21 Groomsmen Attire Color Trends For 2024 + FAQs

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Men have a special task at hand. Groomsmen attire needs to be distinctly nicer than the rest of the guests, but slightly less stunning than the grooms. That’s a tricky balance to accomplish. But, with our groom and groomsmen attire advice and samples, we will show you how to look your best for a variety of wedding themes and seasons. Comfort, modern fabrics and colors, and the evolution of style will all be considered to ensure that not only will you look great, but you’ll also feel great.


Communication is key to this process. The goal is to mimic or complement the groom’s look to come off as a well-oiled team, and to fall within the couple’s expected level of formality. To that end, it’s always best to understand what the wedding theme and venue are, and what the groom will be wearing first.

Follow along and pay attention to the finer details so that the inspiration you collect results in your perfect groomsman look.

Grey Color For Groomsmen Attire

Bright white and start black are a little too much for many wedding themes. The perfect compromise? Light grey! This tone makes for some casual groom attire perfect for the beach or garden, or any casual indoor venue. The light color provides grooms and groomsmen with some cheer and levity. Accessories can increase or decrease the formality of the overall look.

Expert Tip
Which fabrics are suitable for each season?
Wool, flannel, and tweed, with their versatility, are ideal for fall, winter, and early spring. they provide excellent insulation, keeping you warm in cooler temperatures while remaining breathable. For spring and summer, cotton is an excellent choice. Its lightweight and breathable nature allows for air circulation, ensuring you stay cool even in warmer weather. Linen and seersucker, known for their exceptional breathability and lightweight feel, is perfect for the peak of summer


White Groomsmen Outfits

There’s something about white wedding suits for men that simply can’t be emulated in any other condition. It’s fresh, it’s powerful yet relaxed, and (best of all) it achieves harmony with the bride’s white gown. The added benefit is that white groomsmen attire protects you from the outdoor heat extremely well.


Blue Groom Suits

If you are looking for a shade for men wedding suits that is elegant and fun at the same time, look no further than any shade of blue. Ditch the tie for a cool beach look, or apply all of the accessories for the perfect summer wedding look.


Tan Groomsmen Suits

Neutral tones do not have to be boring. Tan mens wedding attire can be completely transformed with a simple splash of color. The right boutonniere, shirt, pocket square, and tie combination can achieve a look that will stunningly fit into any wedding theme.


Charcoal Groom Suits To Be Smart

Sometimes black groom wedding attire is too hot and too formal. Sometimes light grey isn’t quite formal enough. The solution? Charcoal grey of course. Although grey is regarded as a fairly casual color for a mens wedding suits, darker shades offer highly dignified results for grooms.

Elegant Black Men’s Suits

Black is the natural starting point for your search for groomsmen and groom attire. Men almost immediately picture the classic tuxedo when imagining a classy traditional wedding. However, black wedding suits for groom are so closely associated with stern, formal boardrooms and funerals, that they are usually only appropriate for certain wedding themes such as evening or winter events.


Turquoise Groom Attire Ideas

Turquoise groomsmen’s attire is a modern take that adds a lot of freshness and vigor to wedding wear. An entire suit made of this color would be an eyesore, but a splash of turquoise on a tie, vest, or pocket square is a great way to establish some exciting contrast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What color should the groom’s tie be?

Grooms are always encouraged to wear a tie. The color and texture should be coordinated with the wedding theme’s color pallet as well as the bride’s accent colors. The groom’s tie color should also complement the shirt, jacket, or vest being worn.

It’s common practice that groomsmen will wear similar ties, but of different colors to allow the groom to stand out.

What Is The Most Popular Suit Color?

  • Navy blue men’s suits are essential. Even if this choice isn’t in the cards for your theme, it’s a wardrobe staple that you simply can’t live without.
  • Charcoal grey groom suits are the universal choice for all grooms. This option pairs perfectly with all shirts and tie colors and textures, fits in with most wedding themes, and well in all seasons.
  • Medium grey groom suits allow you to play with color to your heart’s content. Feel free to experiment with crazy socks, unexpected shoes, flat or textured ties, and vivid shirts. Meanwhile, your suit will keep things firmly planted in the realm of sophistication.
  • Light grey suits carry the same command for respect as their dark grey counterparts but with an added air of easygoing freshness. The perfect choice for slightly casual outdoor events.
  • Bright blue suits are for the daring groom. This playful hue shows off how happy you are on your big day and accentuates your giant smile. Being fairly new, this bleeding edge of fashion gives you the license to experiment with all manner of boutonnieres, pocket squares, and other accessories.
  • Dark brown groom suits are quite rare and nontraditional, making it the perfect choice for trend blazers and hyper-confident men. Match it with other earth tones to keep it a classy affair, or dress it up with dazzling colors for modern wedding themes.
  • Tan groom suits feel most at home with rustic, barn, and boho wedding themes. Inexplicably, tan suits hold an old-world appeal that simply wreaks off wholesome values.
  • Patterned. If you are the adventurous type, why not go off-script? Patterned groom suits allow you to be unique with your choice of stripes, diamonds, checkers, and all manner of exciting prints.

What Suit Should A Groom Wear?

Traditional weddings call for the groom to wear a tuxedo, complete with cufflinks, a vest, a pocket square, and a tie pin. All of the formal accessories should be included. For other wedding themes, the groom’s attire should coordinate with the chosen color pallet, season, and venue.