Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas: Guide For 2024 + Expert Tips

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The wedding theme and venue should be a factor in choosing your bridesmaid makeup. It should be tastful, but not too bright. Makeup fo bridesmaid can be tricky and original, but should be on-point with other bridesmaids. Also better to discuss your look with the bride, so you will not clash.


Obviously, getting your makeup right can be a challenge, but we are here to help you! We’ve collected trendy and super-stunning makeup looks for bridesmaid. Look below to be inspired and find best ideas for bridesmaid makeup!

Brides Often Ask

Who should pay for the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup?

There has been much debate as to who pays for the bridal party makeup. There are three popular scenarios.
1. Bride pays for the hair stylist as well as wedding party makeup as a thank you to her bridal party.
2. Bride pays for hair styling; bridesmaids pay for bridesmaid makeup.
3. Bride schedules the makeup artist and hairstylist, but the bridesmaids each cover their own cost, or split the total cost.


Bridesmaid Makeup Looks

There are timeless bridesmaid makeup looks that never go out of style. You can never go wrong with classic makeup or natural makeup.

However, if you’re looking for trendy bridesmaids makeup ideas for 2024, you should embrace neutral eyeshadows; dramatic, long lashes; rosy cheeks, and bold lip colors.

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Bridesmaid Eye Makeup

Next to lip color, bridesmaid eye makeup stands out the most. There are dozens of ways to accentuate your eyes from smokey eye makeup to lash extensions to winged eyeliner. For a fall or winter wedding, matte colors are stunning while pastels are ideal for spring and summer.


Makeup For Blue Eyes

Bridesmaids with blue eyes always look amazing in bridesmaid makeup blue eyes. For brides with blue eyes, there are several options available. Options like muted shades or bright ones, all depend on what kind of wedding you want to attend. On the wedding day, bridesmaids should wear the perfect shades of makeup to complement their face shape.

When choosing your bridesmaid makeup, consider your blue eye color and skin tone. If you want a more dramatic look, choose a bold shade of blue that will contrast with their natural coloring. If you prefer something more natural, opt for a muted hue that blends well with your skin tone. Again, if you do not want your blue-eyed girls looking tired, opt for bright blue eyeshadows or lipsticks, they would look great on the bridesmaid.


For Bridesmaids Brown Eyes

Bridesmaids with brown eyes should also have their eyes lined and shadowed to accentuate their features and create a more defined look. For example, if you have long lashes and natural dark eyes, then line them first with a dark brown pencil (if they are very fair) or black kohl pencil (if they are very dark).

Then lightly apply a neutral shade of shadow over the top to enhance their eyes and give them depth. Finally, add some false lashes to finish off this look well. Bridesmaid makeup brown eyes make bridesmaids look more attractive because brown isn’t intense, so it won’t make them look duller or tired.

Wedding Makeup For Green Eyes

Bridesmaid makeup green eyes is a great way to add color to the wedding day. Green eyes makeup are always in style, so if you want green eyes, this is one of the easiest makeup looks to pull off. You can even use green eyeshadow as an accent color or a highlight on your lid if you like.

You can also mix it up using a bright green lip color instead of eye shadow alone. Bridesmaids can wear this color for outdoor weddings like beachside weddings or rustic and boho weddings.


Bridesmaid Makeup Smokey Eyes

Bridesmaid makeup smokey eye looks great on any skin tone, and it is easy enough that anyone can do it. Apply shadow above the crease of your eye with a dense brush like an angled liner brush or a crease brush, then apply mascara on top and let it dry for about 5 minutes before applying any liquid eyeliner or matte lipstick over it.

The smokey eyes shade is another versatile shade that can look good on any bridesmaid and fits into several wedding themes. The key here is getting everything smooth.

Classic Bridesmaid Makeup

You can’t go wrong with classic bridesmaid makeup! The classic look is timeless and elegant! This look is perfect for almost any wedding venue. Use clean eyeliner, subtle shades of brown, and soft lipstick for a chic and refined look.


Unique Makeup Ideas


Looking for unique ideas for bridesmaid makeup? Dramatic looks such as bright eyeshadow and lipstick are perfect for a luxurious wedding. And glitter is always fun! Boho chic, goth, steampunk, and other unique themed weddings call for special looks. Do some research so you can adjust your bridal party makeup look to fit the wedding theme.

Glam Bridesmaid Makeup

Looking for glamorous bridesmaid makeup ideas for an extravagant affair? Golds, silvers, and bronzes are the perfect makeup look for formal and sophisticated weddings. Shimmery eyeshadow and glossy lips will look elegant with perfectly contoured cheekbones.


Natural Makeup For Bridesmaid

One of the best ways not to outshine the bride is to opt for natural bridesmaid makeup. This is suitable for informal weddings. Natural makeup looks for bridesmaids are soft looks with medium foundation,  and a light layer of mascara, brush, and eyeliner. For a dewy look, use a pearlescent liquid illuminator. A light lipstick will complete the look.

Makeup In Gold Tones

Gold is an elegant shade that works well with almost any type of wedding theme or outfit. The bridesmaids who will be wearing this color can use other color shades like black to complement it or tone it down if they want light bridesmaid makeup. Gold accessories will complement the color, but if you are not sure how much gold you want in your look, try wearing a few pieces of gold jewelry instead.

Gold jewelry also looks great when paired with any other color in your bridal party’s makeup. Bridesmaids can make their gold bridesmaid makeup look more beautiful by adding some sparkle to it.

Rose Gold Makeup

Bridesmaids who want to wear rose gold makeup for a wedding should keep this in mind while designing their makeup; if you want to create a theme out of roses, take a look at some rose gold dresses and other items that can go well with it. You can also use accessories like earrings and bracelets to match the dress color scheme.

Rose gold bridesmaid makeup looks stunning on any skin tone, so bridesmaids who want to rock this makeup shade do not have to worry about their skin tone. This makeup also fits into any wedding theme, depending on how the bridesmaids create the look.

Pink Bridesmaid Makeup

Pink is a beautiful color for bridesmaids to rock during weddings, and it is one of the best bridesmaid makeup ideas in recent times. It is bright and cheerful, making it perfect for summer weddings. This color also works well with other shades of pink, such as rose or coral, and will look great with everything from dresses to accessories.

Boho and rustic bridesmaids can make a statement with some glittery eyeshadow while modern or formal bridesmaids never go wrong with nude eyeshadow for their pink bridesmaid makeup.

Purple Bridesmaid Makeup

Purple is a great color choice for your bridesmaids because it looks great on most bridesmaids. There are many different shades of purple that bridesmaids can mix and match with one another to create an array of options. If you want to keep things simple, try wearing purple lip gloss or blush alongside your other bridesmaid makeup to add a pop of color without overdoing it. Purple bridesmaid makeup looks stunning with accessories to match.

Soft Bridesmaid Makeup

Another option for the natural look is soft makeup ideas for bridesmaids. Soft hues and light lip colors are perfect for a romantic setting. From backyard weddings to vineyards and seaside weddings, you can never go wrong with soft and subtle!

Glossy Skin Wedding Makeup

How about glossy makeup for bridesmaids? Glossy makeup is flattering on all skin textures and types. This look is ideal for coastal weddings. Another advantage of the glossy look is that it captures the light perfectly for photos!

Simple Makeup Ideas

Simple bridesmaid makeup looks are ideal if your bridal party is wearing an extravagant bridesmaid gown, statement jewelry, or an elegant hair piece. For those looks, you want a tone-downed look such as a soft rose gold, natural makeup, or soft, subtle hues.

DIY Makeup

Looking to save your money with DIY wedding makeup?

Here are some tips on how to do bridesmaid makeup!

  • Don’t forget the foundation
  • Use a finishing powder and bronzer
  • Match the blush to your skin tone
  • Define your eyebrows
  • Don’t forget eyeliner and mascara
  • Choose a lipstick that flatters your complexion

Makeup Tips

The following tips will help you choose your bridesmaid’s makeup look.

  • Always run your ideas by the bride
  • Keep the venue and wedding theme in mind
  • Take the dress color and style into consideration
  • Tone down your look so as not to outshine the bride
  • Go with shades that flatter your complexion
  • Give yourself time if you are doing your bridesmaid makeup

Just because it’s the bride’s special day, doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous as well. Just don’t look so good that you steal her thunder! These tips should give you a starting point. But don’t be afraid to let your natural beauty shine through!

We hope we have inspired you with our advice and looks for bridesmaids makeup!