32 Wedding Vintage Shoes For Classic Brides

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As you prepare for the wedding, perfection comes to mind for your venue, decor, catering, and overall ensemble. And if you’re a bride who loves blasts from the past, vintage wedding shoes will appeal to you.


They are fashionable, trendy, and making a steady comeback. If you love vintage, we’ve curated an interesting list of shoes for a vintage wedding dress. Find your booties, blue shoes, ivory, heels, and more in this post. Walk effortlessly down the aisle in a rare find from this post.


High Heel Vintage Shoes

High heel vintage inspired wedding shoes for a bride are the ultimate elegance. Get the best of both worlds in classy heels and stunning style. For instance, a pointy-toe pump made from unique embroidered see-through panels and a metallic gold stiletto is classic. We also love the idea of strappy heels in cute colors like millennial pink. Want to grab some attention, opt for heels with embellishments like a pair of burgundy stilettos with metallic stars.


Low Heel Shoes In Vintage Style

Vintage wedding shoes low heel combines chic and comfort. You’ll bring a unique casual charm to your big day with a pair of gladiator lace-up sandals on a lace dress.

We also adore the metallic geometric heels marriage with a canary yellow wedding dress. This get-up gives all the cheery vibe for summer. You can also wear colorful floral vintage low heel wedding shoes perfect for a bohemian fete of garden-themed weddings.

Expert Tip
How do you determine the appropriate heel height for your wedding shoes?
We offer three main heel heights for our customers: A low 6cm heel. This offers maximum comfort whilst still giving a little extra height so your wedding gown is elongated. Our 8cm middle heel height offers the best of both worlds. It elongates the legs and gown whilst also maintaining comfort. Our highest heel is 10cm. This heel height is for the woman who is confidently walking in heels and needs that extra height for her special day.


Flat Shoe Ideas

Dance the night away in a pair of vintage wedding shoes flats. You can comfortably wear them without sacrificing style and comfort. Wear very long dresses if you don’t want them to show. However, wearing a nude pair of ballet slippers down the aisle wouldn’t matter. Pouf flats are also great ideas, especially blush pink and pastel colors.

You may also wear metallic tasseled fringe sandals, especially for beach weddings. We also adore the popular refined sheer wedding shoes with floral appliques that add a delicate touch to your look.


Vintage Bridal Booties

When you talk of edgy and rocker-chic looks, vintage wedding shoe booties come into the equation. They’re not only protective but stylish, balanced, and versatile. Try a pair of open-to-booties bedazzled with pearl and crystal beadwork on high-low gowns. You can also bring some confidence to the venue in tough faux crocodile, cream double buckle booties.

Want to combine dainty chic and country girls? Opt for boots with grids of crystal, rhinestone beading, or rustic sandal lace boots juxtaposed against an all-white wedding dress.


Lace Wedding Shoes

Vintage lace wedding shoes are feminine and romantic and work well with silk, lace, tulle, and organza wedding dresses. For a ballroom wedding, rock cream-colored sheer lace closed-toe shoes with white and gold embellishments and patterns. Alternatively, sheer gold lace peep toe paired with ankle straps and blue bottoms are romantic and refined.

If you want to throw it back to the Victorian era, lace-up ivory peep toe wedding booties with sheer lace are everything fashionable. But if you’re more concerned about balance and style, a pair of ivory peep toe lace wedding booties with kitten block heels and a ribbon bow at the back is chic and romantic.

Vintage Ivory Wedding Shoes

Ivory vintage wedding shoes color are arguably the most popular for weddings. The idea is to match it with the wedding dress and beautiful styles around. Opt for a bold art deco look with ivory-colored wedding sandals laced with rhinestones and thin straps. The ivory and gold combination chic gold combination with metallic straps and peep toes gives a shiny and glam look. Wear this pair for a rich traditional wedding and you’ll stand out.


Vintage Gold Shoes Wedding

Vintage gold wedding shoes are favorites for brides with a traditional sensibility. This vintage shoe color gravitates toward classic wedding dresses with minimal embellishments. For a beach wedding, choose stylish espadrilles or block heels with pure leather. But if you’re in a ballroom, black tie, or hosting a destination wedding, opt for lace and pumps with eternal sparkle.

Brides with a traditional sensibility will gravitate toward classic silhouettes with minimal embellishments. Beach brides should opt for comfortable yet stylish espadrilles or block heels. For statement-making brides, pumps with all-over sparkle are a no-brainer and a befitting choice for a black-tie wedding.

Blue Vintage Wedding Shoes

There’s no better way to register something blue than a pair of vintage blue wedding shoes. They add a playful pop of color to your wedding dress and you even get your money’s worth post-wedding. Formal brides would love a pair of classic navy pumps, velvet material, or glittery details.

However, minimalist brides may prefer simple silhouettes with illusion straps. Boho brides on the other hand would opt for laid-back varieties crafted from airy fibers like jute and woven raffia. Whatever your choice, you’ll look fashionable.


Brides Often Ask

What Is The Difference Between Vintage Shoes And Classic Ones?

Vintage shoes are decorated with floral appliques and patterns, lace, and embellishments that grab attention. But you can also look classic in vintage-style wedding shoes because they’re detailed.

Can I wear vintage wedding shoes with a modern wedding dress?

Yes, vintage wedding shoes for brides can complement modern wedding dresses beautifully. Mixing styles can add a unique and personal touch to your overall bridal look. Consider factors like color coordination and the overall theme of your wedding when making your choice.

What are popular vintage wedding shoe styles?

Popular vintage style wedding shoes include T-strap heels, Mary Janes, lace-up boots, and dainty flats. Each era has its unique styles, so explore options that resonate with the overall theme of your wedding.