12 Mother Of The Groom Dresses + Faqs

mother of the groom dresses
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The bride and groom will always take center stage at weddings. However, there are other wedding attendees that deserve special attention and a moment or two in the spotlight. One of the most significant roles is the mother of the groom.



Not only is the groom’s mother largely responsible for developing her son into ‘marriage material”, but it’s also a big day for her. She’ll no doubt be going through a lot of emotions and she has a lot to be proud of.

Mothers deserve to look and feel their best on their sons’ big day. The day calls for unique mother of the groom dresses. Not just any dress will do. Check out this collection of dresses for mothers of the groom.

We have mother of the groom samples for all body shapes, styles, colors, and seasons. We’ve also put in the effort to curate the groom’s mother’s dresses for a variety of wedding themes. Take some time and you are sure to find something that gives the groom’s mother the comfort and style she deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is the groom’s mother supposed to wear?

Aside from avoiding the color white, there are no rules about the mother of the groom’s dresses. The most common approach is to match her dress to the style and color palette of the wedding theme.

What is the groom’s mother supposed to wear?

The mother of the groom’s dress should conform to the wedding’s theme. The wedding theme will outline color choices, level of formality, and general style.


Casual Mother Of The Groom Dresses

Casual wedding themes are much more common these days. Common choices include flat blocks of color, floral patterns, and light materials. An increasingly popular trend is swapping out mother of the groom dresses for pantsuits. In either case, outfits can be classed up or dressed down with the right combination of shoes and accessories.


Outdoor Dresses For Mothers

Outdoor weddings can be both formal and casual, and everywhere in between. Consider the theme as well as the weather to make your choices. Make sure to dress for the weather with sleeveless options or heavier fabrics accordingly.

In most cases, flowing fabrics with splashes of color will effectively reflect the beauty of the mother of the groom’s surroundings.
It’s always wise to understand the terrain you will be working with. High heels are always an attractive option, but many outdoor weddings are on the beach or on the soft grass.


Fall & Winter Mother Of The Groom Gowns

Fall and winter weddings provide a lot of options for mother of the groom dresses. The colors and vibe of the season combined with cooler temperatures allow for fun patterns, rich harvest colors, and lots of layers.

Staying warm is always a concern. Outside of that, mothers of the groom for fall and have a lot of fun dressing for rustic, barn, boho, and winter wonderland wedding themes.


Summer & Spring Dresses For Moms

Spring and summer mother of the groom dresses are usually light and airy. Whether you prefer something casual or something elegant, layers should be carefully considered. Hot days require protection from the sun and heat, and there’s always the potential for rain.

Choose your accessories wisely and make sure that you will be comfortable in a variety of circumstances.