18 Black Wedding Suit Ideas [2024 Guide + FAQs]

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After months of social distancing and wearing jogging pants during Zoom meetings, men around the country are screaming for an excuse to be fancy. Weddings are the excuse you’ve been looking for.


Black wedding suits are nothing new. They’ve been around forever and have been the height of sophistication for as long as we can remember. What is new are the fabrics, the cuts, the accessories, and the versatility.

It’s been a while since you last wore a black suit to a wedding. There are a few different approaches you may not be familiar with and style has evolved over the past few years. Let’s get you caught up.


Tuxedo Wedding Black Suits

The first option you should consider, especially if you’re the groom, is the classic tuxedo. This timeless black suit for wedding offers immediate sophistication. Emphasize or dress down the class with your choice of vest or not, standard or bow tie, and black or stark white shirt. This look should be reserved for the more traditional wedding themes.

Expert Tip
Do I need customized options? What preferences can be taken into account?
Customizations are very useful and important, especially if you wish to create a unique look that reflects your personality. You can customize your suit by choosing the fabric color, the cut of the model, the details, such as using contrasting fabrics on edges and piping, as well as choosing different buttons and pairing them with the accessories you like the most, choosing from wide ties, bow ties, lapel pins, cufflinks, chains.


Velvet Black Suit Wedding Groom

Grooms are in luck during colder months. It’s easy to stay warm with your wardrobe choices. Pile on the layers to achieve the ultimate level of refinement while providing yourself with the tools to keep a comfortable temperature.

To take it to the next level, choose a velvet black suit for men wedding. Not only does this fabric keep you warm, but it also looks warm. The romantic type of warm. There’s a certain softness to the fabric that is very easy on the eyes. Plus, it feels nice.

Expert Tip
How can the groom's attire coordinate with the groomsman's outfits while ensuring he stands out?
While groomsmen can wear matching outfits, the groom can stand out through distinctive details like a unique tie, boutonniere, or accessory. Utilizing contrasting accessories, such as a different pattern or color, adds a layer of individuality without disrupting overall cohesion. Varied suit styles, like a three-piece suit for the groom and two-piece suits for the groomsmen, create a visual distinction while maintaining a cohesive look.


Black Suit Ideas For Wedding With Vest

The addition of a vest can completely transform the look of a mens black wedding suit. Wear it under a jacket to make a statement. The combination of color and pattern you choose will define your look’s personality. Or, skip the jacket. A casual outdoor wedding receives an instant injection of sophistication with a well-fitted vest.


All Black Wedding Suits

Black on black suit wedding is both edgy and the height of suaveness. All black suit wedding consists of a black jacket on a black shirt with a black tie. This combo has a certain ‘secret agent’ look to it. Throw in a black cumberbund and the bride will be swooning in no time.

To make the look your own, surprise your audience with a brightly colored or start white pocket square.


Black And White Wedding Suits

The black and white suit for wedding will never go out of style. The black jacket white shirt, and black tie may sound a little simple. In reality, it looks dapper AF. If you simply can’t live without a little bit of color, no problem. Feel free to incorporate a pocket square, or boutonniere, or to play around with your belt and shoes. Black and white suit wedding for a traditional and classic wedding.


Black And Red Suit For Wedding

Grooms have been adding a splash of red to their black wedding suits for years, and it’s only getting stronger. A red and black wedding suit can be a combo of colored ties, shirts, suspenders, shoes, and accessories. The trick is to be subtle. Red is a powerful color, especially against black. Use it sparingly to avoid overwhelming the eyes. Black and red wedding suits are a really interesting choice for your big day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider any specific accessories?

Accessories play a crucial role in completing your look. Consider options like cufflinks, a stylish watch, a classic black bow tie, or a boutonniere that matches your wedding theme to enhance your black suit to wedding.

What color shirt is best with a black suit?

When wearing a black tie wedding suit, there are only a few opportunities to introduce a little color. If you are part of the wedding party, you may not have much say in the matter. The theme and official wedding color palette will likely dictate what you use.

If you are a guest, keep it simple. Go with gray which allows for a wide range of tie choices. If you aren’t wearing a tie or want to make more of a statement, you can’t go wrong with classic blue. Blue can fit into casual through formal wedding styles.

Which color shoes with a wedding suit black?

There are a few rules of thumb to follow when matching shoes with suits. For black suit wedding, black shoes, Navy suit, black, brown or burgundy shoes. Gray suit. black, dark brown, or burgundy shoes. These rules apply when your goal is to follow tradition. If your goal is to achieve a rebellious, unique, or unexpected look, go ahead. Break the rules.