Wedding Guest Shoes: 40 Trendy Ideas + Faqs

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When you meet new people, one of the first things they look at is your shoes. So if you’re attending a wedding, you want your shoe game to score. Wedding guest shoes put the finishing touch to your overall look, and they can take you from drab-looking to a knockout. For that reason, we’ve helped you curate some of the most beautiful wedding guest shoes in 2022. There’s something for everyone from block heels to flats, stilettos to pumps, sandals, and men’s shoes. Check them out and make your pick.


Brides Often Ask

Should you wear heels as a wedding guest?

Yes, you can wear heels to a wedding so long as you feel comfortable in them. Heels complement your dress beautifully and attach a pep to your steps.

Should your shoes be the same color as your dress?

No, they don’t have to be the same color. You can match your shoes with the dress, but it’s okay to wear contrasts and complementary colors.


Casual Wedding Guest Shoes

Casual shoes for wedding guests are relaxed, comfortable, yet stylish options for everyone. Wear strappy casual wedding guest shoes with your LBD or traditional-length dresses for semi-formal weddings. Another option is the strapless flirty mules with block heels that keep you comfortable all day long.

Slingback low heels paired with jumpsuits or skirts offer the best of both worlds in terms of playfulness and sophistication. We also love the pointed-toe flats that are both chic, casual, and comfortable. Pair them with a velvet gown, palazzo trousers, or a knee-length dress.

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    High Heels For Wedding Guests

    High heel shoes for wedding guests are more formal and proper for events where movement is minimal. These shoes are sophisticated and add a timeless elegance to the overall look. Enjoy a Cinderella moment by pairing your little black dress with a dazzling pair of stilettos.

    But for the minimalist woman, a detailed pair of mules would take you from the ceremony straight to the reception dancefloor. We also love the idea of straps and strapless sandals, platforms, pin, and block heels.

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      Low Heel Shoe Ideas

      There are reasons why guests wear low heel shoes. It could be a hop problem, topography, easy mobility, and more. All these reasons boil down to comfort. So some of our wedding guest shoes’ low heel ideas include strapped sandals with chunky heels. Pair these heels with a playsuit or formal dress and they work perfectly.

      We also love the PVC and kitten mules that take a guest from the office straight to the wedding. They are very comfortable and go well with a suit or pair of jeans. Block heels, low boots, and wedges are also favorites among simple guests attending farm, barn, and country weddings. The options are simply endless.

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        Flat Shoes For Guests

        With flat shoes for wedding guests, you don’t need to pack extra shoes for the wedding. You’re assured of comfort no matter how much you stand, move around or dance at the event. Think about a pair of ballet shoes matched with a body con dress. These shoes are easy to style.

        Low wedge shoes’ ankle straps are also great options that eliminate the risk of losing them. We also love the one-inch slingbacks, flat slippers, and swan flats for their versatility. They aren’t so sophisticated for formal weddings, but you can wear the wedding guest shoes to outdoor, summer, and beach weddings.

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        • Elegant Wedding Sandals

          Elegant shoes for wedding guests grab all the attention to your feet. Whether they’re low or high, you want to make an unforgettable statement. Some of our ideas include platform sandals that ensure comfort and balance. Get them in deep colors if you’re attending a formal wedding or metallic colors for casual weddings.

          Another great option is the Collette wooden block heel with ankle straps that work for both semi-formal and formal weddings. If you want to channel class and passion, opt for pumps, buoyant, or maven heels. Pair them with a simple or extravagant gown to stand out.


          Comfortable Shoe Ideas

          If you’re attending a Tropical, beach, alfresco, patio, park, or bonfire affair, comfortable wedding guest shoes are mandatory. Consider ideas like kitten heels or other styles of slim, low-heeled dress shoes. Pair them with your short or mid-length dresses. They also go well with skirts and pants.

          But if you want to wear something more casual like Chinos, playsuits, sarongs, and maxi dresses, opt for chunky summer platforms, lug soles, flats, and slingbacks. Going barefooted is also an idea we love if you can deal with sand between your toes.

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          • Beach Wedding Guest Shoes

            There’s nothing more refreshing than a seaside event, and beach wedding guest shoes add some finesse. Opt for carefree silhouette footwear like slides in braids or raffia versions with your floral dress. But if you aren’t sure whether to dress up or down, consider espadrilles in sandal or wedge versions.

            You can also wear practical block heels as they give you a lift while ensuring balance of sand, unlike stilettos. This shoe style goes with any kind of outfit. If you’re going for a romantic beach look, strappy sandals and wedges are sleek options. However, when all fails, a pair of fancy flip-flops would always come through.


            Classic Black Heels

            The classic black shoes for a wedding guest are one color that can never go wrong. It’s versatile and works for all indoor wedding themes and also extravagant outfits. With black wedding guest shoes, you have comfort, simplicity, and elegance whether casual or formal. Wear pointed-to pumps, block heel platform sandals, high mules, and stilettos.

            You can also opt for strappy heel sandals, high slingbacks, or lace-up heeled sandals. They are all perfect for gowns, jeans, suits, and skirts.

            Formal Shoe Ideas for Men

            For Men, making choices for formal wedding guest shoes isn’t as tough as their wears are straightforward. Opt for shoes in colors black, brown, and gray. If you’re bold, consider floral and metallic-colored variations. Pair your suits with Oxfords for elegance and monk straps for comfort and practicality. You can also wear ankle boots for country and farm weddings as they alternate between relaxed and sophisticated.


            Casual Men’s Wedding Shoes

            Channel the ultimate playful look by wearing the appropriate casual wedding outfit guest men’s shoes. They are laid-back and relaxed options you can wear to outdoor weddings. Think loafers, sneakers, wing-tipped boots, sandals, or slip-on for an edgy look. We also love the lace-up and van skates options that can shake up your entire look.

            Wedding guest shoes are an important topic because you want to be comfortable at the wedding. Also, it’s essential to wear the appropriate footwear that fits in with the theme and ambiance. So if you’re looking for the most comfortable wedding guest shoes, we’ve got you covered. Our list shows your versatile options of all wedding guests’ footwear from men to women. So check them out and get inspired.