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18 Silver Wedding Shoes For Stylish Brides


When you’re putting the finishing touches to your wedding ensemble, shoes are one of the most important considerations. Silver wedding shoes are the best choice for those who want to make their look stylish. This color is a popular an inspired and elegant choice. It is sophisticated favorite for wedding footwear and offers an alternative to traditional white. Low heeled shoes, comfortable flats and sandals are just a few of your options, and the range of materials and finishes allows you to create a highly individual look.


Photo 1-3: Low Heel Silver Wedding Shoes

Source: Jodi & Kurt Baier PhotographyJenny Moloney Photographyonelove Photography


Photo 4-6: Stylish Silver Flats For Brides

Source: Lindsay Madden Photography via InstagramBJ Matthews via InstagramDune London via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Silver Wedge Wedding Shoes

Source: Llanes Wedding PhotographyVirgil Bunao PhotographyMarianne Wilson Photography


Photo 10-12: Sparkle Silver Bridal Shoes

Source: Judy Pak Studio Photography via Instagram, Jimmy ChooKirill & Irina Photography


Photo 13-15: Comfortable Silver Bridal Shoes

Source: BG Productions Photography & VideographyJay Kowalik PhotographyStudio 29 Photography

Photo 16-18: Silver Wedding Sandals

Source: Heather Roth Fine Art Photography, Photoshoots Vallarta, Brandy Angel Photography