24 Winter Wedding Dresses/Outfits + Faqs

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Winter weddings are ideal for brides. The season itself is a very romantic time of year, but it also has the benefit of allowing enthusiastic brides to plan an entire ensemble rather than just the gown! That’s right, there are layers at play here, allowing you to plan a gorgeous gown, stunning accessories, and regal furs or out outer wraps. Strap in and check out these winter wedding dress outfits.


Jaws will drop and your photographer will love you. Keep scrolling to find gorgeous indoor wedding gowns and stunning outdoor ensembles.
We have to apologize in advance. If you’ve been planning a spring, summer, or fall wedding and you stumbled upon this post, we’re about to shake your world up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are winter wedding colors?

Winter wedding colors are palettes that blend in with the season’s natural hues, or contrast them in a complimentary manner. The most popular combination of frosty and deep blues, reds and burgundies, and emerald greens seek to create a regal appearance.

Can you wear a sleeveless wedding dress in winter?

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, the entire appeal of winter weddings is usually structured around opposites. Red and green, fire and ice, and – in this case – warm and cool are extremely appropriate choices. Beyond that, this choice is very practical. A sleeveless wedding dress allows you to stay cool indoors and provides protection from the elements when it’s time to wander outside.


Top Winter Wedding Dresses

The best wedding dresses possess a lot of ornate detail, a flowing flourish, and a delicate sensibility. These samples can fit brides of all style types and represent the spirit of winter weddings perfectly.


Bohemian Winter Wedding Outfits

One of a winter wedding’s most powerful appeals is the ability to transport you to another time and place. These boho winter wedding dresses demonstrate how a few choices can quickly add up to a bohemian fairytale experience.


A-Line Winter Bridal Gowns

A-line wedding dresses are traditional wedding silhouettes. They are super comfortable and do an excellent job at complimenting virtually every body type. This is why they are so popular. Winter brides have the added bonus of choosing a subtle tint of color to contrast with the pure white snow.


Bridal Gowns With Cozy Coat

There are plenty of cozy coats for brides to choose from to complete their outfits for winter wedding dresses. Some are fancy, some are casual, and some are a complete surprise. These samples demonstrate comfort, innocence, and a lot of detailed interest.

Long-Sleeve Winter Wedding Dresses

Think of adding sleeves to a wedding gown as adding 2 more opportunities to add more detail, beauty, and interest to your overall wedding dress design and photoshoot. These samples, for example, clearly demonstrate layers of emotion rather than just a pretty dress


Lace Winter Bridal Dresses

Every snowflake is unique, delicate, and beautiful, just like these dresses for a winter wedding. Lace details embody the charm of a snowflake and provide winter brides with wearable beauty that matches the beauty they already possess.

Simple Winter Bridal Gowns

Winter is clean and pure and it’s a time for renewal and new beginnings. Sometimes the best approach to capture this spirit is with simplicity. These simple winter wedding dresses allow the beauty of the bride to shine.


Wedding Gowns With Fur

Saving the best winter wedding dress outfits for last, winter wedding dresses with fur and capes are the apex of fashion. If there’s ever been a good excuse for this level of drama, this is it! Take a look and get inspired.