Groom Attire: 18 Bohemian Outfits + Advice

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Choosing appropriate groom attire is a popular topic these days. Only a short while ago, groomsmen were restricted to standard tuxedos or matching suits with the groom. Today’s weddings are often much more casual with exciting modern themes, such as boho, beach and rustic, that allow for a lot more creativity.

To help you get acclimated to modern groom attire options for various seasons and settings. The bohemian wedding theme has become exceedingly popular, which we are going to focus on today. We’re about to provide you with samples and inspiration that will inform your decisions about fitting in with various levels of formality and bride expectations, and the accessories that will help you establish a unique look of your own.

As you review these samples, keep in mind that boho weddings also include a great deal of emotion and attitude, it’s not just a look. Boho fabrics, items, and imagery relate to spirituality and free-spiritedness, which should always be considered.

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Groom Wedding Attire With Suspenders

Adding suspenders to your casual wedding groom attire is a simple way to establish elegance and reverence for the past. If you consider this an attractive option, there is some suspender etiquette you should be aware of. Brush up on suspender rules to ensure proper look and fitment.



Bow Ties Ideas For Groom

Bow ties have enjoyed a recent revitalization, especially among boho wedding enthusiasts. It’s come in all manner of sizes, colors, textures, and patterns. So, they are perfectly suited for casual men’s wedding attire for groom and groomsmen, more formal wedding themes, and everything in between.



Casual Groom Attire

Casual groom wedding attire provides a lot of flexibility. Grooms can choose to ditch the jacket, drop the tie, open a few buttons, and go sockless (or even shoeless) depending on the venue and theme. A simple dress shirt with added suspenders or a vest and a few accessories can establish a proper wedding look while retaining comfort and your personal style.



Groom Beach Wedding Attire

Beach and other outdoor summer weddings require a more relaxed approach to groom wedding attire. You can dress as casually or formally (and skip the socks while you’re at it) as you like, but the fabrics and color choices are more significant in the summer heat. Choose seersucker, chambray, linen, or other lightweight fabrics combined with light colors that don’t absorb the heat.


Boho Men’s Suits With Vest

Depending on the vest you choose, grooms can establish an ultra-formal vintage look or naturally casual appearance. Wedding themes that draw from the past, consider the addition of vintage accessories such as a pocket watch or substantial tie clip. For a more boho casual look, lose the tie and choose a simple boutonniere.



Groom Attire With Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres can be simple, or simply amazing. An elaborate bohemian boutonniere formed from peacock feathers and exotic flowers can transform a common dress shirt into a complete look. Most commonly, boutonnieres are a natural way to create visual unity with the bride by choosing the same arrangement as her bouquet.

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