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Hottest Trend 2019: 18 Wedding Jackets


Wedding jackets are one of this year’s hottest trends and we just can’t get over how cool the brides are who rock them! It’s perfect choice for brides who plan their wedding in non warm season. Bridal jackets look great with any type of dress. Not only brides can wear jacket but also bridesmaids. We collect all the beautiful and original wedding jackets for dress. Find your own ideal lace, leather, denim or bolero jacket.


Photo 1-3: Trend 2019 — Leather Bridal Jackets

Source: India EarlAnna Lee PhotographyRebecca Searle Photography


Photo 4-6: Bridal Jackets For Fall

Source: Kemp CollectiveCarol Oliva PhotographySydney Noelle Photography


Photo 7-9: Denim Wedding Jackets

Source: It’s Beautiful Here PhotographyNorthern Native PhotographyIam Yours Photography


Photo 10-12: Black Bridal Jackets For Brides

Source: Tanja Wesel Photography via Instagram, Elopement PhotographyLindsey Morgan Photography


Photo 13-15: Bride Cover Up Jacket

Source: Elyse Alexandria PhotographyMary Costa Photography, Pronovias

Photo 16-18: Winter Bridal Jackets

Source: Ariele Chapman PhotographyParedero Quirós, Bliss Tulle

Main photo: Justin Jay Photography