Wedding Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes [2024 Guide]

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We have collected stunning makeup ideas for blue eyes for those lucky women who were born with blue eyes. Brides, who have blue eyes have a huge variety of soft wedding makeup creations. These makeup looks will make your blue eyes shine and sparkle, no matter what shade they are. Get inspiration for your wedding makeup.


Brides Often Ask

What eyeliner makes blue eyes pop?

The best eyeliners that make blue eyes pop are navy blue and blue eyeliner shades.

Can you wear blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes?

Yes, you can because blue tones enhance the natural intensity of your eye color. If your blue eyes are flecked with gray, pair light blue eyeshadow with silver shimmers to complement your eyes.

What lipstick goes well with blue eyes?

The best lipstick for blue eyes comes in pink tones. They go from the softest pale pink to rosy lips, and vibrant raspberry.


Natural Makeup Ideas

Natural-looking eye makeup for blue eyes gives you a classy look without taking attention from your blue eyes. Natural makeup helps your eyes pop, especially when you master your blending techniques. Do a soft orange creamsicle paired with nude lips and siren waves for a princess look.

Alternatively, wear warm browns in deep espresso shades and soft brown tones on the eyelids for contrast to create a smokey effect. The bohemian bride with blue eyes will love a light mauve shadow on the lids, followed by a deeper version to line the lids.


Shimmer Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Shimmer makeup is evergreen from subtle looks to glitter and sparkles. It is chic, exquisite and a great idea for bold brides. Vivacious blue-eyed brides can rock the silver glitters for an abstract expression. A golden-bronze shimmer is a soft alternative that gives a natural hue if you don’t want something dramatic.

If you love drama, pair a deep purple and violet sparkle combo with red sparkly lips to make a statement. Better still, you could do a neon pop along your lash line for a playful and fun look.


Makeup With Upper Lid Liner

One of the best ways to give your eyes definition is by lining the upper eyelids because it is a gold standard. Tailor your lid liner towards the classic style like the cat eye if you are minimalist. Simply follow your lash line from your inner to outer corners.

If you want something a bit more dramatic, the winged tip is perfect, especially for brides with monolids. Smokey upper lid liners are also beautiful while finishing with a darker shade under the lid.


Smokey Eye Ideas

You can never go wrong with blue smokey eye makeup because it gives your entire face some character. Wear a brown smokey eye paired with eyeliners and well-groomed brows for a subtle and bold look. A neutral matte smokey eye makeup is also sultry and stunning while black smokey eyes with pink lips are the perfect next-door girl look.

We also love the burgundy red smokey eye with glitters and the dramatic gold smokey eye paired with gold lipstick. Smokey eyes are suitable for every hairstyle and work for all wedding themes.

Gorgeous Ideas With Eyeliner

Eye makeup looks for blue eyes with eyeliners are fun and creative. It is a form of art that can go from really simple to wild, given its bright colors, geometric shapes, and end look. For the vintage bride, a chrome eyeliner with double wings is everything paired with nude lips.

You can do a Skyliner in ombre from dark blue to mid-tone cyan and then pure white on the upper and lower lid. You can also wear a tri liner with double wings up and one from the lower lash for a more natural-looking base. We also love the colored graphic wings, smudged halo, and thick flick.


Evening Makeup For Blue Eyes

Evening wedding makeup is more relaxed and should complement your complexion, giving it a polished look. You may need to wear more highlighter and concealer, and also a mattifying primer on your t-zone. For the eyes, a winged liner will make your eyes pop, especially when paired with sheer lip gloss.

Another option is a monochromatic nude look paired with statement earrings and tousled waves for a bold look. Alternatively, be the lady in red by getting a fiery red lip in a matte finish, false lashes, and blush eyeshadow.

Wedding Makeup In Warm Color Tones

Makeup ideas for blue eyes with color tones give a radiant finish because it has a yellow undertone. Think of coral statement-lipped pieces, shimmer metallic eyeshadows, or a palette of gold-based hues for the eternal sun-kissed effect.

Lean your eyeshadow and liners towards gold, bronze, and rust for an unending glow. You may also opt for some shades of pink and green, but be careful. You can also do bronze smokey eyes, bronzed cheeks, a touch of eyeliner, and finish with golden pink gloss.


Modish Bold Brows In Wedding Makeup

Bold brows for blue eyes are a defining and sophisticated look. If you love bold brows, ensure it stands alone or with the most minimal makeup. Your bold brows are a statement, so don’t make it compete. Also, pair this with the shape of your face so that it doesn’t look awkward.

If you have a square face, fill the brows to medium level and finish with a wide set arch. Also, ensure the tails are full and brows bruised upwards to balance the square jaw.

Wedding Makeup Looks With Rosy Blush

Subtle eye makeup for blue eyes can be enhanced by the rosy flush of cheeks. This look gives you the perfect summer look regardless of what time of the year you get married. Load up your cheekbones with a rose blush and leave other parts of your face in a dewy and natural tone.

Blend your blush with nude, pastel pink, or rosy lips for a perfect finish. This look works great with slicked-back hair, chignons, and high knots to show off your cheeks.


Makeup Looks With Bronze Tones

The best way to rock summer vibes all year round is by wearing bronze tones in your makeup. It gives you a natural and glam, tanned look that gives your skin depth and brings out your best features.

Create bronze plump lips with nude lip liners and follow with bronze lipstick and a darker shade to deepen the lip corners. Finish with lip gloss and a touch of gold highlight for that natural glow. Continue by applying bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks, and sides of your nose and blend perfectly. Then apply earth tone blushes to the cheek apples, nose tip, and chin, and finish with highlighters on your prominent face areas.

Dramatic Blue Eye Makeup

Dramatic blue eye makeup can be intimidating, but it is also very vibrant and bright, lighting up your mood. This is the perfect flirty makeup idea for brides who want to look powerful but appealing.

Start with choosing the right shades by avoiding excessively bright blues which could make your eyes look gray. Opt for cobalt and navy shades instead. Color block with shades of blue and blend the edges with a Q-tip to soften them. Pair your dramatic blues with a nude liner.

Bold Lip Makeup Looks For Brides

Bold lipsticks will always make you stand out, especially paired with blue eyes. However, you must select the right formula so that your lips don’t feel dry, faded or the lipstick erodes. Your lips can be a luminous creamy finish or matte depending on your taste in lipsticks.

Pair your bold lips with simple eye makeup for balance to maintain focus on the lipstick ideas include pairing orange-red lipstick with natural eye makeup, a chic and classic bold red in matte finish with soft eyeliner on the upper lash, or a deep burgundy red lipstick with nude eyeshadow.

Makeup Ideas With Blue Eyeliner

Wedding makeup for blue eyes with blue eyeliner is one of the coolest ways to transform your makeup look. From electric cobalt to icy turquoise, blue eyeliners are the game changers for blue eyes.

If you are going with a pastel blue eyeliner, do it in a wing on top of the eyelid for a modern twist you can also swipe an aqua blue liner under your eyes to make a statement. A winged classic cobalt blue paired with waterproof mascara or a bold abstract winged liner is very creative.

Dark Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Dark makeup for blue eyes has a seductive and mysterious appeal that you can’t overlook. You can do a romantic smokey eye with gradients from gray to deep blue, topped with dull orange.

Finish with nude lips and false lashes. Alternatively, dark dramatic makeup with deep red tones or a modern Goth look is just perfect. Pair this look with a hair down or high ponytail and a wedding jumpsuit, lace dress, or a two-piece top, and pants.


We found you some of the best makeup ideas for blue eyes, from minimalist to dramatic, gothic, elegant, simple, or glam. Flatter one of your best assets by complimenting your eye color with the appropriate makeup. Let this post inspire you to go all out for your big day.