Green Wedding Shoes: 18 Ideas For Every Bridal Style

green wedding shoes
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While contemporary brides prefer to wear shoes in a similar shade to their wedding dress, more edgy brides might opt for the opposite. A silver, white, or ivory wedding gown can look even better with shoes in a completely different shade. And if you’re thinking green wedding shoes, then there’s nothing stopping you.


Luckily, there is a wide variety to choose from. Have a look at some of our favorites, from fashionable bridal flats to sleek wedding green stilettos.

Brides Often Ask

Can You Wear Green Shoes With A Bridal Dress?

You can wear green shoes with a bridal dress if this color goes with your wedding theme. Whether you’re going for a fresh organic or environmentally friendly look, or just love the color green, you are not restricted to any specific colors for your wedding.


Wedding Heels In Green

Green is a pretty bold color! The type that can easily catch the eye, especially when worn with a white or ivory wedding dress. Green wedding heels will definitely help you make a statement on your special day. And whether it’s emerald green wedding shoes or floral wedding green wedding shoes. They’re sure to look great in timeless stilettos, block heels, or even wedges, whichever fits your style for the day.


Green Low Heel Shoes

Low-heeled shoes are your best bet for a wedding if you want maximum comfort. They can also be a good choice if you’re having a beach wedding and need to easily navigate the sand.

Whether kitten heels or block, low-heel green wedding shoes don’t have to be boring. You could choose a glammed option to add some sparkle to your look or a sleek and stylish design with organic leaf and vine detail. Create that wholesome and earthy vibe with your bridal footwear in slingbacks or gorgeous pumps.

Expert Tip
What is the most popular style of shoes for a wedding dress?
It really depends on the season and venue. Outdoor or summer brides generally gravitate towards block heels or low heels as they are easier to navigate the outdoor terrain. Our best trick to wearing heels for an outdoor wedding is to add a heel stopper, to prevent sinking in grass. We have also seen an increase in the popularity of slingback styles as it feels very modern and minimal, perfect for a modern bride.


Green Flats For A Bride

No need to fret about finding inspiration for your flat green wedding shoes. With such a versatile color, you can choose from a variety of shades to fit your desired look. Consider soft shades of green for a summer or spring wedding with a French sole that just adds to the comfort you might be seeking for such a special day. With a long dress, the bold color would still get to peek through. But with a shorter dress, they would be on full display in all their glamour.


Green Velvet Shoe Ideas

Velvet looks great in almost any color and looks fantastic in green. If you are looking for style and sophistication with that bit of edge, then green velvet wedding shoes might be the perfect choice for you. Consider stiletto pumps in this gorgeous material or even open-toed heels to complement a white, silver, or ivory wedding dress. Take those very first steps down the aisle in this bold and daring color for the bride who refuses to conform.

Satin Wedding Shoes In A Green

If you are going for glamour, or you want maximum comfort and luxury at the same time, then green satin shoes for a wedding might be up your alley. With this sleek fabric, you might want to consider darker shades. That compliments your dress in only the best of ways. With some jeweled or metallic accents, you can make the best of an already breathtaking bridal look.


Shoe Ideas For Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids can wear green as well especially if there’s a hint of green on their dresses or it complements the wedding theme. The versatility of this color means there is a shade for every type of look. From sage green wedding shoes to emerald green shoes, you can wear heels or flats. As long as you find the shade that best fits the dress and the celebration.

Choosing green wedding shoes might not be the popular choice. But considering you’d want a pair of shoes you can do it after the wedding. This might be the perfect opportunity to get your favorite pair. Make a statement in this edgy and versatile color that would not only match your wedding bouquet but your personality as well.