24 Gorgeous Tea Length Wedding Dresses

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Tea length wedding dresses have the inexplicable power to make brides look sweet and sexy at the same time. Most of the time brides have to choose between the two, but the not-short but not-long hemline with pinched waistline manages the perfect balance. Be aware, however. Your choice of fabrics, bodice, details, and texture will tip the scale in one direction or another. Your hairstyle and accessories play a role as well. All of these elements have the ability to sway your style towards something very sexy or very innocent, depending on what your goal is.

Beyond the physical appeal, a tea style wedding dress is a quirky choice that will make brides stand out, and is far more comfortable than floor-length gowns. This works well for spring and summertime outdoor weddings, civil ceremonies, and garden and retro wedding themes.  Browse on to discover the tea length wedding dress that meets your dreams and style.

Tea Length


These photos instantly prove that tea length wedding dresses are extremely stylish. Simple designs with lace patterns combined with minimal accessories are all you need to create a timeless look. Whether you choose traditional white or a more modern blush option, your walk down the aisle is sure to be picture perfect. This weighs more on the ‘sweet’ side of the scale but still offers plenty of romance and femininity.

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Are tea length bridal dresses in style?

Lace Tea Length Wedding Dresses


Lace tea length wedding dresses up the sexiness ante, but in a sophisticated way. The texture hints at sensuality while the overall look maintains modesty and innocence. Trend hunters and setters will appreciate gown designers’ current use of floral appliques that very successfully add more interest and texture, and compliment the bride’s figure.

Bridal Dresses With Sleeves


Tea length bridal dresses with sleeves are a timeless design but, as you can see here, have enjoyed modern updates. Brides favoring boho and vintage wedding themes will likely prefer looser sleeves and classic patterns. Brides that prefer the modern approach may prefer to borrow this style and adapt it with modern features such as illusion sleeves (aka lace tattoos) and updated fabrics.

Sexy Beach Bridal Gowns


Beach weddings are the perfect venue to lean harder on the ‘sexy’ end of the scale. The hot sand and direct sunshine demand lighter fabrics and more exposed skin. Take advantage of the situation by opting for backless, strapless tea length wedding gowns that tout sheer visuals and risqué bodices. This is also a great opportunity to introduce textures that will sparkle in the sunlight.


Country Tea Length Gowns


Country wedding themes are characterized as down to earth, humble, and no-nonsense romance. It also prioritizes authenticity, pride, and is sometimes a little rough around the edges. A casual tea length wedding gown fits into this definition like a glove. The tender details of tea length dresses bring out the natural strength of the bride which is an ideal sentiment for the bride who loves the great outdoors.

Simple Bridal Dresses That Are Wow


The standard frame of a simple tea length wedding dress stands on its own. Add a simple detail such as subtle texture or artistic neckline and you’ve achieved WOW. The true beauty of these simple tea length wedding dresses is that they take a backseat to the bride of any age’s radiance. Wear this style at any venue, any time of year.

Flowy Tea Length Bridal Gowns


With a little extra fabric, tea length wedding dresses can achieve the free-spirited look that vintage and boho brides seek. With minimal effort, these airy flowing styles allow brides to feel at home with themselves and at one with the universe. You are encouraged to make it your own with the addition of ballerina flats, floral tiaras, or haute couture accessories.

Modern Dresses For Your Party


It’s becoming tremendously popular to veer away from traditional wedding rules and towards personal style and comfort. In this regard, the modern tea length wedding dress is a distinguished option. Many brides are customizing the tea length dress with unique combinations of high hemlines, puff sleeves, designer appliques, and surprising fabrics. It’s your day and your dream. You do you. Be as sexy, stylish, and quirky as you like.