33 Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Seasons / Dress Code + Faqs

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Finding wedding guest dresses can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task. You want to look stunning but don’t want to outshine the bride. In addition to looking elegant, you want your wedding dresses guest to be comfortable.


No matter what the season: summer, spring, winter, or fall, there are hundreds of pretty wedding guest outfits for your selection! From bright and colorful gowns to soft pastel hues, maxi gowns to mini dresses, and even high-low gowns, we have comprised a gallery of some of the most glamorous women wedding guest dresses to give you inspiration. Use these as inspiration for the perfect wedding guest outfit!

It is easier than you think to find top dresses for wedding guests to match your style, as well as the season. Regardless of the venue or theme, there is something for everyone! How can you not be stunning with one of the best wedding guest dresses?

Shop these guest dresses:


Bridesmaid Dresses

It is essential to consider the season, location, and time of day of the wedding when selecting bridesmaid dresses, as well as the style and formality of the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses can range from traditional floor-length gowns to modern, cocktail-style dresses, with a variety of necklines, fabrics, and colors available to suit any bridal party.

Shop these bridesmaid dresses:


Winter Wedding Guest Gowns

One of the challenges with a winter wedding is to achieve a look that is not only stylish but will also keep you warm. Don’t shy away from softly-colored sleeveless winter wedding guest dresses as you can always add fur accessories. Not only do they look elegant, but they will keep you warm and toasty!


Spring Wedding Guest Dresses

Spring is the most popular wedding season. Here you will find a list of some of the most stylish wedding guest dresses spring. Choose from a selection of short, colorful beachy, or floral gowns, as well as many other summer styles!


Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

From a backyard wedding to a wedding in the park or even an oceanfront wedding at sunset, you will find sensational dresses. Take a gander at these light-and-air summer and beach wedding guest dresses for your inspiration!

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

The weather in fall can be quite finicky, ranging from a slight chill in the air to quite warm. Have no fear, you can find both short and long sleeve fall wedding guest dresses. You will look ravishing amongst the gorgeous pastels!


Black Tie Wedding Guest Outfits

Deep black creates a dramatic vision that fills with endless enchantment. As you are searching for a real peculiarity, try these black tie wedding guest dresses. With them, you’re different from others with unique styles.

Cocktail Wedding Guest Gown Ideas

One of the best ways to celebrate warm weather is to attend a romantic beach wedding. Choose from a variety of wedding guest cocktail dresses with deep necklines, off-the-shoulder straps, as well as short and brightly colored gowns!


Formal Wedding Guest Gowns

Regardless if you are a friend, family member, or simply an acquaintance of the happy couple, you will be sure to step out in style in one of these formal wedding guest dresses!

Casual Wedding Guest Outfits

An outdoor wedding usually doesn’t require any luxurious evening gowns. For this, you can go with free and simple dresses with no crystals or beading. Casual wedding guest dresses can be suitable as you can see from our collection.


Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

Celebrate curves with our exquisite collection of plus size dresses for wedding guests. Embrace elegance and comfort in styles that flatter every silhouette. From chic cocktail dresses to graceful gowns, our range ensures you shine as a confident and stylish guest.

Brides Often Ask

What should a female guest wear to a wedding?

A floor-length evening gown, or formal cocktail- or tea-length dress. You could also get away with a chic, formal jumpsuit, depending on the venue

What colors are you not supposed to wear to a wedding?

The guest’s goal should be to blend in with the surroundings and let the bride shine. Pastels, jewel tones, and earth tones are excellent choices, as are most primary colors. Wear darker, more formal hues for an evening fete; opt for light colors and fabrics for a daytime wedding.