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30 Wedding Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes


We have collected stunning makeup ideas for blue eyes for those lucky women who were born with blue eyes. Brides, who have blue eyes have a huge variety for wedding makeup creation. These makeup looks will make your blue eyes shine and sparkle, no matter what shade they are. Get inspiration for your wedding makeup.


Photo 1-3: Natural Makeup Ideas

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Photo 4-6: Shimmer Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

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Photo 7-9: Makeup With Upper Lid Liner

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Photo 10-12: Beautiful Smokey Eyes

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Photo 13-15: Gorgeous Ideas With Eyeliner

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Photo 16-18: Stunning Evening Makeup Wedding Ideas

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Photo 19-21: Wedding Makeup In Warm Color Tones

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Photo 22-24: Modish Bold Brows In Wedding Makeup

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Photo 25-27: Wedding Makeup Looks With Rosy Blush

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Photo 28-30: Makeup Looks With Bronze Tones

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