Wedding Hairstyles For Dreadlocks 2024 Guide & FAQs

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Many think that dreadlocks aren’t ideal wedding hairstyles because they are less refined. But we totally disagree! This style has a rich cultural history and significance. Therefore we find it ultra-chic and glamorous option for wedding! There is a big variety of wedding hairstyles with dreadlocks. We’ve collected the most trendy and stylish of them in our post! So, keep reading to now more about wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks.


Brides Often Ask

What types of dreadlocks are there?

Taking inspiration from ancient Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe, locks have come to stay and are wedding favorites. The various dreadlocks include sister locs, traditional locks, free form locks, and two-strand twist dreadlocks. We also have faux locks and interlocking locks, all of which make you stand out on your big day.

What style of wedding is a dreadlock hairstyle suitable for?

Dreadlocks are perfect for bohemian, wanderlust, religious, and rustic weddings. But many couples now wear locks for the beach, contemporary, coastal, industrial chic, and ultra-modern weddings. That’s to say that locks would work for about any wedding in today’s world.

What hairstyles can be done on hair with dreadlocks for weddings?

The best dreadlocks styles for weddings include elephant buns, wrapped side ponytails, half-up styles, side-swept braided dreads, top knot dreads, and half braided dreads. You can also manipulate them into chignons, Mohawks, pompadours, and different types of waves. These styles are great for grooms, brides, wedding parties, and even guests.



Should I Use Human Hair Extensions For Wedding Hairstyles With Dreadlocks?

Absolutely! Human hair extensions can be a wonderful option for your wedding day. They offer 5 benefits that make them ideal for weddings:

  • Human hair extensions blend in seamlessly with your own hair, providing a natural and authentic appearance.
  • These extensions come in various lengths, colors, and textures, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect style that matches your wedding theme and personal preferences.
  • Human hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair, allowing you to create the exact hairstyle you desire for your special day.
  • When properly installed, human hair extensions will stay in place throughout your wedding day, ensuring you don’t have to worry about your dreadlocks.
  • Getting extensions can be a time-saving solution if you want a specific hairstyle for your wedding but don’t have the time to grow or create the style naturally.

With human hair extensions, you can confidently rock a gorgeous and personalized hairstyle that will make your wedding day even more memorable. You can select the ideal extensions to match your own style among a variety of colours, textures, and lengths on


Long Dreadlocks Down For Wedding

Some of our long wedding dreadlocks styles for ladies and gents include the naturally opened dreadlock that flows freely with a touch of balayage. You can take this hairstyle notches up by adorning it with feathers and flowers for a bohemian or rustic look. Roll your locks into a twisted, layered updo and finish up with a tiara if you are blessed with length.

We also love the high bun style with the birdcage veil or tiara for a balanced look. And if you want to channel romance, side sweeps your locs and introduce curls and highlights. A dreadlock Mohawk, high ponytail, innovative Bantu, messy braids, and banged-up dreads are also stunning pieces you can create.


Wedding Updos With Dreadlocks

Our trendyupdowedding dreadlocks styles include the regal high bun with long locks twisted and rolled at the crown. Hold the lock in place with pins and finish with a tiara, pearl necklace, and a strapless dress. Consider the baby locs updo with a side sweep for a backless dress, especially for short locks. These wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks scream style and sass.

You can also opt for the French braided updo with a side fringe for an attractive fashion statement. But if you want to make your hair the focal point, do something creative like wearing a basket weave with locs petal bun, French roll up the locks, or a mushroom locs updo with side fringe. Say these styles with twines, ropes, hair vines, gems, courier, beads, and other stunning pieces.


Bridal Half Up Half Down Dreadlocks

Bridal half-up-down wedding hairstyles dreadlocks are elegant and perfect for formal weddings when well accessorized. In other cases like minimalist-themed weddings, highlighted half up half down styles are just perfect without accessories. We love the half up half down in cascading twists and a dreaded top knot.

You can also make the half-up part into pinned-up side swept braids giving a side bangs effect. The half-up bun gives the goddess-like look, especially when you leave out a few tendrils to frame your face. If you want to channel a culturally rich look, do a half-upBantu knot and let the rest of your locks flow free. This style is simply appealing.

Dreadlocks Ponytail For A Wedding

Depending on your taste, you can wear wedding hair dreadlocks and finish the look with statement accessories. Need inspiration? Consider a wrapped side and high ponytail on your natural or faux locs. This style is amazing with two-toned locks on a high neck dress or bridal jumpsuit.

A pearl-studded ponytail is another stunning hairstyle that will take your breath away. This style goes best at beach, country, and woodland-themed venues. Other styles include gilded high ponytails held with mini bungee cords, ponytails with blinged-out bangs, a double ponytail with lace dress, or a polished pony.


Braided Wedding Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Braided wedding dreadlocks hairstyles are a refreshing twist to your everyday locs appearance. Braids are also protective and maintain the health of your locks, giving you an aesthetically pleasing and functional bombshell. For ideas, wear the side-swept braided dreads. Braid or twist into smaller sections to the side and achieve an interesting bohemian texture.

You can also do cascading braided locks infused with curls and color compliments. If you want to do something extra, do a braided halo with balayage highlights. Accessorize with brass, cowries, beads, and crystal studs for a romantic and wanderlust vibe. A Mohawk with slat twisted loopy locs is perfect for the fashion-savvy woman. Wear some fancy earrings to jazz up your coiffure.


Wedding hairstyles for dreadlocks are not a common wedding hairstyle because of their high maintenance and extension preferences. However, this hairdo is a hit for very important occasions including your big day. So, if you have locks with no idea of how to style them, check out our curated list of wedding dreadlocks styles that are trendy and make you stand out.