21 High Low Wedding Dresses — 2024 Guide + FAQs

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High low wedding dresses are the answer for brides who can’t decide between a long or short wedding gown. This offers the best of both worlds. Wedding dresses hig low are a little unconventional. So, if your wedding theme is firmly traditional you may want to avoid this option.


Otherwise, you can look forward to a unique look defined by beauty and charm and offer plenty of mobility for when the dance music drops. Another attractive bonus is how prominent this cut of the wedding dress makes your shoes appear. If shoes are a significant component of your wedding day ensemble, you are going to love high low dresses wedding.

There are a lot of variations to this dress, so follow along and we’ll teach you all about the general concept and provide you with some incredible examples that are a perfect fit for your personal taste, style, venue, and wedding theme. Scroll on to find simple, romantic, country, and wholesome versions of the exciting sexy high low wedding dresses.


High Low Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace high-low wedding dresses lace are stunning.  Try to add a little sex appeal and romance to your wedding day look. These high low lace wedding dresses in particular are great examples of formal wedding gowns that are excitingly unique and memorable.


High Low Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

High low wedding dresses long sleeves offer a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. Incorporating sleeves infuses an air of sophistication, making high-low wedding dresses a prime selection for brides seeking a distinctive and chic appearance on their significant day.



Beach High Low Wedding Dresses

Exposed legs and bare feet are perfect for the beach, making this style ideal for summer destination weddings. As you can see with these high low beach wedding dresses the style ranges from casual to formal and everywhere in between. Just make sure that the fabric you choose is light and breathes well.

According to Luly Yang, a premier couture designer, many fabrics work well for high-low: chiffon, crepe, and silk taffeta for flow and movement. These luxurious textures not only add a touch of sophistication but also introduce a beautiful, graceful quality to the dress. For a more structured fabric, the opulence of brocade or the crispness of Mikado proves to be an exceptional choice. These fabrics not only bestow the dress with a heightened sense of volume but also lend a structural integrity that accentuates the high-low silhouette.



Simple High Low Wedding Dresses

Simple high low style wedding dresses are ideal for outdoor events such as boho and beach weddings. Exposed legs keep you cool while the flowing fabric will interact with the wind and add some drama to your movement and wedding photos. The lack of texture, lines, and patterns opens the door to many accessories without worrying about being too busy.

Speaking of accessories…  Premier couture designer, Luly Yang, says in cases where your gown boasts no train, the canvas opens to a myriad of possibilities. Opting for a shorter or floor-length veil complements the absence of a train, ensuring that the veil harmonizes seamlessly with the dynamic silhouette of the high-low dress. The interplay of veil length and gown design becomes a nuanced decision, allowing the bride to curate a look that exudes personalized charm.


Vintage High Low Wedding Dresses

Vintage style high low wedding dresses are naturally a little bit rebellious, so why not push the envelope? High low vintage wedding dresses bring all of the romance and intrigue of past eras to life. Combining the style with modern fabrics is a joyful way to create something truly unique.

Expert Tip
What are some key considerations when choosing a high low wedding dress?
At the core of this decision lies the essence of showcasing the legs and shoes, choosing footwear as an important consideration. Elevate your ensemble by opting for a statement shoe that complements the overall design, turning your high-low gown into a canvas of sophistication. Additionally, one of the advantages of a high-low silhouette is the versatility it offers. Embrace the opportunity to change your shoes throughout the wedding, allowing for multiple looks that seamlessly transition with the various facets of your celebration.

Country High Low Wedding Dresses

High low country wedding dresses provide a down-to-earth look, but that doesn’t mean a complete departure from tradition. The traditional A-frame combined with an unexpected hemline makes for a unique and fun aesthetic. The diagonal lines imply movement and action, creating a youthful, energetic appeal. Country style high low wedding dresses are especially attractive in outdoor settings.


High Low Wedding Guest Dresses

For a wedding guest, finding the perfect dress means striking the right balance between elegance and comfort. High-low dresses wedding guest offer a chic solution, blending sophistication with a touch of whimsy. With their shorter front hemline and longer back, they exude charm while allowing freedom of movement. From vibrant floral prints to classic monochrome, there are high low dresses for wedding guests to suit every wedding style and guest’s preference.

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Brides Often Ask

What is a high-low dress?

A high-low wedding dress is a gown that features a shorter hemline in the front, typically above the knees, while maintaining a longer, traditional-length train in the back.

What body types do high-low wedding dresses flatter?

High-low dresses can be flattering for various body types. They are especially popular for brides who want to showcase their legs and create the illusion of height.