Unique Fabrics And Styles Of Dresses To Wear With Cowboy Boots At A Wedding

dresses to wear with cowboy boots at a wedding
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If you’re unsure about what dresses to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding, allow us to share some of our favorites.

Whether you’ve been invited to a western-themed wedding or you are the bride herself at such a wedding, you might consider the allure of sexy cowboy boots to add to your outfit. Cowboy boots are stepping up and becoming a trend at Western weddings and can be a great look when paired with just the right dress.


What To Consider If You Decide Wearing Cowboy Shoes To A Wedding

Wearing cowboy boots at a wedding is a great idea, no doubt. However, it is important to consider certain factors such as, what type of dresses to wear with cowboy boots for a wedding, among others.

  • Dress style: your style of dress is important with cowboy boots. Shorter dresses that stop above the knee or mid-thigh are a great option as they can show off the boots. Other options include dresses with high slits or high-low dresses.
  • Location: The location of your wedding is also another factor to consider as a hot and tropical wedding location might not be as suited for boots as a place with milder temperatures.
  • Wedding theme: Cowboy boots are a great option for western or even boho-themed weddings, but not often the footwear of choice for black tie or contemporary weddings.


How To Choose Cowboy Boots For A Wedding

Sometimes it’s not about finding the right western dresses to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding. You might have to match the boots to the dress instead. So, when choosing the perfect boots, consider these.

  • Dress length: the length of the dress should dictate the type of boots you get. Short or Chelsea boots will work for mid-length dresses and ankle boots for mini or short above-the-knee dresses.
  • Dress color: the color of the boots needs to complement whatever dress you are wearing for that perfect wedding day look.
  • Boots heel height: consider comfort when getting your boots, so choose a heel height that is stylish and yet practical for an event that might take the whole day.
  • Accessories: You want a balance with your look, so if you’ll be wearing gold accessories, you don’t want boots with silver accents. Every part of your outfit should be complimentary.
  • Groom’s outfit: Apart from your look being complimentary, you might want to complement the groom’s look as well. Might you prefer to get tan boots if he’s wearing tan shoes, or suede boots if his shoes are of a similar fabric?



Dresses To Wear With Cowboy Boots To A Wedding: Inspiring Ideas

Silk Gowns

Combining the soft elegance of silk dresses with cowboy boots is an edgy style on its own. One that you can wear effortlessly and still exude sophistication. Midi silk dresses with short boots or mini dresses with ankle boots will be a great look. Longer dresses with thigh-high slits are also a sexy and fun way to show off your cowboy wedding boots.



Boho Dresses

Tulle, lace, or even chiffon are all great fabrics for a boho themed wedding. Floral dresses are also quite common for this type of affair and look great combined with cowboy boots. If you’d much prefer long dresses to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding, you could consider any of these fabrics.

From farm chic long dresses to body-hugging lace or flowy chiffon. Short dresses are a great look too especially for warmer days. Add that perfect pair of ankle boots and you are good to go.


High-Low Dresses To Wear With Cowboy Boots

A great way to show off those cowboy boots without resorting to a mini or short dress is with a high-low dress. High-low dresses are a lovely choice for a western or non-traditional wedding. You can keep the required dress length at the back, and rock the short front that shows off your western style footwear. This is the perfect choice for that edgy bride that’s all about the unique and unconventional.

Lace Apparels

Lace dresses are always a great look for weddings. An elegant fabric that would look even more unique paired with carefully selected cowboy boots. Whether you need a wedding gown as the bride, or a stylish dress as a wedding guest, the delicate fabric of lace dresses would be perfect. If you’re attending a rustic, boho, or western themed wedding, this would be the opportunity to add those cowboy boots.

A short dress would be perfect to show off the boots, but you could also choose a longer option with a short front as the high low dress, or a dress with a thigh high slit.


Outfits With Split

Whether you’re choosing long lace dresses to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding or any other fabric even, you should consider one with a slit. A high slit dress will not only be easy to maneuver, it’s also more stylish and helps show off your unique choice of footwear.

Combine country girl fashion with a hint of that modern style with that peekaboo slit that reveals just enough every time you move. So, with a high slit to the rescue, you are not doomed to wear a short dress just because you’re wearing boots as well.

Short Dresses

Short, mini dresses are always a cute choice for a wedding, and there are so many styles to choose from. Depending on the type of wedding, you could consider short, western long sleeve dresses to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding.

The key with short dresses on such a special day is to make sure they are more formal looking than casual. Add short or knee high cowboy boots with the same level of formality, and you should have a winning look.


Outfits To Wear With Cowboy Boots Or Cowboy hats

For a true western look, you don’t have to stop at the boots, you can consider a cowboy hat as well. Whether you’re having a rustic, boho, or country style wedding, cowboy hats will do just fine to complement your look. A great idea would be for your boots to be the same color as your hat and you are sure to pull it off just fine.

When planning your day, you won’t have much time to worry about what dresses to wear with cowboy boots to a wedding. With this guide and tips, you should be able to find that perfect look that’s nestled comfortably between sophisticated, stylish, and down to earth in only the best of ways. Pull off that statement look with feminine wedding dresses paired with edgy cowboy boots that would say you are anything but an ordinary bride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to wear cowboy boots to a wedding?

Cowboy boots can be an outstanding addition to a wedding look and are perfectly fine to wear on such a special day. If you are looking to make a statement as you walk down the aisle, or you’re attending a western-themed wedding, then cowboy boots make a great choice.

What boots look good with dresses?

Ankle boots, Chelsea boots, and other short boots often look great with dresses. Many types of dresses look great with boots and ankle boots are the most popular to pair with dresses in all seasons.