fabric flower brooch so our brides can add their whimsical touch to their wedding gowns or any ensemble that feels just right.


Colorful Floral Long Dresses For Wedding

These colorful floral wedding dresses are for those who want something different and unique. Whether you want head-to-toe florals or a small touch here and there, the floral wedding dresses with color will have you standing out and making a statement.

Short Floral Wedding Dresses

Short summer floral dresses for weddings bring a captivating blend of elegance and whimsy to any celebration. With their enchanting patterns and vibrant colors, these dresses offer a chic option for the bride. Whether it’s a garden affair or an indoor event, short floral dresses for weddings add a touch of romance and flair to your ensemble.


Plus Size Floral Dresses For Wedding

Floral wedding dresses plus sizes exude romance and femininity, perfect for celebrating love in style. Opt for flowing silhouettes and vibrant floral prints that flatter curves and showcase your personality. These plus size floral wedding dresses offer timeless beauty and confidence for your special day.

Wedding Guest Dresses Floral

Floral wedding guest dresses are a delightful choice, offering a vibrant and romantic touch to your ensemble. With an array of blooms and color schemes, these floral dresses for wedding guests effortlessly capture the essence of joy and celebration, making you stand out beautifully amidst the festivities.


Where to buy Floral Wedding Gown

List of Designers Known for Floral Dresses:

  • Rebecca Schoneveld is known for her unmistakably romantic gowns, you can find the watercolor-inspired
    print or hand-embroidered floral details into her bridal collection.
  • Claire Pettibone is known for her feminine and sophisticated bridal designs. Her collections often showcase floral motifs, whether through lace, embroidery, or printed fabrics.
  • Ines Di Santo is known for her romantic and luxurious bridal gowns. Her collections often feature dresses adorned with delicate floral appliqués and details.
  • Galia Lahav is known for her luxurious and extravagant bridal designs. Some of her collections include dresses with elaborate floral embroideries and embellishments.
  • These are just a few of the world-renowned designers who have crafted an unparalleled selection of wedding dresses floral lace due to their romantic essence and floral-inspired designs.

Brides Often Ask

What season is a floral wedding dress best for?

While some brides might lean more toward summer floral wedding dresses or spring celebrations, the romantic option works for all seasons. Just be sure to pay attention to aspects like the neckline, fabric, and sleeve length when selecting your gown to ensure your floral design keeps you comfortable in whatever season you wed in.

Will a floral wedding dress work with my venue?

Just like with any other day-of components, you’ll want to pay attention to your floral accents to ensure they fit the rest of your wedding aesthetic. If your venue is bright, colorful, and garden-inspired, large blooms will fit right in whereas if your space is darker, moodier, or more vintage, a more subtle option, such as floral lace, might feel more appropriate.